In this episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast we update our listerners on what is happening here at Epic Outdoors as we are thick in application season. Many deadlines are quicklliy approaching and we discuss some of our plans, strategies, and thoughts on whats coming down the pipe.

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Yep. Bring on an elk tag. Huh? How about this weather pounding Arizona. It was a complete yard sale in the truck. You burned your elk points after 18, 19 years last year. How does it feel to put in for dear zero points in Utah? Anything to do with Western big Games? Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson coming at you from Southern Utah. Of course. We got the rest of the crew. Hey, say hi. Say hi. How are we doing? We’re doing good. Go ahead. I’m good. Anything else? Okay. That’s what Wyatt’s got. John, do you wanna say hi, I’m here in the house. Right on Josh. Hi Jason. Hi, how are you? Good, Chris. Good morning. How about two degrees this morning? Yeah. Awesome. Was it really? Yeah. Two. It’s still cold. Pretty chilly. Pretty cold. My dog was cold. Well, Devvin actually a cold in the garage. Devon caught something so he can’t be with us today. He is self isolating in his office right now. No, he is not. The door’s open. Yeah. But pretty funny though. He’s about the time it’s to do a podcast. He gets sick and I had some good ideas to talk with him about, but we’re gonna have to wait. Alright, well anyway, we wanna thank Under Armour. We appreciate them for sponsoring this podcast. They sponsor everything. We do appreciate ’em for all their support.

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They got a lot of the good things going over there at ua. In fact, Wyatt, you deal with them quite on a regular basis. Yeah, yeah, we do have those 40% off off codes. They’re on our website again, so feel free to take one of those. Use ’em, log on. It’s 40% off anything on their website. Bronson, we’ve been kind of absent. Oh yeah, the Expo kind of took it out of us. Yeah, that’s a big show for us. It’s, it’s a long show, four full days of consulting on your feet, but it’s also a day set up and feels like four days to recover after you get home. Is anybody with me on that? I was just, I’m still wore out. Absent mentally mainly, but we weren’t absent in the office. Yeah, yeah. We were sleeping minutes off arrived and, well, we came right back to Josh. Are you saying you’re overworked? No, you just, I don’t know if absent was the me. It sound like we took a week off somewhere on a beach, but off from podcasts. Yeah. That’s about the only thing we were absent from. Yeah, we had a, came back to the lions den, John’s Lions den of get the magazine done by yesterday. That was what his ultimatum was, which, you know, and then he didn’t, didn’t give us the full day Bron and he made us do it by like midnight the night before. Well, it’s all right.

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But hey, it’s done. And the EAG is live for the March magazine, which covers Colorado, Idaho, moose, sheep, goat, as well as Montana Deer and Elk, which there’s a ton of changes in Montana and Colorado is obviously a big, big pack magazine. So anyway, it’s live. Your paper copy should be showing up within next couple of weeks. So anyway. Okay. Kind of along those lines, John, you wanna talk about a little or giveaway real quick? Oh yeah. Well, just going back to Colorado for what seemed like a down year, there were so many awesome books and stories in that mag. Oh, there were. Well, I don’t know what you do to put 20, 20 different stories. Yeah. You know, over the different states in there. It it, anyway, crazy, crazy Bucks just gives you hope that, ah, there’s still some out there. Anyway, so our giveaway, we’ve got literally a day maybe or two, a day or two. Monday, the 28th deadline is the, your last day. So to get your name in the hat and win one of these hunts, we’ve chosen the best of the best. So if you want a sheep hunt, a moose hunt, an elk hunt, a deer hunt, or a lion hunt, we’ve got it for you. So just go to epic and get your, get your tickets.

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If you’re not a member, great way to get your name in the hat is to join and you get a free entry. So either that or you can call us if you want to. 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Anything you guys wanted to highlight on there? No. No. If you can either get one by buying tickets or if you’re not a member and you’re podcast listener and have never joined, might be a time to get the last, you know, five months of the year action pack or you know, action pack, info pack magazines for help you if you’re applications in all the states. And you’ll get a free entry too for joining if you want to get one in it’s, maybe it’s the time to join right now before the 28th. So, yeah. And for the guys that say, Hey, I’m, I’m a current member and you’re not giving me a free entry, they got one most likely when they joined. Yeah. And you can still get your buddy in. Refer your buddy, you refer your buddy and you’ll get, get an entry in there. Speaking of another great deal, if you may have got this for members only. If you got a vortex email from us this week about a package deal for 18 by 56 Razor AHDs or a 27 to 60 by 85 razor HD spotting scope, we’ve got an awesome deal on those.

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If you buy either one of those, you get a, a carbon fiber summit to the tripod or the ridge view carbon fiber tripod absolutely free. In addition, if you buy the eighteens, we’ll throw the pro bono adapter in there as well. So that’s why supplies last 18 by 56 Razor UHD or Razor 27 to 60 85 Razor HD spotting scope. Give us a call. Get a free tripod right now while they last. Yeah. Probably outta a hurry. We’ve got several of those going out the door every day. Oh yeah. We’re blowing ’em out. So we had a few left after the expo and we wanna, we wanna make a good deal to somebody. Get ’em in your pocket. I like it. I like it. That’s, well, let’s move on a little bit. You know, this weather caused everybody to apply. Why? What’d you apply for in Utah? Yes, that’s the question. No applications have been done in Utah yet for myself. So you applied your wife though. Why you were sitting now, what’s, when you were sitting there applying your wife, what stopped you from doing yours immediately after that? That was before the storms. What’s funny is why it’s so wound up about, you know, our members getting their applications in the license application guys but himself, he’s not even concerned. Yeah. I mean, Wyatt walks in every day with me with a look on his face.

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And I’m just like, who now what do, what do I, who do I get to help, you know, code now. And I mean, he’s cracking the whip. He’s doing an awesome job, but, but he’s not following his own advice. Yeah. I got plenty of time to get mine in there. Yeah, but we have to, we have to do that check afterward. And I, I don’t want have to stay late to check your app. Check mine as well. Good point’s. We’d like to get home on time. I’ll let you check mine. Yeah, well let’s have it. All right. Well you can lay off. Why? ’cause I haven’t applied yet either. So. And really actually raise your hand. You have, you were doing, I just, well you, I believe you were doing family apps yesterday and not your own, you. No I wasn’t. You were doing family apps Bronson. Yeah, I, I I just got stopped. You from doing your own. I got so busy with other customers and clients. I didn’t have time to do my own. I felt their needs needed to come before mine. So I stopped. I was waiting family first a hunting environment. Put family office, put family first. The hunting environment in an office office hunting environment is interesting. I was waiting to see what Wyatt would do before I apply. Not sure about all the lies being told. Fibbing. Fibbing.

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If I applied for the same unit as Wyatt with far fewer points and I actually pulled it and he didn’t, it would not, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be good. So I’m trying to avoid whatever Wyatt does, but I need to know why it does before I know what I need to do. We’ll figure it out. We got time. Alright. March 3rd is the deadline. I just need to know if there’s one less guy trying to get that Antelope Island tag over me. That’s all I need to know before if I put it, there’ll be a lot of people in that hat. I guarantee that. I shouldn’t say this but you know when there’s, when it’s full of water, is it really fair chase when there’s water around it and it’s an island? Is that fair? Chase? Well that’s dry. Why? You’re crock score. It’s it’s dry right now, so. Yeah, I know. So it’s fair. Chase, they they call the bison out there. Fair chase free range as well. I know BNC. Just wondering. Every once in a while I wanna wondering if that’s been updated. Alright, move on. Other deadline. I guess if you’re listening to this before the 28th, the deadline in Wyoming, moose, sheep and goat is February 28th as well. And you can start applying for bison on March 1st, the next day. It’s kind of weird. All be stacking due on March 31st. Yeah, also March 1st.

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There’s the last day to update your credit cards in Arizona. Yeah, we just figured that out on line yesterday. It means the draw will be shortly thereafter. Probably the next morning. Yeah, the next morning they’ll be charging cards. Watch ’em, keep an eye on ’em. Update your cards though. If your card went bad in the last month since you played in Arizona, you better update it. ’cause if you drew it, you’re not gonna get attacked. How about this weather pounding Arizona? Yeah it did yesterday. Northern Arizona got crushed. So yeah. Bring on an elk tag, huh? Yeah, I’m excited. I’m excited. And even southern Utah, I mean it got hit really good that we needed this. We need a lot more, but wow. I know a lot of people that yeah, we’re waiting for see what would happen. I’m one of them all, all this stuff. Most all of us in here doing deer. John. Yeah, you drew elk classier. So you’re back in deer. Back to deer. So I mean we got at least eight inches in the valley. Yeah. I mean overall no what? What’d you get? My house didn’t get hit as hard for for some reason. I love it. Wyatt. It could be snowing a full foot and why’d be like, ooh, it looks like it’s just getting a little skiff out there. Got eight inches of my house. My house is like 2.3 miles from Wyatts and he got a skiff.

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But it’s weird. When we had all those big rains, my house didn’t get anything and your house was flooding. There you go. Hey by the way Josh, didn’t you look at Brian Head? That’s true resort that happened. That’s true. Yeah. What if Brian had, which is straight above us here, what did they have like for the last three days? It’s like 41 inches. Whoa. Okay. Three days. Yeah. How about Duck Creek? Same thing. Yeah. Crazy. 30, 40. Yeah it was 30 something. Wow. Well we need it. Josh you’re running cellular cams just to check the weather. Yeah, I just checked the snow depths. Yep. Yeah. Is that gonna be illegal for long? Yeah, I might have to pull those here shortly. No, not until July 30. July. I guess those are, those are strictly for weather related purposes. That’s not for hunting. Okay, well I’m just wondering. Snow depth, snow tail side up there. Your own, it’s personal camera on a couple yard sticks on a tree. Yeah, it’s pretty, you got a tree with black paint there every foot, right? Yeah. How I still doing solar on there, huh? Yeah, I’m still doing my coyote scouting though. You saw that Those two? That’s right. Dogs on there. I didn’t see that. I show you the picture of those two coyotes that came walking through, paired up, paired up up there. Bunch of fawn killers. They need to be disrupted. Yeah.

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Get a go snowshoe into there Josh and take one of ’em out about right now it’s breeding season. Yeah, it look like a German shepherd. He was a big dog. Yeah. Well we’re getting a lot of questions about New Mexico. I freaking love New Mexico. It’s due March 16th but there’s a lot of opportunity down there. Well what I like about it is you’re never, we get more calls. Everybody loves to use the exact number of points everywhere and get their full value out of them. New if it took a partial draw was 17 and I have 17 this year. No I’m not. I’m thinking I have a chance. But New Mexico was just nice that that you’ve every year differently. If you blow something it wasn’t great. Which Carter, you’ve done a lot of those on deer tags. You haven’t even gone, you remind me of these things. Well I’m just saying you can play, play with it, get a tag, give you an option or don’t go. You save guys. Yeah. Waste tags. So I just like it from that perspective. You never protecting anything. Fill a gap in your schedule. If you got time, you know mine this year my september’s not gonna work. I’m gonna have to do more muzzle load rifle options when it comes to elk. But yeah, it’s a good state for that. You know, they’ve been okay in parts Northern part of the state.

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I’m moisture from what I’m hearing, central and southern’s low. So also kind of cool thing is they look at all three choices on the application. So you can also, you apply for the best unit and also apply for one of the worst units. I mean, or or a better odds unit, I wouldn’t say but worse but better odds units there too. Just to have names in the hat. Draw something. Lots of opportunity down there. That’s actually, we’ve killed some of our best bulls down there in New Mexico, you know? Yep. And no waiting periods, no points. Everybody’s on the same playing field year after year after year. Just a great opportunity to apply and potentially draw a tag. Josh, you hunted down there last year? Yeah. Pretty awesome. Yeah. I mean it, I, you know, didn’t kill a bull but I wanna go back again this year. And that one I think was by choice. Oh yeah, it was. I could have killed a bull that wasn’t, yeah, I could have done that. I just saw a bull that I decided I want to kill and five days doesn’t give you a lot of time when you’re trying to learn a new area and stuff and that’s true.

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Anyway, but it’s, but I, I’d love, I’d love to go back for sure to that some extent, you know, hunting those rifle muzzle loaders out, you know, in October or later for five days that you know, they don’t have super high kill rates and allows you to still have a decent hunt every year without all the cream getting skimmed. So anyway, full of optimism around here in the office right now. Chris, we’ve already talked about your outcome I think down there. I don’t wanna relive that one for you. You were a little bit disappointed. We’ve talked about it a couple, couple times, but hey, hey, it’s over, right? And you didn’t burn 20 points. So the point is, is you learn something you may not wanna do again, you’re, you know, but hey, it’s a new year. Do something different. No waiting periods, no points. Go for it. I like it. You know, one thing that’s not talked about there a lot is co deer and I don’t know, maybe we don’t want to talk about it. You’re segueing right into something I gotta ask you about, but continue. What your train of thought, what do you mean? Because no, San Carlos will never give me a tag. No. Ever. I need to go to New Mexico. No, just gimme your thoughts on that and then we’ll segue into species of, of least concern maybe of lesser interest.

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Well, because I’ve got a question for you when it comes to one of those, and I’ve got a couple questions for you, but you always dodge ’em. I’m not dodging anything today. I’ll take it on the You tie ups, they’re not in. Yeah. Anyway, so yeah, the, the kous deer down the great opportunity there. What I like about New Mexico, it doesn’t matter if it’s mule, deer, elk, kous, deer, whatever, they don’t have like what I call named animals. Like they’re not like here in Utah. We have specific units that are great. They hit, get hit so hard. And a lot of guys know this bull, that bull pick up sheds, whatever New Mexico is like, who knows man, who knows what’s alive. There’s incredible animal. Well I mean there was a 440 fiver Yeah. Killed last year. Not a great weather wise. We were talking Okay. Did I say cos? No, just we were talking kinda coups and then you said 4 45 and we’re like well I mean just, I’m just talking in general. Okay. You know, for an example of, of, of incredible animals that are out there that people don’t know about. No. Yeah. Who knows about it But we’re gonna, nobody knew about it. Have that on a future magazine. Maybe the front page also owns the cupboard. Anyway. Who gave heaven free? Mike? I’m not supposed to say some things. Well, okay, so talking about these.

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So, so I guess to finish that, are you putting in for COOs during in New Mexico? Well I already have applied for New Mexico for cos as one of the choices I might have. I like it. I might’ve, I like it because what do you got to lose? Here’s my point. What do you got to lose? And there are some incredible deer opportunities hunt down there with my kid that on a youth, actually youth, but you’re in with the adults on the January archery hunt two B and it was, was incredible. It was awesome. Killed his first archer buck spot in stock. And those are memories on, you know, we will never forget. It was just awesome. And so, and we actually seen a 200 around there by the way. But anyway, having said all that, just incredible opportunities that I think everybody should be applying for, you know, in New Mexico it’s, I mean potentially a free tech meaning didn’t cost you a lot of points. Years of anguish. Yeah. Wyatt Wyatt’s had a lot of stress about his Utah apps for years and years and years. You know, I mean, no stress in New Mexico. If you get one, you get one, right? Yep. Throw your name in. Everyone’s love playing field. I love to seeya. But anyway, keep going. Speaking of these species like Kda, they may be forgotten Yesterday you were real excited about some drought results you were about to get.

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What were they for Jason? Well I got an a kalai email. Okay, what state of that for Nevada? Yeah. What species results came out? Turkey. Wow. That, that’s where we’re at. Turkey smarter was wound up opening. Hey they’ve got a lot of turkeys over. I don’t even think they realize how many turkeys they have. And they, they’re really non-residents. Get the shaft hardy, hardy burs, non-resident permit. Big kg deserts. I applied for one, one non-resident permit. Mojave Green Variety. What do they call ’em? Oh, green variety is dead. Well I just liked it ’cause he was Carter this time of year. He can get excited about anything. Well, part of me eating tags and you brought it up and hey whatever, let’s go there. The kill for me is getting tags. It is. I love getting tags. I love’s the word successful. Dude. If you means something to you. Yeah. If you buy a tag, I feel like that’s a kill. If you can buy a tag, it’s hard in this day and age. Oh yeah. Go try to buy it over the counter Idaho stuff. You were in queue of 30,000 people. Right. If you felt like a win and all you’re trying to do is just check, check out with the money I did. You know, and it wasn’t even, I got, I have a general deer tag up there, remember? Yeah. I forgot about that, but yeah, you do. Yeah.

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And you guys were were and it’s the killer last I I was 11763rd in line. Josh was 12,000. I beat him. Yeah. Did you get one Josh? No. Well by choice. Yeah. No I could’ve, but I snagged one and checked out and didn’t dare tell you ’cause I was gonna be berated for the rest of the day. No, I think I knew that you did. But I like, I like having options. And you’re right. It’s, you’ve, you’ve self-admitted that, you know, that that is is part of the that’s the excitement for me. The kill. Yeah, the kill is the tag. No, no. I like killing big stuff too. Yeah. But, but, but having options. I just like having options. Okay, now here’s the options and then I love the ones you can turn back. I love that. I love that. What is the term you like? Plug and play. I don’t like that term, but it’s like a tag tag. Ground check is that crowd check tags. Put ’em all out on the carpet and ground. Check them. Take send them, send them. Do. That’s good. I like that. Send the ones back. You don’t, you don’t want crowd checking tags. Not critters. Not critters. Although there was one I killed in Colorado. I You wanted a ground check? I did. I’ve done one of those too. I’ve tagged every single one I’ve ever killed. But I’m telling you, that was a tough one.

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When you look at a a dink with fifteens at 80 yards, it’s gonna look bigger than it is. All right. Well anyway, what else? Let’s move on to somebody else. No, Colorado’s gonna get on the front burner for a lot of us here soon. Really? Are you gonna do muzzled again? And by the way, I’ll give you 500 if you do archery. Did you read my intro? I’ll article five five. Did you read my intro article this year? I you want me to read the last This is a teaser. Want me to read you teaser? Well, but nevertheless less, I’m willing to give you 500 if you do archery. And by the way, that’s long season dates. You’ll have the option to come back hunt at very You he’s he’s looking for an archery tag, right? Is that what I’ve heard? Which ones? No, Adam in general. September was empty. Yeah, that’s, I thought I can’t do that. Archery September’s bad. Remember I can’t do archery. What do you mean? Not till the 30th? You said you were coming back in time. You think I’m gonna get an archery tag and hunt the last five days of deer season into September. That’s the best because the elk hunters pushed deer into other areas. Wow. This is a spin. I haven’t heard. Usually you told it to boss hunting. Prec. Scouted Bucks day. You told it to me. Mu hunter show up too. O tc Elk hunters.

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Yeah. Wear your orange. Push deer. Alright, well no, I’m not my last line. I can’t find it. My, my going back to roots, my emag timed out real quick and I don’t, I don’t remember all my passwords and stuff on this phone, so No, but I did say that I, I thought outside the box last year. I, I did. Was gonna go, you’re jumping back in the box. I’m jumping back inside the box and I will be there probably third season this year. And you’re gonna have a hard time talking me out that, what didn’t you like about outside the box? I liked it, it fit my schedule last year to extent. But I mean, it was quake patches. Different Quaker patches bother you. No they don’t. But it just, I burned my, my points in Colorado the year before. So I had zero points, third season tag, landowner tags, maybe a little bit harder. I had kids with some points. I thought maybe I’ll take them late. And then the, the dare happened and I took it. I, I went, I went early. Be the dare swayed me. The dare swayed me. I I And you’re welcome. You killed a great buck. Yeah, it’s, it’s good and fun. I had a good time. But this year my schedule’s completely different. And hey, we could talk about that in a whole podcast. But really make your schedule work. Don’t sit out stuff for points only.

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Points only means you don’t go hunting. I mean, I’m, I hate points only unless you’re, you got a broken leg back something else and or, you know, 14 weddings you gotta go to that year. And family vacations in four different countries don’t do points only. We’ve guys name double knee surgeries. I mean there’s, there’s legit reasons to do points only, but man, that don’t be too conservative in the draws. I mean, anyway, there’s reasons to do it, but better be good ones. Wyatt, are you going back to 11? Two 11? I will not be going back to 11 to 11. Speaking of that, this is a question I have for you. ’cause it happened to you and it happened to Josh and his family. Well, and you and Archibald, I don’t know who saw the buck, but you’re hunting there third season. Josh, you’re hunting there in third season with your kids and you guys come across whitetail bucks and, and your eyes get big and you’re like, what did we do? Can we kill that? Can we not kill that? Let’s talk about that. Like, did you see it or was it Archibald? That that was Archibald that saw the whitetail? I never never saw the white tail, but but it’s a, yeah, that’s what you expect. The thing about white tail is you wondering am I illegal by shooting that white whitetail? Yeah. You don’t know.

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Initially I’m gonna shoot only is this buck only you and you don’t have the res and the deer staring. Is this a new introduction? It was, it was a complete yard sale in the truck. Like kids. Then you’re wondering if you’re gonna Jack Michelle’s getting ready. You wonder if they’re gonna be going to jail. But I’m like my wife flipping through the head. Right Josh? I’m on my phone. Yeah. Oh yeah. This is not on the, in a field. Well he, he had literally, we’d pulled up and they were in the field and I got looking ’cause I saw this buck jumped the fence and take off running towards there some two, two dos that were out there. All of a sudden I got noticed and I was like, what? That is a, that’s a white tail. What the heck? And then he hits those dos and they came straight for us. And I’m like, what do we do the and hit the hungry to shoot a ball? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Like they’re gonna pound something. They were needing to kill a deer. And yeah, he came, jumped the fan, pushed those two do off and they were standing there and I’m like, what do we do? And I’m looking at the tag. It says, any buck. I just, I have never Is this legal? Yeah.

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I’ve never went to Colorado with anticipation of if I see a whitetail white tail, can I kill him with, especially with kids. Yeah. Yeah. And I you think, and if you do kill him, you’re killing the breeder Buck the buck. I, well, I know Archibald says his was a good, but he said, I, I would’ve, I would’ve shot the buck. But he had the same feeling of can I do it? And by the time you’re deciding and find out and pull tags out in a reg and that buck’s gone, you know, he is ratting a dough 50 miles an hour somewhere. But kinda interesting. He brought it up and every morning it was, what do you guys want to go do today? Let’s go back and find that whitetail buck. Right. At the end of the day, legal’s not father of the year. It’s legal. It’s legal to kill it. Yeah. You just don’t know that miss kids a buck. I did. I’m not father of the year, didn’t know the rigs. Now I’m forced looking for whitetail opportunities places because now we’re going to Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska. Yeah. Northern, northern Wyoming. Panhandle of Idaho. A doku somewhere. I don’t know, just something to say. They got a white tail. They, they’re holding me against it. Yeah. I want a flagger. It is interesting. I had one of those with a mul deer once off the pavement when I’m driving to a unit.

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First time we’ve talked about that. And I didn’t know what side of the road was it, the road or the river that was a hundred yards away. That was a boundary that, and I didn’t know. I didn’t, you know, but we killed the, Aaron killed the buck a few days later. That’s a good one. Yeah. And, and I could have shot it that night, but I didn’t know that. And I wasn’t Aaron, Aaron owes you one. Well, it doesn’t matter. He, I’ve had, I’ve had my chance. He’s he probably does know you would no more. But anyway. All right. Well, speaking of baron, geez, what the heck. Oh yeah, he, yeah, that’s another reason I, I like to wait. You know, you, I I, I very rarely has that happened, but occasionally he’s actually drawn two expo tags in 15 years, believe it or not, which altered our plans. And this year has you do an awesome deer tag up there. So Yeah, looking forward to hunting with him rifle season. So I can’t apply for any rifle hunts just out of obligation. So you can’t do September. You can’t do October, which, yeah, you’re getting the picture. Well, I mean now, you know, you’ve talked about a lot of, you know, well, let’s, I’ll you the options, well the two options doing archery, Montana elk. I heard you’re doing, I heard you booked a hunt for Colorado Elk next year.

00:24:19:09 –> 00:25:32:17
Well, already I’m gonna do, I’m gonna use some points there next year, but I can’t do it this year. So some outfitters that have spots or private land trespass, they’re full a year or two out. And I, I’ve secured something for 2023. Yeah. I’m not, I’m not ashamed. Okay. So go ahead. I’m, I I cut you off. No, what are your plans? Well, archery or the late muzzle, that’s really tree I brought up archery deer. And you said you couldn’t do it, but you can August. Yeah, I can do August 20th. You said you said Colorado. That’s September 2nd to 30th. That’s different. That’s right. Good point. White. I got about 13 days. I was hearing a stop. Pause. I’m not taking your hundred bucks. I’ve always What did you do with the 500 last year? Hey, lost, lost in the gas pumps. Food storage, brought a back home. It’s food storage. All right, well, who, who else can we pick on? John? John, that’s a good question. You burned your elk points after 18, 19 years last year. How does it feel to put in for deer with zero points in your time? It’s a, it’s a crazy, crazy feeling. It’s like something I haven’t thought about for, for 18 years. Oh yeah. Well, and you make that decision and it, as a resident, you just don’t have to think about it again. You just, I just keep putting in for elk. Putting in for elk.

00:25:32:17 –> 00:26:35:05
Well, I may and I I’m sorry, I may have assumed too much. You may have chosen antelope. Yeah, I didn’t choose antelope. No, I like antelope. No, I, we don’t, we don’t. Well have you just get, when you choose, when you have to switch your mindset. And I haven’t applied yet. I, I, I can’t decide. Yeah, I had to do that. A few just keep going back and forth on Well, you know. Well, and it’s weird to think too, you’ve been to the point where you’re like, oh, this could be my year, this could be my year, this could be my year. And now you’re just like, I have no hope. No. I’m just gonna start over button. And it’s like when I had my desert a few years ago, I knew, and then the next year’s, like this is, this is futile. I’m just chucking something in that’s Yeah. 10 bucks. It is interesting. How much of this hunting is it? It’s a, it’s a full game between not just when you’re on the hunt for, for five days or whatever, but it’s all year round and it’s from year to year. And then your strategy changes. It, it’s just, it’s not just what you think of as, as a five day hunt. It’s, it’s a year round.

00:26:35:19 –> 00:27:46:16
And then you’ve been doing the same thing forever and all of a sudden, you know, you’re tagged out in Utah for elk and I can’t even apply for five years. So Yeah. Yeah. Gotta change mindset. Be heaven forbid why when he draws his deer the next year, he has zero elk. I have no idea what he’s gonna do. My dad actually drew all three of his Utah deer, elk, and antelope in his five year elk waiting period. Geez. Wow. Awesome. Yeah. That was a good problem. Yeah. Did he have a year that he actually couldn’t apply? Or did he get him, does he yell? It didn’t work out where he had a year. He didn’t apply, but he, he had all three of ’em. Timed it perfectly back on elk after five years. Yep. Pretty awesome. I think you’re right, John. It’s all hands on deck. Trying it like there’s so many opportunities, tags, general limited entry states, landowner guided, whatever. And my, I I mean my plans change week to week, let alone year to year. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that’s where I am. They’re like, have you applied yet? I’m, I can’t decide yet. I keep going back and forth. Yeah. All right, well get ’em in. ’cause you don’t have much time. March third’s coming. You, you can’t plug and play much longer. You can withdraw an application.

00:27:46:18 –> 00:28:58:21
If we’ve said something during the course of this podcast that’s made you scratch your head and you wanna withdraw, do it. You wanna get in for antelope versus deer do it. But I like to just apply and then sometimes I like to withdraw. Yeah. Then I get to apply twice. Seriously. I’m looking forward to with withdrawing my Utah up and reapplying doing something. It’s, it’s like the same excitement of I’m in. I don’t care about the minimal application fee. I like doing it. Then you have a master receipt and you have to make sure you’re really, I don’t even make sure, I don’t even how, okay, here’s a question. Nevada’s not up for a month or two, but how many times in the course of Nevada do you plug and play your dear? I love Nevada. I know because you’ve got five choices to play. Reorganize every, they make it so simple too mean it doesn’t even charge. Oh no. Doesn’t even the best. I love ’em. What I’m tired of is the emails telling me that I’ve auto opted in to get my license renewed. I’ve with 14 women and children, I’ve getting emails you’re getting all day every day. Literally feels like, well anyway, let’s talk about trucks for a minute. Okay. Josh, how’s your truck doing? Well hey, talking about oil little, I don’t know yet. I gotta go take it down to the shop here if I get it right.

00:28:58:21 –> 00:30:09:18
The only snowstorm we’ve had that Wyatt’s had one inch of snow on his driveway. And you conk out last night going home. Yeah, I was excited. I was like, how am I get home? Kind of early leave at five o’clock. Jana was inspired to tell me to leave early. She was worried about me and yeah. Made it halfway home. I had to turn around and come back. ’cause I think the transmission’s about ready to fall out. So, but that’s truck you’d like. Luckily, luckily I already had another car here. I don’t know how that was. Luckily I had the little smack up car, the green lantern here and Green Hornet especially known. So I drove the truck back here, parked it, got in the car and headed back over the mountain. Is this the same car that John Oh, lifted up off the ground with his trailer hitch? Well, go ahead. It looks good though, by the way. It does. You know what the best part is? Like you put new doors on. But I kind of told him, ’cause I mean it’s, the car’s got 200,000 miles on it. It’s like 2003. Put some glitter on. There’s, so there’s like, you know the paint’s fade, it’s a Toyota so it’s faded paint and everything anyway. And I told him, I said, don’t worry about trying to make it look fancy, like a brand new car or whatever. I’m like, just throw ’em on.

00:30:10:10 –> 00:31:24:01
And he took, he put new doors on it, but he took like the trim, if you look at the piece of trim, like the black plastics all peeling off and faded. He took those off the old doors and put ’em on so they, they it would match. You got new paint with old trim. Yeah. It’s awesome. Sounds like a song really. Anyway, we do, we wanna expound on that story. Oh we’ll go blow. No, that, that was one of those I, I’d been working all night and Yeah. Backed into Josh’s car. I was just sitting in my computer typing away one, one quiet morning and nobody else was in the office. And all of a sudden I heard what thought. Oh, sounds like the, the dump or the garbage guys out there dumping the dumpster today because it was kind of a boom. Kind of some, so that must be the dumpster sliding across the parking lot. Oh those are floods appearing on my tires. No, that’s my car sliding across. I’m just kidding. Wasn’t I thought I was going. Well I come into work and I mean I’m looking at it going, wow, what happened here? Anyway, go ahead John. Well it those hitches, the reversibles that John it, it’s a, it might as well be a chunk of metal. 200 pounds. Lucky you we’re in the driver’s seat. So anyway, took it right to the side. Long, long night. John puts it in reverse.

00:31:24:22 –> 00:32:22:06
Yep. Doesn’t look where he is going. Well it’s the gas. All right. So I’m gonna blame it on Ram. Oh nice. Let’s the camera, if you start it up and you’re in a hurry and you put it in reverse before the camera, camera is black and you have like comes up with a, it’s like 0.7 seconds I think be careful about your surround surroundings and you have to hit okay or whatever. If you wait long enough it just comes on. Well, you know, if you rush it, if they would stop telling you to be careful, the camera would come on and you could see what’s behind you. So it distracted you. It distracted you to Yeah, I was in hurry. These cameras have just taught us not to look behind us. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t even look at my camera. I can’t even, I just forget it’s there. Well I said I push all of my buttons on my truck to quit blaring at me when anything’s near me. ’cause I don’t, I don’t, I hate hearing them. So I’m gonna hit something someday because I have all the front rear sensors that are like anything around you you’re gonna hit, it’s gonna blare out. Yeah. I hate the noises. Yeah. So they’re all shut off. I hate you’re backing up.

00:32:22:06 –> 00:33:15:22
And sometimes for some reason my front one will go off or something, you know, so you’re like backing up looking and all of a sudden danging, it’ll start being slam on the brakes thinking you’re gonna hit something and it’s just something in the front going. So thermal maybe before we leave 21st before. Well, okay, so why it’s researching vehicles with thermal. Why? Well my wife, she’s just like, oh, this new vehicle, da da da. It’s so cool. And I’m like, yeah, let’s look at it. So I looked at it. It’s a really expensive vehicle. Isn’t she a Jeep driver anyway? She is a Jeep driver. Yeah. And it’s a new Jeep of some kind. The Jeep Wagoner is, is what it is. Oh yeah. They, I guess it’s like an updated version of the old Wagoner. And she thinks they’re just awesome. So I was doing a little research on it and I apparently they have thermal in them. Do they have like glasses you gotta wear or how do you see what you it on, on your screen? And so when you’re driving out, you watch a screen instead of the road. That’s how you drive glance at a screen. Like you would if it was a song or something. But it’s got a built-in thermal screen. Yeah. Built-in thermal screen. It says it’s for detecting animals as you’re driving.

00:33:16:13 –> 00:34:26:16
Hey you’re gonna see a field mouse and swerve because it’s gonna look this big on, you think it’s gonna be, hey elk, can you control that You like point your car towards the field and I’ll take, I think it just shoots out in front of you. I didn’t do too much research on it, but I just saw it there on their little screen and talk about thermal. They’re start selling them for four wheelers and side-by-side now just for, to get around thermal loss. Incorporating thermal. Yeah. So before we leave heckling, John, who here is scared for their life when they ride passenger in John’s truck? Raise your hand. This is like pop pop calling the kettle black. Yes, exactly. What I love to do is when Adam and I go get the mail, I love to put on a seatbelt because I, I’ve been caught doing 60 and a 20. Yeah. It’s the only way you can beat all the lights home on the way to work. It’s, it’s offensive when I’m going 30 down a 30 mile hour street and Carter reaches over and puts a seatbelt. It’s the law. It’s offensive. It’s the law. No, it’s offensive. Yeah. When he, when he gets in there, I, I, you know, I call, call my wife, text my wife and say I love you in case it’s the last time I ever get to say that. Come on, come on.

00:34:27:02 –> 00:35:42:09
How many back windows have you blown out? Come on. What? These aren’t fair questions. I have no time to prepare. Have to look at my insurance statement. A few of them. Alright, so here’s the question. I just want us all to answer our, you know, just all to give your own answers. ’cause we’ve done a lot of, you know, had a lot of trucks been in the hills a lot. So here’s a guy. I’ve been self-employed. It’s been mostly my, most of the fall driving lapse around the West. Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho. Some questions about hunting trucks since I hear your hard on trucks and buy often. Hmm. I dunno. I like to buy, remember tags, trucks, whatever tire size used everything from stock up to 30 fives. Wondering on your preference, larger. Give you more clearance but throws shifting ratios off decreases low end torque, deep mud snow in decreases fuel mileage. I never think of that stuff. I just go bigger. Bigger’s better. Okay, so there’s one answer I did, I did drop down a truck when I bought it. They had it dolled up with 30 sevens and I thought that’s too much. And so I just put 30 fives on it. But it was awesome to be in and drive. It was, yeah. Yeah. But I use, I use slightly bigger. I I mean I use like 30 threes on my ZR two. Yeah. Dick cpic funk countries love them.

00:35:42:09 –> 00:36:41:28
They’re expensive tires. But they, they last I’ve run ’em for 10 years. Well they used to be kind of cheap, you know. Yeah. They used to be kind of, but they were awesome. They were e rated and awesome. Yeah, they they still are. They’re good. They’re just not cheap anymore. But no, no rubbers cheap. No, all tires are not anymore expensive. Yeah. So I, and I’m kind of that way. I use, I’m up to 30 fours because I like the E rated and if it’s really hard to find 30 fives and e rated and then when you get to the 35 they end up being super wide. Yeah. And I like a little narrow narrower tires. That’s smaller tires. That’s what I’ve noticed went, I was running like fishing game vehicles everywhere. Everything. I’d try and get a tall tire and as narrow as possible. It seemed like they just in the snow, in the mud wide tire in the snow is tough. Yeah. Those narrower tires, it just seems like did a lot better. Seems like under 35 you can get a narrow tire above that. It’s going wide. But we also clarify. Yeah we got, we got a smaller truck, my runaround truck and then we got, you know we all have like threequarter tons, you know, or tundras water power wagons, whatever. So you got most of it’s like 34 to fives on all those and 30 threes are on my little truck.

00:36:42:02 –> 00:37:47:23
So number two tire type. I’ve tried a lot and seem to prefer the BF goodies. The KO twos. Do you have any preference? Jump in? I just purchased a pair of those for, for my boy. Did you on the four runner? Yeah. Just came down ’cause they were available sometimes with this Covid era. It’s like it’s what’s available feels like. Yeah, it came down to size and they have so many sizes available in those KO twos. It’s just, you know, I was looking for a specific, I went with the 33 10 0.5 by 15. And anyway, I like those big wide sidewalls, you know. Same with the, the 15 brings up another point even on these little, these older tacomas ran fifteens, but you can throw a 16 on with 16, you get e rated fifteens you can. Yeah. Yeah. So I always went to a 16 E rated on these little light trucks throwing 25 pounds or 20 pounds pressure. So you’re not beating yourself up too much. But I hate changing tires. I think you likes, you like changing tires. I hate it. No, that’s why it’s the worst. I will generally overpay for a better quality or one that just works for you. Seems like John was driving a, an orange truck over there in Nevada and blew a tire. I don’t know how that happened. That wasn’t, that wasn’t John. Go ahead John. You. Oh man.

00:37:48:22 –> 00:38:51:15
John’s in Adam’s truck for the first time in history. Yeah, go ahead. Drove it home and all of a sudden and the sensor was telling you that, that the tire pressure was low on one. Yeah, but it was the wrong one meter off You got out. So I got out, I checked the tire. Tire. Well it said the right front was off and you went and looked and all the right front fine. Yeah. Got back in, got out looked. Yeah. Tire’s flying. Boom sensor told you right front and it meant rear front or rear sensor left or something. Yeah, yeah. When they, when they whenever got rotated, rotate the tires. They didn’t reset. It calibrate anyway. We changed the tire that day. Bronson. Yeah. Yeah. I just thought I’d throw that in there. All right. Anybody else on track? You, you got like a list? Well no, that’s a metal list. I wasn’t even thinking of that, but it does Chuck. It’s good memories. That was in Nevada when it was kind of hot, right? It was November hunt giveaway. All right. Well anyway, it was hot and dry. But for November, was it November? Yeah it was. Oh yeah. Yeah. Alright, let’s see. Any other tire type? Wyatt, what do you like? I I run the Nittos there. I’ve had great luck with them. They, they for some reason seem to not last as long as they used to though.

00:38:51:22 –> 00:39:58:13
I, that’s dunno what the deal is with them. Yeah. I’m getting 15,000. I’m blowing through a pair. That’s my, I’ve got that ni those Niles on my big truck. And are you blowing through ’em? Yeah, my big, I went through my big down for the BFGs. They, they quit lasting as long maybe eight, 10 years ago. Rubber wise. Yeah. And, and I went away from ’em, but, but I’m using ’em on a bigger truck. Your little Toyota for your son. Yeah. It also depends on how, how heavy a truck you’re running on Toyota. They’re not gonna chew through ’em, but trucks just, they would chew through ’em. 15, 20,000 was a lot. I think for, for the better snow. They’ve gone to a softer rubber. Yes. And to be that snow’s Triple peak snow’s Bs or whatever so they can sell you more tires. So that’s possible. But that’s what they’re saying. It grips a little better. It, it’s off for safety and it does, it’s a softer, it molds to things and wears out faster. Right. I like those Cooper Discover St. Maxes. I’m using those on big trucks, little trucks and everything. I’ve been, I’ve been a huge fan, but they only had Nittos available and I’ve never used them before and I knew you guys did. Oh yeah, I throw ’em on. Yeah. 15,000 done. I I used to love Nitos that I do the terra grappler and I had the same problem.

00:39:58:18 –> 00:41:11:23
I, I ended up switching to Cooper’s. I couldn’t get ’em, they started cupping early and so I switched to Hercules and I’ve been running them a lot and I’ve had really good luck with those. No kidding. All right. I like it. Josh, I those coopers usually. Yeah. Have pretty good luck with them. Gotta make sure you rotate ’em quite often though. Yeah. All right, well let’s move on to suspension. I have a couple lift inches of lift. I go through front end parts way faster than most of my buddies. But I, but I also spend way more time on rough two tracks. What do you guys like lifts or not? Oh, it’s different because on my, on my big truck that I use most of the time I just in stock, you know, you don’t need a lift. It’s a ram. I don’t need a lift. It’s plenty high enough shocks and springs on that 2,500. Yeah. I mean it’s, yeah, the power wagon comes lifted. Z two’s come lifted from the factory. Yeah. I like not messing with people that are paid a lot of money to be engineers. Yeah. But all of my kids’ cars, they, anyway, all my kids are into, you know, the overland type vehicles, you know, the forerunners, the Land Rovers, that type of stuff. And we’ve got lifts on all of them, so. Yeah. Yep. And had good luck. Yeah. All right. Anybody else lifts?

00:41:11:23 –> 00:42:10:21
I’ve always why you like a leveling kit? Yeah, I have, I have leveling catch a coil overs on most of my trucks there. So just a rough country setup up there. Yep. And do and is it, do you feel like it’s a little stiffer out in the hills but, but it’s worth the trade off or? I just feel like it’s a little bit more upgraded than the standard parts. So I, I feel like they might be a little bit stronger or last a little bit longer than Yeah. Than your standard. And it allows you to run a little taller tire. Yeah. Still put chains on whatever if you need. Yep. Get that clearance. That’s the other thing. I hate putting chains on. I hate it, but I do it all the time. I mean, it better be bad before I put them on, but they’re, it changes a truck. ’cause when isn’t is usually snowing sideways and freezing cold when you’re thinking about putting ’em on. That’s what other thing I hate about it. Or you’re stuck. Yeah. That’s up to the axles in mud. You’re done and you get a jammed link and you’re late for the hunt and miss sounds. Sounds like you’re talking for personal experience. Got I got used to it lately, but I’m, I’m not a fan. Alright. Any other lift?

00:42:10:27 –> 00:43:19:12
I, I don’t like put changing anything from factory but you know, these, these trucks that come lifted from the factory, they’re not so bad. And I like a tall truck. I mean some of these trucks that are giant tall, they’re awesome. It’s awesome to ride in clearance is awesome. Yeah, it’s awesome. Anyway. And then I run a lot less tire pressure than, than I should. You know, I’m around 40, 35, 40 on big trucks and without a heavy load, you know, and then down into the 25, something like that on light trucks but with e rated tires and just all soaks in all that, whatever harshness that otherwise put on your shocks and front end parts and things like that. Any other you guys wanna jump in on? Josh is getting quiet. ’cause remember he led this off with I need a new transmission on this. That’s all. He is not thinking about this other stuff. Josh, if they have you got a quote on it? Not good. No, I gotta go remember we told you John has a good transmission guy, John. That’s where I’m going. That’s what’s going. No kidding. You guys have already conversed about that last night. Of course. ’cause I could only drive 40. Couldnt get over. So John let’s the scoop. Do you do have a good guy? Yeah. He’s trying to make it the best truck he’s ever had. Jason, Hey, you were a fat, the Nissan’s a good truck.

00:43:19:14 –> 00:44:22:17
Oh it is. I mean the bad, the bad part about it though. Is he a sucker? I could see it up, man. Whatcha you mean? My, my first thought was I’m just gonna go trade it in. But you can’t, you can’t replace ’em now. Like used vehicles are so much. I tried to look at trucks to replace that with, with that truck and they’re all six grand more than what I paid for that thing. Yeah. And it’s so you can’t, so now I’m stuck with what I possibly would. Would you draw, what would you take for it? Is it a stick shift? No. Oh, Ashley needs a stick shift. Anybody out there with a good stick stick, let know that’s kid truck. ’cause it actually has roll up windows doesn’t have cruise control. Only a it doesn’t have cruise. It’s a must anymore, right? Yeah. It does kind of suck for kids sometimes they do that and they hit an ice patch. The guy that I bought it from a good, the guy that I bought it from was an older guy and he, he wanted to actually give it to one of his grandkids and they would just turn in 16 and the kid wouldn’t take it because it didn’t have bells and whistles. It doesn’t have manual or it just has manual locks, manual windows. The kid didn’t even know what this was. You know, roll up, raw roll down.

00:44:22:17 –> 00:45:37:09
Now is when you say roll up your window, I mean we’re in brand new trucks still telling each other to roll up the window, right? Yeah. Oh yeah. What are you gonna say? Push the button to roll up the window up. Window up. Window down. So it’s, it should be voice recognition for that. Is there trucks that have voice recognition? I wouldn’t doubt as much as they cost. They should. Hey, if they don’t, we need a commission on that, you know? Yeah. Window up, window down, you know, spotting scope pipe. I had, I had to rent a car once ’cause I, I had my car in the shop and Tyler, my youngest was like five and he got in the car and he was like, dad, what’s on the door? There’s a handle and you can turn it. I’m like, that’s how you roll up the window in the olden days. Geez. No, it’s the perfect little runaround truck or in the hills. Plus my daughter’s gonna be turning 16, not like soon, but in a wa I was like, Hey, she your driving. We should hook, should one of my kids up? Not old enough. She doesn’t, she doesn’t turn 21 until, Hey, Justin’s 16. Okay. Don’t take it personal. He’s just, it’s his old this, his baby girl. He is not ready for to see anybody. Just let alone about you. Let alone a Carter. That’s true. No. Put your seatbelt on. Always.

00:45:37:18 –> 00:46:51:04
Alright, well anyway, that’s enough Bronson. What, what else we got here? Nothing. I don’t, I don’t have anything. So, might give a couple shout outs to our sponsor. We already mentioned the vortex. Appreciate them. Call us. Remember on that deal, if you’re looking for 18 by 56 Razor, eh, hds or spotting scope, razor spotters, give us a call. Make it, and if you’re wondering if that’s a good deal, that’s like a $400 tripod. The value on that thing. So give us a call. What do you mean? If it’s a good deal, we’ve contemplated taking off the table. Yeah, it’s a good deal. We don’t have many of the kits left. So first come first serve. We’re just gonna leave it at that. Okay? Right on A little shout out to Blaine St. James. St. James Sporting properties. Good dude. In fact, what a great buck weed he’s got in the Colorado section. Colorado section, huh? Giant. Cool buck. Anyway’s, done a pod, done a podcast with him. He’s super good. Dude knows what he’s talking about. If you’re looking at buying or selling properties of any shape and size, give him a holler. 8 7 7 3 5 4 7 2 4 7 [email protected]. Great guy, great Hunter knows what he’s doing. Super, super bright guy can even listen to our podcast that we did recently. It’s a few podcasts back and man, he’s got a lot of enlightening information and things that he thinks about. He’s a intelligent guy, so give him a holler.

00:46:52:05 –> 00:47:57:12
Also wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Phone Scope and pyro putty. We appreciate their sponsorship for us as well. If it’s Wyatt, this might apply to you. You recently got a new phones and how do you like it? Wyatt? How do you like that new iPhone? I, I hate it. What? I don’t get it. Wyatt’s been a Android. Samsung for life pretty much, right? Yeah. Then he went the full 30 days on deciding whether to trade it back in or not. What’s so hard about having a back button? Like he hates it. Let’s just throw a back button on there so you can just get out whatever you’re doing notice. Just flip up. It’s swipe off, swipe left, swipe right. It’s so Easy’s, just you look at it left, look at it. Right? So Wyatt, hey give, give Chesterton the guys a call or go to www phone You’re gonna need one for that. iPhone. What is it? 12, 13 these days. What is it? 13? Yeah, 13. All right. I’m still running a, I’ve heard they suck. Boy, I heard the 13 sucks. Yeah, I’d agree. Whoever said that’s not a liar. So it is not true. They’re awesome. And the cameras, oh, the night camera is phenomenal. What got, whoa, kind. What do mean night? What whatcha you doing at night? I mean, whatcha doing with your camera at night? I’m building a house.

00:47:57:22 –> 00:49:05:10
So I went up to the lot to see where they’re doing and it’s almost dark. And I was gonna show my wife, oh, they did some back filling and stuff. So I, I tap it to take a picture and I’m like, ah, there’s no way. It’s that. She’s gonna be able to see it and it tells you to hold still for a second. The picture is phenomenal in the dark. Like really? Yeah. Anyway, they’re great. Wow. Well, okay, well, whether you have an Android, have you ever had an Android job? No. Geez, John’s an Apple guy. Well, and I’m, I’m thankful to Wyatt that I don’t have to look at green text anymore. Me too. Thank you, Wyatt. That’s why I did it for the group message. We can airdrop can air, we can see bubbles when you’re typing. I mean, there’s a lot of cool features, huh? Yeah. The fellows bells and whistles. Photos of videos aren’t shrunk to nothing. Yeah. Well, why, thanks for jumping on with the team. We appreciate it. But whether you use an Android, whether you use an iPhone, phone scope’s got something to fit your phone and your ose or your spotting scope. So check ’em out online and while you do it, grab a couple of tins, a pyro putty for your pack to keep you alive or one of the lighters. Or better yet, just buy some tickets than our giveaway and get a lighter.

00:49:05:10 –> 00:50:05:22
How about that? How about that? Awesome. Appreciate phone scope and pyro putty partners with us on our lighter. How about these hoy bows? Yeah. Yeah. We’ve already heard what these new incredible bows are. Incredible. Right? Well go, right? Yeah. What do you hear? I got the RX five this last year and I love it. It’s the best shooting bow I’ve ever had, but, and I’m not, what are we hearing about the new R seven? I’ve heard the new RX seven beats it somehow. Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t know how like guys are trading them in without even decking ’em out, right? Like they’re just like done. I’m, I know this RX Seven’s next level. Yep. But anyway, hopefully we all have some tags to use the new RX seven. Yeah, absolutely. I’m not gonna get one. I mean, I’m not one of those guys that gets one every year. I, there’re two for me. Getting it all set up is such a pain. Sometimes it takes three months that, especially with Covid, you know, waiting for logs, jams apart. Like to start with a bare bow again, I, I don’t want to do that. So yeah, I’m gonna use mine for another couple years. Hoyt makes great bows. I, I have one, I don’t wanna say how old it is, but to me, I mean, like you said, you just, oh, that’s awesome.

00:50:06:13 –> 00:51:16:28
They, I’ve been shooting that thing forever and I guess it’s now probably time to turn that into a backup bow and maybe jump up with the RX seven and try that out. I’m excited to do that. So, or the Vetos. The Veto’s, their best aluminum bow they’ve ever made. They’re awesome. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of guys shoot those. Actually love those too. So anybody that’s interested, go to, HOY Check ’em out for your local dealer. Yeah, good point. Well that about wraps it up for today’s podcast. Yeah. We appreciate y’all listening out there. We appreciate the weather too, Wyatt. We had a lot of weather despite what you’ve had in your driveway, super excited. It’s changed our application strategies and we’ve applied like crazy, at least most of us. All right, everybody have a great day. At Epic Outdoors, we help you reach your hunting dreams. Whether it’s helping you to develop a long-term application strategy, or finding the perfect outfitter for your next hunt. As a member of Epic Outdoors, you’ll also receive the Epic Outdoors Magazine and have access to the best hunting consultants in the industry, online tools and more. To join Epic Outdoors, visit epic or call 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7.