In this episode a few of the Epic Outdoors Crew get together on the phone with Jim Winjum, President of Kenetrek boots to talk about his hunting season and his quest to complete the North America 29 using only a bow. With some new additions to the Kenetrek boot line there is plenty to look forward to from them this coming year and the upcoming hunting shows.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson, and Logan. How you doing Logan? I’m doing all right. All right. Coming at you from Southern Utah, Bronson, John, we’re always excited when there’s a little snow in the air. I don’t know how much we got. Maybe a quarter of an inch. Yeah, the mountains in town. Like they got more, so that’s good. We’ve had a little bit of a, a drier spell. We had a good summer and fall, but been dry for a few weeks, so been cold, but we got some moisture finally. Oh yeah. They’re all better than Lions are starting to die for seeing people filling lions. Yeah, it’s always a good thing. Our good buddy Schafer stopped in. They smashed one. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Well, anyway, kind of exciting time of year. We’ve been working our guts out, getting the January magazine ready, and we’re also planning and prep for the new year. Just, just a lot going on. A lot more to talk about on future podcasts. So anyway, we’re just getting started. We’re we’re, we’re cranking like crazy around here at Epic Outdoors. So anyway, anybody out there that is looking to learn more about us, go to epic John, we’ve got a EAG on there. It shows everybody what we do.

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Yeah, we’ve got a sample on there so you can log on, check out our magazine. We’ve had some requests on, you know, some, some topics to cover on the podcast. And rest assured, if you’re a member, we talk about any changes, any regulation changes for the year. You’ll know anything you need to know. If you’re a member, we talk about a fair amount of it on the podcast as well. But, but any suggestions are welcome, right? Yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s welcome, but just if you don’t wanna miss anything, join our service. Okay. Yeah. And that’s $150 a year, and it’s a little more, we, we mentioned magazine. Okay. But it’s a little bit more than, it’s heavy, heavy research based publication. Nine-ish a year. It’s monthly December through June, bimonthly when we’re in the field. So it’s awesome. We also help guys apply if you need a little more help while we have additional services that’ll be able to help you actually get in the application process and accurately. And of course, we, we help guys choose units and whatnot. Sometimes we just do it all depending on what a guy would or gal wants us to do. So, John, you talked about, we talk about everything hunting based. We also dive into personal lives, don’t we, Logan? Oh, yeah. A little too much like that. So anyway, yeah, if you have any specific requests, why Logan?

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How can they reach out to Epic on social media? We’re on basically every social media platform. Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter at Epic Hunts, and then Facebook at Epic Outdoors. We check those direct messages and comments daily. So any questions you got that you put on social media, there’s a good chance we’ll get back to you pretty quick. You mostly right, you do it. Yeah. Yeah. Right on. So we’re glad you do that. And then, anyway, so, so feel free to reach out, of course, that comes direct to us and, and we’re, we review it and we’ll talk about it. It gives us, you know, things to think about. So we appreciate that. Golly. Where else? What else do we need to talk about real quick before we get cranking? Oh, I don’t know. Do we, we just right in the middle of right, the January magazine, so that’ll be out. We’re doing that. We also, in December, I did, we did wanna mention Bronson. We got a, a stack, a product that came in. We got El Ranges from sro. Yeah. Stacked. Buy all those, those are ready, ready to go for Christmas. If you wanna pair for Christmas, know somebody that might buy those for you for Christmas, just tell ’em to call us. We’ll put ’em in the Mailto. That’s right. You’ll get ’em for Christmas.

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We also got the kilo tens, so they’re the six hour version of a binocular range fire combo. 10 by 40 twos. We’ve got ’em here. Those are, these are regular eight K rangefinder only. Non-binary. We got those. They’re, these are the most extremely tough products to get and to have ’em in stock is pretty awesome, especially around Christmas time. A lot of other things too. And even fierce rifles. We’ve got a lot of those on stock too. So check with us first if you’re thinking of buying something like that, and chances are we got it, we can get it to you quick. Any women out there that are looking to buy your husband something? Why? We’ve got a few ideas for you. So give us a holler, give us a call, reach out on social media. Logan will pass it on and we’ll, we’ll definitely visit with you about Christmas and gifts, things like that. Alright guys, well, we’ve kind of, we’ve kind of slated this podcast to, to review. Great partner of ours, Ken Trek and Jim Wingham. We usually like to visit with him once a year. Super good guy. Really, Bronson, we, we’ve known Jim for years. Oh, no, no, 20. Yeah. 20 years plus years. All of us. And yeah, we’ve been one of the original partners of ours since day one here, one of the founding partners, you know, that we’ve, you know, known for so long.

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And he, he stepped up, you know, right out the gate and hasn’t ever, you know, not been there. So, great support of ours. Great. Make great boots and, and other gear too. So yeah, let’s give him a call. He is also a big avid hunter, you know, I mean, he’s hunted a lot and we’re gonna get dive into that a little bit too, about what he did last year, what he’s got coming up maybe this year. Yeah. The one thing about the products that we endorse is we use ’em ourselves and, and believe in them. And so this is no exception with Kenna Trek and the Boots and different things they offer. Let’s give ’em a holler. I Kenna Trek boots. This is Brooke. Yeah, we need to talk to Jim. Is he around? Okay. May I ask who’s calling please? Could be Jason Carter. Adam Bronson Epic Outdoors. Okay, one sec. I’m gonna check to see if he’s in. Okay. Thank you. Okay, fax, we’re made for won Cradling your feet with all the support you need for Side Hills and more. Choose from our cowboy, grizzly, northern, and Rancher outsole options. And remember your replacement liners for daily rotation. Since our inception in 2005, we’ve honed our service to provide you with a bet. Hi, this is Jim. Hey, Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, John here. How are you? Hey, Jason, how are you guys doing? Doing well. How’s things in Montana this morning? It’s hard.

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Winter crisp, huh? You know, most of you guys come down to a place called Court site. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah, for sure. I know it well. That was, that was in my desert cheap area down there. Oh, was it? Yeah. Well, at least you get a, I don’t know, maybe you get a look at your ram there in the office and think about warmer places on December mornings in Yeah, in Bozeman. That’s right. But yeah, it seems like we get so busy. I don’t even visit all those mounts out there. I walk out there and go, huh, wow, these are pretty cool. Yeah. Who killed these? I say, no, it’s like, I don’t have anything in my office, so there’s a big fish, but, oh, well, and time is flying. We were, we were listening to the on hold messages. It said you guys got cranking in 2005, which I had forgotten, but time is just flying by. I know it, I know it. Yeah. I mean, we started the company, it was oh 5, 0 5 0 5 was the date that it Wow. That it came up as, I mean, it wasn’t intentional, it just accidentally happened that way. So when you say you started the company, what is that? When you opened the bank account? Rented the first building. I mean, what is that? Yeah, I just filed the, filed the paperwork. There you go. And all of that.

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We threw out a minute ago before we teed it up. Nie about 20 years. So we were actually three or so off. But I mean, as far as the initial inception, we knew Jim, but prior to that, but, but anyway. Oh yeah, it’s been a long time since we’ve known you guys Yeah. For over 18 years. Yeah. So, anyway. Wow. But well, we appreciate you taking some time to get on with us. Yeah, you bet. You know, we, you know, you’ve, you’ve always been a great support of ours and, and obviously when we opened the doors at De Outdoors you were, you were right there, you know, from the start, have been there ever since and we appreciate that. Sorry. Bet. Yeah. But we just wanna visit with you, I guess maybe first before we dive into the nuts and bolts about rubber and laces and leather. But let’s talk, did you go, what’d you hunt this last fall? Did you get out? You’re hunting about everything, Jeff, we wanna know where you’ve been and do you ever get tired of killing stuff? I, you know, the funny thing is, I don’t like, I, I keep expecting it, but it just doesn’t happen. I mean, I’m, I’m still, I mean, I, I get the adrenaline rush. I mean, and it, it doesn’t even matter how big it is. I mean, I, I can almost get as excited shooting a white-tailed dough. Wow.

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I, I, I don’t know. I don’t even know if a guy, guy, your, your products have been so tested and true. I don’t even know if they can really allow your hunts to be write-offs anymore. Yeah, yeah. Like what are you perfecting? At some point, this is coming outta your personal pocket. The board of directors isn’t gonna allow this. Yeah. One of our, one of our investors says, I just wanna know, do you ever work? Do you ever work? I see all the outflows. I see all the outflows. I know that. Yeah, exactly. But I assume you did some stuff in Montana that you always do, you know, deer, elk and whatnot. But any, any highlights there? Yeah, unfortunately, no. Unfortunately, I’m always running, you know, chiefs and rainbows and, and going to other states. And so this was kind of the year of the moose for us. So, so me and my partner Bob, we, I got a wild hair to draw, you know, to put in and, and draw that haul road archery hunt for moose. Oh. You know, because I was up there a couple years ago and we were coming out and saw two nice bulls, and I’m like, well, I should put in for that. You know, I told Bob, I said, Hey, this would be super cheap. We can do it on our own.

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I got a buddy in Fairbanks, we can borrow his rig and it’s like a, you know, 70 mile road hunt. You know, how, how hard does that sound? Yeah, it sounds great. So we, we put in, and I said, it’s only about an 8% draw, so it might take us 10 years to draw that take. He’s like, if you’re in my luck, we’ll draw that year one boom, we draw year one. Geez. So of course I go up there and then, then guys are telling me, they’re like, that’s a terrible hunt. It’s a really low, odd, terrible success hunt. And I’m like, well, I saw two coming outta there. How bad can it be? Well, it, it was bad. Really. People are fighting their way to get in there and nobody knows why the other hunter was there, you know, odd the roads. So, I mean, it was like, it was gas can guy, no gas can guy, silver truck guy, red truck guy. You had a bunch of names. Everybody’s like a zombie just driving up and down that road, geez. Looking for the elusive black vapor. And we, we did the nothing, I mean, absolutely nothing. And then we got hit with that, that typhoon that rolled into the Oh yeah, yeah. You know, the September the Arctic up there and, and just dumped six inches of rain.

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So we had a raft that we were gonna, you know, we had this big plan to float the river and get off of the road pressure. And, and, and the river flooded like three times the normal volume. It was like banging off the bridge. And I’m like, yeah, we’re not doing that. No, we’re we’re road hunters. No, we, we’d end up back to the road, there’s a lot of miles. I’m just like, that looks like a death trap to me. So we, we kind of didn’t do that anyway, so we we’re, you know, and they, they and cold foot, I don’t know if you’ve ever been there. Oh yeah. But they have a little teeny, you know, eatery truck stop there. And so we would go there, you know, we’d drive our 70 miles, you know, about twice a day and we’d get off and walk. But with a moose, you don’t wanna pack them very far. Right. So, so you’re basically kind of limited to the road. Yeah. You wanna be able to back your truck up to ’em almost. Yeah. Or, or a side by side. Certainly don’t wanna, you know, go miles or anything. And so, so we, you know, there’s lots of road access there with that pipeline, but of course you can’t drive any of that. So we would walk into likely looking basins, but every other hunter is doing the same exact thing.

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And so, you know, any moose that’s in, you know, you’re just hoping for a, a sporadic moose. And anyway, we’re, we’re finally about ready to give up. We’re like, you know, drown ducks, I mean, just, just soak and wet. Everything’s soaking because it’s been raining for six inches is a lot of rain. Oh. And anyway, we’re, we’re, they’re, they put in a tiny little cell tower at cold foot. And so there’s a pull off there that, I mean, it only goes for like, maybe a couple miles and, and we’re pulled off, we’re both talking to our wives and, and I, I said, okay, we’re gonna pull out tomorrow. You know, it’s totally a bust. You know, we didn’t know what to expect, but haven’t even seen a moose, you know, saw one old moose track. And I look up and I’m like, there’s a moose on the road. He asked, there is no moose here. He looks up, he’s like, there is, and it’s a bowl. It’s a good bowl. Wow. Anyway, anyway, a semi comes and, and the semi stops says, taking pictures of this bull bolt into the timber. And so we drive up there, you know, I mean, it’s like half a mile away, you know, with it. We spot him and it was like a real straight stretch. And he cross right by this bridge.

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Anyway, we boogie down there and, and pull off of the, pull the side pull off and, and grab our stuff and we go run it out there and have to find a way through a swamp, you know, to cross on this little teeny peninsula. And we run out there about 400 yards and kind of found an open spot and Bob flips the decoy up and I, you know, puff down wind and I run down there and come back try, I’m looking for cover. There’s nothing, you know, it’s like this tundra a flooded, you know, timber patch and, and Bob Rakes twice and cow calls once and he’s there, I mean, years either, you know, so he’s been walking for 200 miles. Oh yeah. To hear that noise. He just, he’s just like, you looking for something looking black vapor. Yeah, exactly. And, and so anyway, he comes and he must have seen me or heard me when I was floundering around out there. And he just looks over at me, looks over at the decoy, and he comes right at me. He comes up to 10 yards, come on. And I’m just like, shoot. I’m like, I got no shot because it’s right front on. I’m kind like, yeah, dicey shot with a moose, you know? Yeah. He’s gonna take me at any minute there. Yeah. So he, he turns and he, you know, luckily he turns, he didn’t come just stomp me.

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But anyway, he turns and goes behind this tree and I’m like, okay, as soon as he comes out of that tree, I’m gonna draw and shoot him and perfect. And all of a sudden he catches my wind turns and bolts into the timber. Geez. I jump up, go running after him trying to see if I can get a shot, you know, in through the trees. And I find like about a 12 inch lane, you know, in between the pine trees and right then Bob calls. And so he heard me running, heard bob call, and he just had one last look. He had to spin back and look back. Geez. And I’m like, there’s his chest 40 yards shot. And caught him, drilled him. It was absolutely amazing. Wow. Bobby, imagine Bob’s back there, he’s about 60 yards away and he’s like, man, he’s gotta be right on top of him. Why is he shooting? And then, you know, with the boost runs, he’s like, oh no. And then he is like, sees me running like a, you know, gangly giraffe across the tundra. He’s like, what is he doing? He’s gonna run him down. Wow. Geez. Then he sees me shoot, he’s like, what is he, shoot that. Wow. It was pretty epic. Wow. But then we walk up to that moose and we’re, you know, we’re two old guys with bad backs and it’s like, holy bananas. I mean, they are gigantic.

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How far back to the road roughly did you have to shuttle meat? Well, we, because he ended up running, you know, sideways a bit, you know, and so we had to, and it’s right before dark now, and we’d, we had seen five grizzlies on that. I mean, way more grizzlies than moose. Yeah. Oh, way more, way more grizzlies like, no thanks. They’re, they’re thick in there. And anyway, so Bob’s like, alright, I’m cutting you start drinking. And so I had those caribou game bags, you know, which are amazingly tough. And because I, I strapped my, the front shoulder onto the backpack. I couldn’t lift it. I mean, they’re so big. I’m like, what in the heck? How that we’re not doing that. Yeah. And so I, we gotta drag them off of the carcass, you know? And, and anyway, so we put them, loaded them into those game bags, and I drug like 200 yards across the tundra through the press. Oh. And we crossed this dream and made a pile, you know, and bob’s like, I’m outta here. As soon as it’s dark. I’m like, there is no way we’re leaving. You guys are having internal conflict. Geez. Yeah, exactly. You got, because you can’t take the horse. I’m like, I have not leaving that rack here. Yeah. That’s gotta be the last, you know, who’s got the bear sprayer? What do you, what’s your plan? What’s your bear plan? We’ve got two bows.

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We got a pistol and a bear spray, both of us. Oh, okay. So anyway, we’re, but it’s pitch pla I mean, we didn’t get outta there. We were absolutely dead. We didn’t get outta there until like 1230 in the morning. We had just hauled the stuff across a little stream and basically made kind of a, a pile up and, and hauled everything there, and then sacrificed the carcass to the bear, you know, and yeah, I never did go back in there because I’m positive there was a grizzly line, probably four of them. Once you’ve got everything you legally need to remove, there’s no reason to go back in the door. No, no. I did leave a knife there, but I’m like, you know, in the dark. I’m like, well, it was only a hundred bucks. They make new knives every day. Exactly. I’m like, I hope that bear cuts his gums on that knife. Geez, Jim, that’s mean, he didn’t do anything. They didn’t do anything to you. We were so hot. We were so hurt though. I mean, you should’ve seen that. I mean, we were like, can’t eat enough Advil. You know, both of our backs were out and then we still had to haul 400 yards back to the road. You know, at some point, Jim, were like, what are we doing? Yeah. So when’s your, when’s the next moose hunt?

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Or are you, or did you, or is it mule deer from here on out? Co white tail? No, I still gotta get a Canada moose. So I was really fortunate to, and then we’re in the airport because we headed for our Canada moose hunt, which was a total bust, you know, because the plane broke down and the weather. Well, let’s talk about it a little bit. What, what, what’s wrong with the plane? They actually, he actually threw a rod in a beaver. Okay. Oh, on the ground. On warmup or in the air? Oh, no, on, on floats. Right. So he had to, but he was on the crash land into a lake, crashed. And they, they, they called some guy. We weren’t there, thank God, you know, but I hardly ever hear of a beaver having problems. Those, those planes are like bullet, they’ve been running since the fifties. Yeah. Threw, threw a rod in that, in that cylinder, that engine. And so he basically had to just to the water. Lucky, lucky he was over a lake or near a lake. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Wow. But they, they call in like, they have, you know, plane medics or something that they, I can’t imagine what the bill is for that, you know, because they came in and we flew over and later and they had a big shroud set up and they replaced that whole entire piston assembly on that lake. Yeah.

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Because he’s like a hundred miles from anywhere. Wow. Geez. So anyway, they, so Dustin pulled out his plane that they had in storage, and it’s just a smaller one, you know, and, and then the weather was terrible and everything was all backed up and, you know, and it was actually, ironically hot and rainy. And so we had one chance that we could have killed a moose with a rifle, you know, at a couple hundred yards. And he came into like 90 yards from Bob and, and just smelled us and spooked, you know, and that was it. That was our only chance. So kind of a busted hot due to weather and didn’t get to go to the spot that we thought we were gonna go to. So we went to a lake that had been haunted, you know, a couple times before. And I think they were, they were pretty well pushed off of there. Well, so you, but nonetheless, so I gotta, so I do gotta go back for Canada Moose at some point. What does that, what does that leave? Because we, you know, we, we every year, I mean, you’ve, you’ve done a lot of things multiple times, but we’ve also noticed, you know, bison and muskox and some of these things the last couple years you’ve been checking off. I, how many species do you have left of North America? 29. Yeah.

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I basically have two caribou, two bears, brown bear and Grizzly and Canada moose. Like you just said, two Canada moose and tule elk. That’s it. Oh, wow. Wow. You’re down to the last handful or so then. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll even ever make it, you know, but I just keep chunking away at it. Try to direct in that, you know, that direction. But, but back to your original point, like how much did you get out in Montana? It’s like, yeah. You know, not as much because I’m off and these other things and everything’s at the same time, it seems like. Yeah. Yeah. Well we get that way. I mean, here in Utah we get general season deer. We don’t get a general season elk gu, you know? Right, right. Like you guys do. But most years we don’t make it, make something out of that, you know, we, we feel like everything else is newer, brighter, shinier, the grass is greener somewhere else. If it, if it’s harder tot if it’s harder to drop, can’t drive a thousand miles. Yeah. What’s the point? So we do that. If it’s harder to draw, the harder to draw it is the more time and energy and effort and money we, you know, throw at it. And then for sure, we got great hunts right here that we don’t even utilize as much. Yep. We’ll be here. Yeah.

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So ironically I put in for, you know, ’cause I knew I was gonna be gone with two moose hunts. I knew I was gonna be gone for the, you know, the peak of the rough for elk. And, and so I, I applied for one of the south brake tags and I thought, well, I might as well apply for the, the rifle tag, which is terrible odds to draw. Yeah. And of course I, I drew it, you know. Oh, so did you get a chance to hunt that in October, November? I did. I, yeah, I ended up hunt hunting that October, and then I had a Kansas deer hunt in November that I had had set up long time ago. So, so I slid down there for a couple weekends and then was able to find a, a great bowl. Nice. Three 30 class bowl. Yeah. Nice. You, I’m like, that’s good enough. That’s right. That’s great. Well, good. Well, what, before you can only eat moose meat for so long, you need to go back to elk. Yeah. Yeah. That’s true. So do you have any of those six or so species that said you need anything planned for 2023 that you got? Are you going back for the Canadian moose or are you gonna do try? No, I have, I have both caribou. Oh, do you’ll, I’ll go for, and the caribou are, you know, they’re spots. What slums are you? Which of those two?

00:22:27:11 –> 00:23:33:04
I have central bearing ground and then Woodland. Woodland. Okay. You know, over on Newfoundland. So, you know, with C and everything like that, Newfoundland one, shoot, I, you know, I’m going with Greg Samson. I, I had traded him boots. I, I mean, I can’t even remember when it was, you know, it was so long ago on, you know, probably your first for a deposit or something. It was like three or four years ago. Right. Yeah. I mean, because he, they only have so few tags and they get booked way in advance, so Yeah. So I’m excited for that though. I mean, it seems like he does pretty good. You got at least a decent chance. Good. But, you know, with a bow, it’s, it’s always way tougher. Oh, hell yeah. And, and is that, those six or so species have you’ve, you’ve done all the others with the, with a bow, is that right? Yeah, that’s, that’s all. It’s an art tree. I, I think there’s one I like, I gotta get a ous deer with archery. Yeah. You know, that’ve killed one with a rifle, but not with a boat. Pretty impressive man. Maybe an over-the-Counter Arizona tag, you know? Right. They’re gone. Well, they are now. But I mean, you know, I did that. Yeah. Did you got one there was only, yeah, there was only 500 left when I did it. There you go.

00:23:33:08 –> 00:24:46:24
So you were in about probably I would say five 30 in the morning. I think. It wasn’t quite that early. I was, I was surprised. I’m like, you know, that’s just an insurance policy. I actually was surprised they held out as long as they did. It was probably, what, 36 hours before they sold out or? Yeah, it was day and a half or something. Day and a half at least. You know, that, you know, winter lockdown that you’re in, in Bozeman when you’ve had enough. All right. I’m, I’m flying to Phoenix. I’ll see you guys in a week. I’m gonna go on acoustic with the boat. The bad thing is we have show season, you know, always. So, boy, that’s just, otherwise I’d be there every, I’d love hunting in Arizona. So if you’re, if you’re snow deep here’re, if you’re gonna utilize that archery deer in August in Arizona, which one of your boots are you gonna use? August. Well, they are, they’re awesome. I’m going barefoot. I’m just saying that’s in a blind. I, I tried that one year with Brad rep by Fred Der. Oh my gosh. It, it’s so hot. It’s, it’s 105 degree air temp. So you can imagine inside that blind. I mean, it has to be 115, 120 degrees. I mean, it’s just, see how hot it was? And I, I’m not sitting in that blind with you with bare feet. Oh, sorry guys.

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I mean, I, I had spray bottles and everything, which coincidentally sounds just like a dough blowing, you know? Oh, geez. So that’s a good idea. Yeah. Well, well that’s, that’s all cool. Exciting. You’re, you hope you knock a couple caribou down an inch. A little bit closer to that and Yep. Yeah, whatnot. You mentioned the show season, which we obviously, it seems like a few of those when we always get a chance to run into you. But diving maybe a little bit into to that or a glimpse of either your current products, anything that’s kind of new, noteworthy, modified or whatever, or anything new. Let’s, how’s, how’s things at Kenrick? How’s things going? Yeah, things are really good. I mean, we, you know, obviously we had supply chain issues, you know, through the whole pandemic shut down. Can’t imagine that. And we just couldn’t get, I mean, you just couldn’t get anything. So the back orders were just ridiculous. And yeah, thank God our customers gave us so much grace, you know, I mean, because everybody pretty much understood, you know, that, you know, we’re, we’re kind of all suffering the same f has that run its course and you’ve gotten back most skews or stock? Yeah, mostly, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s just a, it’s, we’re kind of back to what I’d call a new normal.

00:25:58:22 –> 00:27:12:09
And that’s the, you know, to bring a container of boots over is cost four times what it did before the pandemic. I mean, four times, like are you get, if we’re lucky, geez. And it takes two weeks longer to get here, you know? And so that’s kind of the new what, what things have settled at and, and it, it’s just still really frustrating. And of course, the inflation, you know, the cost increases are rampant. Yeah. But for the most part, inventories are doing better in terms of filing place an order and yeah, we went into this year with a more solid inventory position. Good. For sure. I mean, and it’s, it’s, you know, like we, we stress the staff so bad, but you know, I mean, like our poor visitor center, the, the guy who runs that, he’d see a guy walk in, he says, you’re a 10 and a half bout. And he says, yeah, I mean, you just see their, his feet and tell what size he’s, you know, he’s like, I got nothing for you. That’s kind of, he didn’t even ask you. He wanted, he might have wanted a T-shirt. Maybe he wanted the new, the new prototype of the slipper or something. I mean, nothing for you. Geez. Did it force you to, did it force you to look around as far as where you get some of your parts and pieces? Or who, who you had, like what Yeah. Yeah.

00:27:12:09 –> 00:28:17:16
We, we kind of opened a, a new factory, you know, and some of some different product lines. And so I was gonna, you know, kind of chat about that a little bit. And I, I don’t know if you guys have seen or had a chance to wear our, our new Cory Hiker. I haven haven’t. It’s a lightweight fabric leather hiker. And that’s, that’s been a solid performer. And then we, so you can, I mean, this is like your covid, you could call it your covid lineup or whatever, like it, hey, these are good things. It forces new SKUs. It’s good. I don’t know if that’s gonna sell very well. This name. Avoid the name. Just my 2 cents is don’t have that name in the title of the Covid Covid. No. How about 19? Not good. The Cory 19. I don’t dunno. Maybe, but he’s already got, how about the Fauci special? No, I don’t know. We’re just gonna thrown out ideas. It’s not, it’s your job to strike ’em down. But Jim, I think we, I think we wanna all turn the page on that hole. Yeah. Yeah. But anyway, this does look like a great hiker. Well, that one and the Bridger, those are the ones like, you know, if you were going to Arizona and the, if you’re doing a, a yeah. Vet velvet, co deer blind hunt, maybe you, maybe you throw a pair of bridgers Unlaced. Yeah, for sure.

00:28:18:00 –> 00:29:30:16
That Bridger is actually a, an incredible, you know, like, it looks like a little regular tennis you looking boot. But boy, it has a ton of support in it really. So, you know, for people who are used to having the support of, of the full tre mountain boots, you know, I mean, they’re, they’re, they’re thrilled. I mean, it has a five millimeter full nylon mizel in it. And you could do desert sheep hunts really work well. I’m thinking like, you know how hot it is, archery, deer, deer and elk in August everywhere about Nevada. Like, that’s the number one toughest thing we deal with is just, but you still want, you, you need some support. Yeah. Because I have basketball ankles and so you, you go, you go, you know, something that’s ultra light and usually there’s no support. Is the sole on that, like a quiet, quiet stock? Yeah, well it’s not, it’s not necessarily gonna be the quietest, but you know, because that support kind of goes opposed to quiet. Yeah. You know, quiet is usually softer, but, but, and your feet sacrifice, so Yeah. You might be kicking ’em off to do a sock stock, you know, if you’re coming in real close or it’s real crunchy. Yeah. But it’s a fantastic shoe. I mean, just that came out, you know, beyond my expectations. It’s got a great heel pocket in it. So, I mean, the support is outstanding.

00:29:30:16 –> 00:30:47:09
Of course, you don’t have the ankle support you do with the taller boots, but, but if, you know, if somebody has strong ankles and, and like you say you’re hunting in hotter weather, I mean, it ’em out. I guarantee that. So then as a companion to that series, we have the new slide Rock Hiker, which is basically a, I would liken it to a Cory Hiker, you know, the fabric leather in an all leather version. I see. Is that one on the website? Not yet. Okay. There’s brand new, brand new coming out. Think my first ship, it’ll be Februaryish. You gonna have any prototypes or anything at the shows? Or do you Size 11. Size 11, yeah. Yeah. We’ll have, have that. I, I’m thinking that’s gonna be perfect for us. Hope I just, I just had an email like, where the heck are by sample? Yeah. I’m like, oh, it’s just, this is such a struggle, you know. But yeah. Anyway, supposedly they’re leaving today, you know, and we’ll, you know, just the sample set for our, we’re set in show Booth already, believe it or not. They all gotta go next week, you know, out on the road. So it’s like, oh boy. Yeah. Yeah. Can’t believe it shows season are coming. It’s coming. Yeah. Well that’s good. I look forward to seeing that too. So a lot of people like the shows. We like them on day one. Yeah.

00:30:48:08 –> 00:31:45:20
Day four is, I really don’t know. I don’t know what’s gonna, you know, like we’re having a great year. We were having really seen, you know, a drastic slowdown. I mean, I still kind of expect a slowdown in, in 23, but I don’t know. I mean, the shows will be kind of our first indicator and then the dealer preseason orders will be like a second indicator. And, and I, you know, I think that in 2023, if we were flat, we would, that would be a huge win. I got, I gotta think You might be be surprised. We’ve, we’ve just, we’re so slammed here. Yeah. You know, I don’t, yeah, it’s, I, yeah, I keep, I kept expecting it all through the fall and we just feel like we’re just kicking the can down the road, you know? I mean, we, we’ve had increases almost every single month. Hunters, I don’t, off of those ridiculous pandemic highs. Oh yeah. They, those were people cooped up and, you know, non traveling Yeah. As much overseas or wherever, but they’re need, they’re gonna crush their own state or the west or whatever. So they still needed boats to do that with or whatever else.

00:31:45:23 –> 00:33:00:23
But yeah, I don’t, I think that’s gonna, I think that’s gonna hang on for a bit, you know, I mean, at least with our customer base, you know, I mean, it’s, it, you know, the pandemic really made people kind of reflect and think about, okay, what’s important, you know? Yeah. Oh yeah. And then, you know, you got bucket listers like me that are like, Hey, I’ve always wanted to do that. I’m doing it next year. You know, it’s like, time’s wasting and, and let’s do it. And of course, you know, that ties into really good quality boot sales. So Yeah. I like the pandemic once in a while. Like, it was nice to go out and have nobody out. It, like the pandemic. I, well, I went, I would go to Nevada. There’d be nobody, nobody. Like, it was kind of nice. Well, I mean, people were locked down. Now granted, I went to Arizona for that. Slid down there for archery hunt in January that was not locked down, was crawling person and their brother was there. That’s the changes, the rules. So crazy. I’ve never seen so many hunters. Geez. It was unbelievable. Jeez. Wow. Well, back to the boots. So the, the Cory Bridger and then the new one, what was it called? Slide The slide. Rock slide Rock slide Rock slide. Rock hiker. It’s kind like a Moab, I’m picturing a Moab boot. I, I don’t know, what is it?

00:33:01:10 –> 00:34:07:22
A little bit like, yeah. Compared to that S safari, it’s the tall leather version. So it’s waterproof. Okay. You know, above the ankle. Okay. Is the quarry wa is the quarry got waterproofing in it? Or it’s it’s waterproof. The bridger does the bridger. The bridger is not the bridger’s highly water resistant because that rubber ran comes all the way almost around, you know, and that, so that seals that joint. But that would keep it slightly, but it does not have the water boot. I would like a, just a non sealed air, air airy boot. Like, you know, something for the desert. Well, it’s kinda like what I, I use the desert guides for most of my desert sheep hunts I used to use before you made the desert guides. I used the hard scrabble hikers. Right. And that’s the main difference between those two is the main. Correct. The membrane, which I don’t normally, I don’t normally want, you know, I don’t need. And Ive got both of those in. They’re often. And so I go with the desert guide now and then, you know, I use like the mountain guide and, you know, but those have insulation Yeah. In mind Do and Right. Yeah. Waterproofing as well. Yeah. I find that that membrane seems like it’s about a 10 to 15 degree difference, you know? There, there you go. I mean, they breathe, but they don’t breathe as well. It’s not as good. Yeah.

00:34:07:25 –> 00:35:09:23
And I don’t need it. If it rains on a desert, sheep pun. You usually thinking the heavens like, yeah, bring it on. You know, I bring it on and, and my boots are dry in about an hour trips down, takes a shower. Yeah. And, and, and it stops in usually an hour or two and your boots are dry and 45 minutes after that. So you don’t, you don’t wick you’re walking through brush and grass and all that. At least where I hunt desert sheep. So I don’t, I don’t even in a dewy morning. It doesn’t, it would never, never is an issue. But anyway, those are good. I’m gonna check out those seriously for like our, I’m gonna look at those three, this sliding rock, the quarry and the bridger. I’ve seen the two on your, on your website and the catalog you sell. But I’m gonna, I’m gonna get a pair of those for my real early season. Some of the stuff we hunt, like archery oak and stuff too, is not, it’s not even mountainous Jason. It’s like grass and cedar. Well, or desert. Flat and desert. You know, I don’t, you know, and you don’t need a high upper leather boot or something like that doing it. And we’re doing it in August 32nd. You ever had snakes, snakes hit people with Well, we’re not, we’re not talking snake.

00:35:09:24 –> 00:36:11:15
No, I mean, I mean, he makes skaters for those, but I know, I’m just wondering about the desert guide or har, how, how would it, how it would stand up to a freaking, I’ve never been. I don’t wanna find out. But I’ve never had, don’t, well, Whent, I don’t think, I don’t think Jim makes these baseball. Jim, you’ve done a lot. What’s the fang penetration? Well, he might probability, Jim, you’ve hunted a lot in the desert. Are you scared of snakes? And then how do you remedy? Remedy? Oh, I hate ’em. Okay. So how, how do you remedy that? I actually have, I actually have snake gators some, some of those Arizona hunts, you know, in, in August. Do you sell them? Oh yeah. You sell ’em? Yeah, we don’t actually, oh, don’t I have Trek Gators, but not, not like a snake gator. Not a snake gator. I’m talking the snake, the armor plate ones. You know, if nothing else good comes from this phone call, I think you oughta sell a pair of snake gators. I’m telling you people would buy ’em. Jan, we were looking for them. We’ve asked a lot. I mean, a lot of people. There you go. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that question. Are these, are these snake proof’s? Like, no, you got Jim, you gotta listen to your customers. Throwing it out have driven us in a lot of different places.

00:36:11:17 –> 00:37:29:24
Well, if no, if, if only in Arizona selling there, but we could call it the Epic Snake Gator. Yeah. From Ken Trek, epic Gator. Let’s start this skew right now. Yeah. Alright. Good stuff. Well, that’s awesome. Jim, any, so besides that slide rock, any, anything else new or you want to talk about or, or modifications in your, in your normal lines that we look forward to? Anything different that’s gonna be seeing in 2023? Or is that slide drop newer? Yeah, the biggest thing we’re hoping for is inventory, you know? Yeah, yeah. Just production. I mean, we’re always tweaking things and, and changing things that we can find a better way to, to do it, you know? But it seems like, you know, you know, we’ve been re even though we’ve had, you know, the mountain extreme out for, you know, it’s been what, 15 years now? You know, like your first boot really, I think. Yeah, exactly. But even, you know, that boot today is completely, I mean, it has evolved, you know, over many, many design changes and some haven’t always been perfect, you know, like, you know, sometimes you have unforeseen consequences of modify, you know, modifications. Yeah. But you back to the boot that we have today, without question, is the finest boot that I have ever offered. I mean, I’ve been selling boots for a long time, damn near 30 years. Geez. And it, it is unbelievable.

00:37:30:01 –> 00:38:36:23
You know, the and, and what goes into that boot, like you, you know, like they, they all look the same, right. All of the different brands. And, and I like to think that we’ve been, you know, kind of a, a proactive Yeah. I mean we’ve, we’ve been innovative kind of an example to innovation, you know, for the industry, right? I mean, the industry moves and, and your, your competition comes after you. But there’s so many things that we do, subtle things, internal things with that boot. It, it is just amazing. I mean, like when they skive those tongues in, you know, they actually run paper boards, you know, so I’m talking about the vamp, you know, where the, the, the whole tongue flops over on the boot. Yeah. And they’ll skive that. They actually used pieces of tape to thin that so that it has like a preformed hinge to it. Like you ever wonder about our boots? Like, you, you take ’em out of the box and that tongue just drops right in place perfectly. I mean, all of that is orchestrated. I mean it, and it’s an amazing product. Obviously I’m biased, but it’s the founded I’ve ever sold. Well, they’re, they’re awesome. They always have been. You.

00:38:36:23 –> 00:39:55:27
I mean, we, we’ve worn ’em for, I don’t know, I I said 20 years earlier, so it can’t have been 20 years, but 17, been 16, something like that since the first Mountain Extre boots that Jim’s been a part of for 25 years. Yeah. Well, okay. Yeah, that’s probably true. Jim had his blood sweat and tears, tears involved in, yeah. Yeah. Geez. Well, yeah, very much so. She hunting. I mean, why, that’s why in the world somebody does that activity. I have no idea. Let alone moose on the haul road. Geez. That, that hunt needs to be shut down. So I’m reading the stats, you know, like Bob, Bob is, you know, we’re sitting at the airport waiting to go to Canada, you know, which we had to just do this crazy flight pattern because the whole border was still closed, you know, with the Covid restrictions and everything. And so we had to fly from Fairbanks to Seattle, to Vancouver to Whitehorse, spend the night there, drive five and a half hours the next morning to Watson Lake and then fly all the way almost back, you know, to, yeah, it was just insane, you know, geez, the travels that were required, but you know, whereas a few years earlier, you could just take a, a float plane and fly a hundred miles from Juneau, but the Canada wouldn’t allow you to come in with that because they couldn’t vet those small operators.

00:39:55:27 –> 00:41:09:00
Couldn’t vet Covid back still this still this, still this fall. That was wow. Interesting. Even with the border open, they wouldn’t let those, a lot of people do that. They fly to Juneau and then go back into northeast BC right there. Yeah. We was only a hundred miles northeast. Our lake was a hundred miles from Juneau. I’m like, seriously? It’s right over the mean. It would’ve been so nice, but wow. Just not to be no handshake deals are done. Hey, so tell us a little bit about the ever step orthopedic. I mean, I don’t know what, I was just looking at that on your website. Yeah, yeah. The ever step orthopedic, I mean, we sell a tremendous volume of that boot that’s for anybody who’s had an injury or you know, has weak ankles that needs that, that, you know, real heavy duty support. Yeah. And that, you know, so it’s a very specialized boot. But that was one that I invented with a, with a doctor we developed, you know, like where it has a, a removable, like you, you think about the, the, like the Arizona brace, you know, that you, it’s almost like a cast, you know, if somebody’s injured or, or sprains an ankle or something like that, that laces up. Right? And so it, it has the stays the same nylon stays Okay. That are on the side of the ankle. Yeah.

00:41:09:06 –> 00:42:18:01
And we incorporated those into sleeved pockets within the boot. And do you, don’t you put, its almost like the boot and the braces together. Wow. And, and do you put tho those stays? Isn’t that, is that the main difference between the Mountain Guide and the Guide Ultra as well? Don’t you have that stay option in the Guide Ultras? We do. Yeah. The Guide Ultra is really an ever step. I mean, it’s the same exact platform. Yeah, that’s what I thought. I’ve seen some other sheet guys have that. Well, I, I do love that. I mean, we don’t sell, you know, thousands and thousands of, well, we probably do, but it, you know, it’s not our biggest seller by any means. But I love the, the testimonials that, that, I mean, they’ll just bring a tear to your eye. I mean, you know, wow. Like guys, guys are like, you gave me my life back. Guys are doing she punts that otherwise would, you know, be super nervous about it, you know? Yeah. Well, they just couldn’t have that option because they would, you know, roll an ankle out and, and you know, it’s just, it’s just incredible to hear those, you know, those accolades that it’s like, thank you for doing this, you know? Wow. And I mean, they’re expensive. They’re, they’re a, you know, a high dollar option for sure. But Yeah.

00:42:18:01 –> 00:43:28:10
But not if you need it and you’ve gone through bad accidents or bad, you know, reconstructive ankle surgery or whatever, we can throw it out there, but it is not, it’s not that, not a, it’s like not crazy. It’s like 600, 6, 6 7. Well, gear, optics, guns, everything else is way more expensive. I mean, it’s just as, it’s part of what you gotta do. And especially if you have more need, if you have more need for whatever past injury, accidents blowing Achilles, you’re getting over stuff like all that, you, you’re, you’re gonna wanna pay the extra 150 bucks to have that beef here stuff. Yeah. I did one of those for Thomas Brunson. He, you know, had almost a complete severed Achilles, you know, and, and I mean he’s, you know, that guy’s guiding for, I don’t know if you know him. Oh, we do Outta Ely. He’s doing some crazy Yeah. Rugged country. Oh, rough country. And he does it all, all about year round, you know, and lying in the winter. Yeah. It just takes his lifeblood out, you know. And he called me up and he is like, what do I do? And I’m like, well, I don’t know, you know, but we can try a couple different things. And so we, you know, were able to, to get him up and running and he just, oh, he was just like, thank you, thank you, thank you. Wow. Good. That’s awesome. Quite a story.

00:43:28:18 –> 00:44:47:21
Like, I’m like, remember me when I draw that Arizona elk, Jim, I have a feeling you trade boots pretty regular. Got a caribou hunt coming up. I like it. That’s perfect. Yeah. Well, yeah. Well, you’ve drawn some sheep tags. You do. Was it, was it your Nevada, how, how far apart was your Nevada and Arizona sheep tags that same year? I thought it was, I’ve gone back way back from memory. I about set it, but that was two desert, two desert tags in the same year. Yeah. Yeah. You’re thinking that’s impossible, right? Yeah. Well we, it’s, I don’t know, I can count ’em on like one hand. Yeah. In my life, there’s, there’s year one of the five that, that we have had that happen. I’ve had a couple guys draw three, they drew two Rockies called the Wingham Luck. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy Kill the Moose where there was no moose Kills draws tags left night. I was gonna tell you, I never got, oh, the harvest stats we’re, we’re reading the stats in the airport, you know, waiting for a plane. And I’m, I’m reading down through the fish and cave stats and it literally says it there. This is a terrible, like basically you, you surmise it’s a terrible hunt and you should not even apply for it. The long-term success on that hunt, there’s 50 tags and it’s three Oh, that’s the 10 year success. And residents can shoot anything, right?

00:44:48:00 –> 00:46:03:22
Nonresidents have to shoot 50 or don’t even have to be a 50. Can they shoot cows or you mean any bull? Any bull. Any bull. Oh, oh geez. Long 10 year average is three three a year. Nonresident average is effectively zero. And like it says, most non-residents don’t even hunt well because they have all those people tell ’em, what did you do that? And they’re like, well, airfare all the stuff up there. Okay, nevermind. I read to Bob these stats and he’s just like, why did I let you talk me to this? Why are the draws 8%? I mean, geez. Wow. It was tough. It was a tough hunt for sure. Shout the only breeder bull in the unit. Yeah. Well, he might have came feel bad now he might have roamed out of the Yukon that far looking for another, another moose, so you never know. Yeah. But Well, that’s a cool story though. Sometimes stuff just happens because you’re out and you’re trying, and it’s not always the perfect scenario of the two best moose unit or moose tags in the state of Alaska. And here we are, it’s just, Hey, but hey, you got an Alaska Yukon moose, you know? Yeah, yeah. Under the belt and maybe unlikely scenario. So that’s, that’s awesome. So yeah, my Kansas white tail, same, same kind of thing. You know, they set three days in a row of record breaking heat, you know, in November.

00:46:03:25 –> 00:47:12:00
That is not ideal for geez no ru activity. And I’m like, well, I can’t kill ’em at the lodge, you know? So I’m out there in the dark stumbling around and trying to get into the tree stand and, and you know, I mean, those, those bucks you’d see it like, I’m looking across a big cornfield and you just see ’em, they’re like vampires, like first light and they’re headed back to the thick already. You know, they’ve been out chasing those and, and they’re just, you know, I mean they’re, you’re done like in a half an hour or so. I mean, it’s just unbelievable. But I had a buck come out and, and he literally just cut the corner and came. Right. I saw him at 300 yards walking in a corn row. Literally walked right to me. I shot him at 15 yards. Come on. I’m like, come on. It’s like, what a gift. Wow. Yeah. Well, it like nana from heaven. I say that word gift a lot. I mean, and I guess if you’re just out there enough, we all, we, you know, we hear these ending stories that, hey, they’re, they’re always getting so lucky. Well, I’m not telling y’all the ones that I don’t get a gift, but every once in a while they do happen. Oh yeah. I can’t remember the last time it happened to me. Yeah. Well you’re douche. So 2023 is my year. All.

00:47:12:03 –> 00:48:21:17
Well, anything else Jim, you’d like to either, whether it be new or just something you want to talk about, like you said with Kenreck before, obviously sell socks and Yeah. Other things you’re, you’re very good at. Yeah, I mean, yeah, the sock line is, has just really expanded. I mean, we’re, you know, we’re trying to be better at, at, you know, providing, I mean, ’cause our, we sell a lot consumer direct, but we also sell to a, a pretty significant dealer network. And, and so, you know, that requires us to be really on the ball, you know, to keep those guys stocked and supplied and, and so we’re really trying to strive to do better, you know, in the future because there’s nothing more frustrating than they offer a line of boots. They happen to be sold outta a size 10. They call us up and we’re like, yeah, we’ll have that to you in April. You know? Yeah. And I didn’t say which year. Right. Yeah. I mean, it’s just, it’s just, it can super annoying, you know. Well, that’s, that’s good. Good to hear though, that things are, you’re, you’re seeing progress in that and hopefully that just only gets better. Yeah. Our is getting better for sure. Yeah. That’s awesome, Jim, which shows are you, you going to be at the only one? I’m going to. It’s my 20th anniversary, so I’m a missing shot show for the first time.

00:48:21:23 –> 00:49:29:24
I’m missing Sheep show. I mean, it’s, I’ll be in Hawaii actually. Just, whoa, you know, chewing my boot, threw my arm off. What booty you taking to Hawaii? The bridgers Barefoot. Just like, there you go. Back to the Barefoot. Alright, good. Hey, winning Rome. Just saying though, so that, well that’s awesome. Enjoy that over there. Which shows are your, your guys gonna be at? Yeah. As far as Ken Andre Boots. Yeah. Just if they wanna see the new boots. Yeah. We’ll, yeah, we’ll be at, at all of them, you know, I mean we do a TA and Shot and Sheep Foundation and Dallas Safari Club. Safari Club. Do you just take orders or do you sell there or, you know, yeah. It, it’s really important that we’re able to take, we actually have a fitting stock and so it’s important Okay. That we’re able to show customers what’s new, you know? Yeah. And you can actually touch and feel the boots and then, you know, you can try ’em on and make certain of your size and I mean, customers really appreciate that. And then we just write orders or, or write it down for ’em and they can order later. I mean, we usually have some type of a show special, you know, give socks or Gs or something. Well, then you’ll be at Western Hunting Conservation. Is that that? Yeah, for sure. One of the last ones. That’s a big show for us. Yeah.

00:49:30:06 –> 00:50:40:17
Salt Lake we always see there too. They’re in sheep show, it seems like. But, well, and I think one of the impressive things about your staff is the knowledge that they have. Yes. One of, one of our popular videos on our YouTube channel, if you, if you go to Epic Outdoors on YouTube, you’ll, you can search sobbing foot pain. And last podcast we did. Yeah. It’s got 170,000 views on that video alone. So I’ve, I’ve had so many people call and say I laced my boots differently because of that video alone. Yeah. So just the staff is, is very, very knowledgeable. Yeah. Yeah. And that, and that’s, that, that helps a lot. You know, I mean, because we’re so important. I mean, it’s just a critical piece of gear you can get by with, you know, stuff that’s not up to par in a lot of different places, but boy, if you don’t have good footwear, it can, it can cripple. I tell my wife that every piece of gear we have is the most critical piece of gear ever and we need top of the line working for you. Oh, well, you know, shouldn’t have a choice at this point. I, I tell my wife. Yeah. It’s a once in a lifetime hunting opportunity. Did I need Once in a lifetime gear that lasted for me about Don’t say that anymore.

00:50:41:10 –> 00:51:56:15
I argue that that about 10 years and I haven’t said it in about 15. I don’t say it. She just looks at, well, it’s not even funny anymore. They don’t even think it’s funny. They look at you and bit the glare that you don’t like to get. And so it’s just, she, she has actually told me that I have to quit putting my name in drawings. Right. ’cause we’re bad will for Jim. Well, we can, we can apply you, Jim. Yeah, we can. I mean, you don’t have to put your name in. We’ll put it in for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, we got workarounds. Just let us know workarounds. That’s like, like my friend Chris Byer that I hunt with. He, he, he says he’s got a new philosophy. He’s gonna use my name. He’s like taking it on the road. He’s gonna use my name, his phone number. Oh. And I’m like, well we have to have some kind of a licensing deal. Yeah, yeah. Well thing you can’t just use my name. Right, right. Like it’s working so far. He’s like, I’m gonna sheep soap. I get a badge. Put your name on it. Just ask for duplicate, whatever. Yeah. There’s workarounds everywhere. All right. All well, sounds good. Anything else, Jim? No, I don’t think so. Okay. I don’t think so. All right. Well we appreciate you spending some time with us here today. It’s awesome to catch up.

00:51:56:29 –> 00:52:49:21
Wish you the best of luck. Course you’ve got a lot of luck, so I’m not sure if what we could add to that, but hey, wish you the best of luck in 2023. We appreciate your partnership support here at Epic. Of course, we support the heck outta you too and, and believe in your products. So anyway, we sure appreciate you. Yeah, you’re very welcome. And, and that feeling is, is likewise. Okay, thanks again Jim. Appreciate it. And stay warm up there. Stay inside. Okay. I wanna head south too. Head to court site and look at some cheap. Alright, that sounds good. Alright, talk to you. Bye guys. You bet. Bye. So, Jim’s website, ken You can go check out all his products and, and read the details. Order online and just phenomenal products. Yep. K-E-N-E-T-R-E-K, right? That’s right, that’s right. Dot com. All right guys. Well, let’s go eat some lunch. All right.