Family Vacations can be stressful and don’t always go the way you expect, John tells us about his experience getting his family back to the US. With 2023 being only a few days away the Epic Crew is busier than ever with calls helping hunters plan their Long, Medium and Short Term goals. Don’t wait to plan your upcoming hunts with us as new opportinites are right around the corner for the hunt you’ve been waitng for.

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Anything to do with Western Big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter, Adam Bronson, John Peterson. What’s up? John Got’s a lot of questions for you. You’re coming in some, your family power. Got some, a lot of questions for you and your family coming up. So get ready. All right. Anyway, Bronson, here we are again, another podcast. This is three or four or five. I’m not even sure this week I’ve lost count how many this, this is for the listeners. The first one they’re gonna hear, we’ve recorded a bunch put in coffers and it’s not by our choice. We have strategic release dates with partners and maybe Pro Bon Bills. I’m getting tired. I thought we owned ourself this one. But kind getting tired of being owned. I feel like John, how does it feel to be owned? Yeah, sometimes it’s not great. Who do you feel own like owns you? John? US Government. Okay, well anyway, border patrol. Let’s, all right, well anyway, so there’s a lot going on. Bronson and I and John. John, you’re, you’re cranking out getting a lot of stuff ready for this next magazine here at Epic Outdoors. We do a lot, all things Western big game. We’ve got publications coming out like crazy. Mostly statistic driven application processes, booking hunts, landowner tags, regular hunts, guaranteed tags, non-guaranteed tags, whatever it is that Bronson and I are dealing with.

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Questions from every corner of the freaking earth. If you can dream it, we can ice cream, but we’ve heard of everything. We should mention that the EMAG is live January. So the EMAG is live for January. So for for January. January, 2023. All right, John, you’re done. Yeah, I could go. Well, I just feel like, so Adam and I, we’ve had this magazine done for a little bit and you don’t wanna release it too early ’cause the regs are just getting cranking and then we leave for Christmas. We’re not here for a couple days around that to take the calls. But we’ve been here this week, but then we’re not tomorrow. So you know how shopping usually ends by let’s, let’s call it midnight on the 24th, December 24th. It feels like the clearance comes out and Janice happens to say, you know what, I’m gonna go down and I’m gonna buy wrapping paper for the next 14 years. It’s on sale. Is sheet on sale? Yeah, it’s so on the 26th, I know a place you can get a storage unit where you got stuff, you got store. No, I know it took for 360 days. I don’t, and, and I don’t know where it’s at. It’s under somebody’s bed in a closet. Probably in my hu my gun room’s up my gun safe. Reorganize your hunting room to make room for the wrapping paper. She reorganizes my hunting stuff and I lose stuff every time.

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And then I find stuff. It’s very interesting to this morning I found some bases, rings and a rail that I’ve been looking for and and gratefully I found them ’cause they didn’t have to rebuy ’em. So anyway, it’s that time of year and with that time of year we’re also seeing a lot of sales with our partners. Yeah, we got Ken Andre giving stuff. I mean you can check it out on their website up to 50% off on stuff. They’ve also got kind of a, a used section. Yeah. Very interesting. So if a guy’s looking to buy Ken Andre boots, but maybe you don’t wanna pay the full going rate, why there’s an option for you also Triple S Polaris, I love triples. What does Triple S mean to you? Shoot shovel and shut up. Right? Yeah. Yep. And so anyway, I don’t know why I like it, but they’re my kind of people anyway. A thousand dollars off on side-by-side. $300 off on four wheelers. And if you tell, tell ’em Jason and Adam John sent you, why probably get a little more off. But anyway, try Triple S Polaris here in Cedar City, Utah. If you Google ’em, you can’t miss ’em. That’s where we’re at. Bronson also got a couple others. Yeah, q you one of our longtime original sponsors and partners, they have a holiday clearance sale up until the 31st of December as well. As well as phone scope.

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They’ve got promo code on their website up until the 31st, which is the promo code is 15% off your total purchase. That code is Epic. EPIC. Epic 15. Epic 15 gets you 15% off and he purchase up until the 31st. So if you got a new phone for Christmas, which Jason I think has something like that, you might need a new phone scope case for it. ’cause they all have a little bit different shape and size. So anyway, isn’t it, it’s amazing that these phones run you more than a grand. Yeah. And they force you to take out a payment program. I mean I get so tired of it. For how long though? Can’t you jump the, jump the gun in about two months, go in and try to pay your bill. It’s the stupidest thing. After 14 hours you finally get to the front counter. I’m just saying. I know. Anyway, yeah, phone scope, they, they’re using our name that makes me wanna send ’em a cease and desist. But they’re partner, they’re our partner and Justin’s a good guy. So I guess we’ll let it pass anyway. Use code Epic 15 and get your percentage off. You know what, speaking of witch Bronson optics, we sell optics and it’s a freaking steal right now.

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You can get on our website, you could call in, of course this podcast we’re, we’re gonna take probably be getting off in a couple extra days, so, so don’t be calling in. You can have to go to the website and you actually have to log in. You have to be a member. So non-members listening to this podcast are not gonna get special member pricing. I’m sorry, just you have to have a membership already set up. But if you’re looking to buy something and you didn’t do it, or you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas or you got something, somebody got it for you and you took it back because it’s not what you wanted, you really wanted something better or different. Call us or jump online, epic Log in through your member IDs, log in and Id Yeah. And when you go then to the optics page, all the member pricing will show up because the noteworthy thing about this is some many manufacturers, every year or two, they up their cost of, of their, their price of optics to their dealers, which we are, it’s not us raising the prices, but when the price goes up for what we gotta pay for it did, we raised the prices. So yeah, that is what, 2023, that’s happening on a few different of these manufacturers.

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So if you put something off and don’t wanna pay a little bit more for it in 2023, you can jump online before, hey, we’ll jump on the bandwagon by December 31st. Right? I’ve been thinking about buying a couple of those little items. Are ya ha well that little 17 by 40, talk to me by 56, make a deal. Or Devin Devon’s deals. That’s what we, we got away with Bronson bundles and now they’re Devon’s deals. Devon’s deals. Oh boy. So yeah. Anyway, 2022 pricing expires December 31st, 2022. And then you’re gonna have 2023 pricing. So, and that trickles on down to our member pricing, which is an incredible deal, basically better than anybody else out there. That’s the way it is. Just saying it the way it is. John, I’m just wondering, like if I’m a non-member, yes, this is gonna stretch you a little bit, but I think you’ll know the answer. Okay. Can I join and then go back in and log in? Yes. Okay. So how do we, so how does that look like I go in join, when you give, give me a member, you have to give us your email address. Okay. And then you go back, that’s the default username, right? Basically to, yeah, that’s your default username is your email address.

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So you go back in, let’s say it’s midnight and then you say log in and then I go do my email and then you use your, your email and you can log in and anyway. And it’s self-explanatory. I can do it at 1:00 AM I don’t have to call in and talk to one of the girls and have them help me get set up. You should. Are you first time? I don’t, I’m seeing question mark the first time. You shouldn’t have to hell anyway. If you do have problems, give us a call. If you try to join, I’ll make you a deal right here. Here’s the deal. Here’s Jason’s what deal, deal of the week if you intend to go, if you go join Epic Outdoors, but from the time you hear this podcast and then go purchase optics online and it does not give you the member pricing. We’ll, we’ll we’ll credit you that back ’cause hey, there you go. Some reason don’t, don’t work. And it’s all technology. We’ll make it right Tuesday morning, well, not Tuesday. I think it’ll be, I think it’ll be fine. Yeah. Tuesday morning. But as with everything electronic, yeah, it’s not as good as Bronson and I taking it over the phone. Right, right. Adam, we never make a mistake, ever.

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I’m not as bold as say that, but I just know that if you get me on the phone, we can have a great conversation and I know what you want and I’ll write it down and we’ll get it done. Right. But, and I’m gonna charge a card, Google, or, yeah, that’s the way it goes. Well, all right, so we’re talking about all the deals now let’s talk about something free. Yeah, let’s talk about something free. Let’s give away a bunch of cameras. Well, yeah, well it’s kind truck camera season’s open in some places. Hey, how about that for some people, I’m putting up cameras. January one, all the white tail folks are like, what do you mean? But out here, yeah, we got seasons for that opening day. Yeah, y’all are January one, enjoying your fusions. Getting pictures sent to your phone. We’re not, it’s not fair. But yeah, in the spirit of that, we thought we’d have a little bit of fun with it. Maybe give three winners prizes. But if we, let’s pick like a winner. The winner’s cho, like we choose the awesomest coolest. How would we define that? Yes, but that’s just, just subjective enough to us. I, the one thing you could do, staff choice. The one thing you could do, oh, this is good. I know where he is gonna do, he’s he’s gonna walk. Well, Logan, you, you, you repost these, right? Yeah.

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If they tag us, we you repost ’em. I do. On the, the story and the most hearts right? The hearty stuff, you know, people like ’em, right? Okay. The heart. Yeah. And if you’ve got the most hearts, then you win. Then you on our story, right? That’s the pop most popular, right? Yeah. That’s the, okay. That’s the choice of the public. That would be one winner. Okay. Okay. The public choice gets how many freak outs takes out the subjectivity of us looking at ’em and Yeah, well no. And then we could do an Adam’s favorite. You could lobby your friends or Adam, Jason favorite. Yeah, I’m fine to do it the other way with hearts. Okay. We do the hearts. Yeah. And then how does, how’s the next guy win? Couple of randoms. Yeah, we get, let’s do that. Winner. Who gets the most likes? Let’s give ’em three cameras away. Okay. Three. Three stealth cams. And then we have plus a hundred dollars shipping and handling. No, free, free, free, free, free. And then the other two, no catch the other two that don’t get the, get the most. We’ll pick randomly through, you know, random gen, random number generator, some, however many Ries we have. How do we want them to tag us? Logan, in terms of just I guess either it being a story, how do you want that to be able to track it for your sake? Yeah, good question.

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So when you go to post your trail camera picture, make sure that you post it on your feed. Because if we’re running a story, we’ll have to do ’em all within 24 hours to see who’s gonna get the most. So it needs to be an actual post. Yes. Don’t post it on your story or else we might not be able to catch it in time. Yeah, yeah. Especially your holiday. Yeah, we got football games. And then how, and then they need to tag epic optics and then to enter yourself in the or Epic outdoor epics to enter yourself in the contest tag Epic optics or epic hunts, preferably both. And then use hashtag epic cam contest to get yourself entered into the giveaway. Epic. Epic. Epic cam contest. Contest. Epic. Okay. How you guys like that? I like it. I kind of thought you were gonna say follow Logan and follow. So if you want extra entries, let’s follow Logan’s personal Instagram. We could get you some followers, boss might as well. Little, some little honeys out there. Yeah. If you’re single. If you want extra, if you want extra, extra entries. I, I don’t have a date for New Year’s Eve yet, so whoa, whoa. This going down the road. We didn’t know it was going And he edits this. It ain’t gonna edit it out. No, that’s staying in baby. Submit your resume. It’s Jason, Jason ly Carter and freaking Bronson Huns. Right?

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Bronson outfitting. Okay. Well, and we’ll get you a date. Adam and I. It’s gonna run through us and we’re gonna, okay, let, I don’t even know the place that scares me more is for New Year’s Eve. Like where’s the place to be? Where would you go on a date? I don’t know. Logan. Where I’m, I’m going snowboarding, so I don’t know where you are. I am, yeah. By yourself. It’s gonna be crushing the place. No, I got a friend that goes up with me. Oh nice. There’s gonna be a lot of snow. It’s, we’re finally getting that in Utah. Utah has the greatest snow on earth and we’re getting it right now. Oh boy. It’s good stuff. So Justin freaking blew his shoulder out so I know. Yeah, he’s still out, down and out. But are we clear on that then? So the one that gets the most likes will win three cameras. So I don’t know which model we’re giving away, Jason, which one we wanna give away The good one. The 32. Okay. 32 pro. Okay. And then, so that’s like two others. We’ll pick randomly from everybody that submits and tags us. We’ll pick. So three winners and we’ll ship ’em out to you. No shipping and handling, just to clear up that. I just like to throw it out. So what’s that, what’s that first prize worth? Like oh, 400. Four 50 bucks.

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Four 50 bucks plus shipping tax, credit card fee, license registration and whatever else. Okay. That’s a good prize. That’s a good guy. Yeah. And it’s gotta be a trail camera picture that they post to tag. You can’t crop it. I mean you’re, it can’t be something that looks like you took a picture out of a great lens. It’s gotta have a bar boundary of Yeah, yeah. You know, date stamp. And you know how each tr doesn’t have to, its a cam. Gotta be its trail cam picture. That’s what it’s about. That’s right. Don’t crop it into where it looks, you know, was shot with a 500 millimeter zoom lens at 50 yards. It’s gotta have GPS coordinators as well. There’s gonna be some interesting photos. But the good thing is they have to submit ’em on their regular feed. Do they have to be of animals? ’cause there’s some wild stuff you get. It has no animals. No, but it needs to be on the regular feed, so they’re not gonna put anything too crazy. Regular feed. And by January 6th, next Friday, can I, can I enter? No, no. Just remember that new bighorn sheep flipped up head, head first down into that drinker and she was sticking all up out. That was funny. That was awesome. There’s also one, maybe we’ll use that when you can use that as a, as a when you post it. ’cause it was pretty cool.

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Yeah, there’s some cool, Jason’s got anyway. Interesting. I don’t, I’ve got, I’ve got one I love use Jan. It’s this. Ram’s got his freaking hoof right on this used back like I owe you, I owe you. I’m like, Hey Jana, check it out. You don’t have it so bad. You know, this ram has not been nice. Guaranteed. Alright, well anyway. Good, good times. John, I wanna talk about your family a little bit. Bronson, you want, this is some good stuff. It’s, it’s mind blowing and it, it gives us a little bit of an out, we talk hunting all day long. All night long. All day long. The next day, all night. The next night. Like the hunting is our life. And so once in a while it’s nice to get a bring in the human side world. Real world problems. John’s been a bachelor all week. Yeah. Not by choice. So, and I, why is it Mexico? I always have problems in Mexico. Recta four wheeler. You were dang lucky not to be in a hospital 14 days. Not die. Anyway, so I took the family down for Christmas to Mexico, to Cancun. Anyway, we had a great time. It was all great. I was a hero. You know, the wife didn’t have to cook for the holidays. It was awesome. I liked those all inclusive resorts. Yeah. It was phenomenal. Just to eat everything. Kids do whatever you want. It was, it was great.

00:14:40:18 –> 00:15:52:12
Don’t bug. Just don’t drink the funny drinks. Yeah. The umbrellas. So for those of, for, for those that don’t know, my wife’s French. She’s lived here for 10 years and she’s a citizen. All that. So citizen in a couple of places. Yes. Yeah, she has dual citizenship France here. Anyway, so her mom is, is in the process or process or in the process of getting the paperwork done so her mom can come live here, you know, as much as she wants. She’s kind of getting older and anyway, we might need be taking care of her. So she’s, but she’s been here for how long? She’s been here for a year, over a year with a, I don’t know what it takes to be passport, visa, whatever she, whatever cards, blue cards, all kinds of stuff. So as soon as she gets here, then we put in the paperwork. Yeah. Immigration to do it legally is ridiculous. So you did it illegally? No, no, no, no. It just feels like that. No. Okay. No, I’ve done it, I’ve done it anyway. Legally by the book. This is like the third, by the time legally by the book, the Senator Lee’s stamp on it. And it takes, it takes like two years to get the paperwork just to go through. Okay. I mean, what other business, you know, it’s a business takes multiple years. It’s not a business anyway to privatized business gets crap done.

00:15:52:19 –> 00:16:59:12
So my mother-in-law is, is we’re just starting to get all of her paperwork back and all of, you know, she’s got like permission to work and permission to travel and permission to do everything right. And this, and this just is just outta curiosity. And this year that she’s been here has, she’s been to France and come back. So Yes. Or she not left America. Yeah. So she, you can’t leave unless you get what’s called advanced parole Parole. Parole, yeah. I don’t like that word. Yeah. I have a feeling that she’s not on the up and up. There’s things you don’t know about your mother-in-law John? No. Advance parole. Yeah. Okay. That’s, so that’s what you get. And then when you get your green card, you can come and go. Okay. Okay. But until then, for some unrun reason, okay, you’re on probation. They don’t want you leaving the country. Once you get which country ours, us, you have to stay. Okay. Once you, so you decide you’re gonna defile the rules, go ahead. Take her to next. So in a year. But has she left and come back in that year or not? Yes. Okay. So she got two friends. We received the, the, the notice been approved. It’s, we’re sending, we’re mailing your card. Right. Okay. Why, why they need two. Okay. Anyway, so they get that. And then she also got an emergency advance parole. ’cause her daughter was having surgery.

00:16:59:16 –> 00:18:15:19
So she’s flew home and she flew home. She’s got documents that she doesn’t even came back. She has documents like Right. Lots and lots of documents. She also has like, part of it comes in here and part of it comes in there. So she’s got a social security card, she’s got a work, you know, permit card, like they’re hard cards with all of her info on it. Everything. And so three in September we got the paperwork that said you’ve been approved for advanced parole, you’re okay to travel between the, the cart’s coming. Yeah. Between September and it’s like, Ja, the end of January. Right. 2023. So you’re approved for that four month period Yeah. To go wherever you want to go. To go wherever. Yeah. To go wherever. Unless you get covid, you pick, put in a prison all and they’re thinking that her card should be done, you know, coming that her dream card should be coming soon. Anyway, so she went to France back and to get in, she showed him the paper. No problems. We got back in, she got back in. And anyway, so we go to Cancun, we’re at the airport flying home and the airline is like, ah, there’s a problem with these paperwork. You know, and it’s, it’s New Year’s, or not New Year’s, it’s Christmas, the day after Christmas, holiday, everything crazy.

00:18:15:27 –> 00:19:22:19
And so the, the gate gate, they want some more of your money, John the gate’s like, no, you can’t go. So I’ve got kids that have to be home, teenage kids, school and college. And so divide and call Jen’s like, well I’ll stay with my mom and you go home. So I’ve got a wife and mother-in-law stuck. And how many days has that been in Mexico alone? Four or five days. So yeah, that’s been five days so far. Well, with no end in sight. Yeah. With no end in sight. So then so you gotta wait for this card to be Yeah. Delivered to your house and maybe you get an airline ticket and go hand deliver them the card. I don’t know. Yeah, well the card’s lost. The other problem is with the awesome immigration session system, they can at the computer and see, look, yes, everything is approved. But but you don’t have the card with you. But they can see. Yes. And you have the paper that said you were approved. The card is coming in the mail. And his point, his point is, why don’t you have the card? Yeah. And your point is, because never, it never came. But it’s okay. We, we are in limbo. And they said it was okay. And he’s like, yeah, I don’t believe you. He’s like, except the system’s so bad. I submitted. So we waited for a month. It didn’t come.

00:19:23:01 –> 00:20:39:07
You submit a request that says, Hey, this is missing. And it says we’ll be back to you within two months with a response. That two months came and went and it was before our trip. No response whatsoever. It’s just crazy. And then you try to call and since I’ve done it so much, they’re like, I’ve learned a few keywords. Otherwise you can’t even get past the automated system. And what, what’s a good, what’s a keyword? Call ’em safe words. So yeah, there’s a couple chest pain. Yeah. I mean there’s some keywords that you’re, you’ve taught. Yeah. Yes. That hospital, if you wanna get, if you wanna get right in, you just say I, my heart, ah, my heart, my heart. I, I’m having a little chest pain. Yeah. John’s got a lot of keywords that he uses. So anyway, bathroom pro. So yeah, one of them is free pass and anyway is free. He’s one. Yeah. And, and then you can finally, but they put you in, in like a line and it’ll say you’ve been holding for two minutes, you know there’s five people ahead of you participated. Yeah. You go down and then they keep coming back and it’s five people, four people, three people, two people. You’re the next in line. And then it goes, three people click. Oh, if you would like to continue holding press one. You press one, you are the 10th person in line.

00:20:39:12 –> 00:22:09:06
It starts over, you go through this. And I just keep pushing. Okay. I want to keep holding, keep holding. It goes through like seven rounds. Jesus. You’re on hold for an hour. Bottom line that finally didn’t come. You went to Mexico. Yeah. And a certain individual worked for the United States. Yes. Immigration, not, this is the Mexico, supposedly Customs and Border patrol. Yeah. Tells the gate agent. Nope, they don’t have the card, you know, no luck. So, and you got a US senator? I come home. Yeah. And, and I, I, I went to college with a, with one of the Utah senators, who knows. Anyway, Senator Mike Lee from Utah hooks me up with his office. There’s a, a specialist within that office. And she’s like, okay, I’ll check into the case. She calls customs and Border Patrol sends us an email back and Customs and Border Patrol told her with all the information we we’re, whoever they called, it wasn’t us. You, you know, your mother-in-Law. Your point is fine. Lemme get on my cell phone right now. Yeah. Is totally fine to travel until January 19th. And so after, after, after which, what happens, which is where your original notification Yeah. You go after which her other paperwork supposedly should be done. And, but if I have a feeling we’re gonna be on a podcast on Ja January 19th. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. So I just have, I have a couple of questions.

00:22:09:18 –> 00:23:18:07
I quit talking John. I feel bad. Well, I do too. I do too. But, but we gotta bring in a little bit of fun because it’s hard to talk about this hard stuff. I just wanna know, like, like what, what’s the credit card limit of the card your wife has right now? It’s pretty, it’s pretty high right now. Okay. Well I had to switch some funds over. Okay. So And what’s the penalty of denying some charges? Okay. No. And then there’s a lot of mother-in-law jokes, dude. And well, hey, I’m telling you this point, I would pay anything to get her back. To get her back. Yeah. Being at home alone, miss I’m not very good. Yeah. Just because you miss her. Why? Yeah. There’s a lot, there’s a lot of dudes That’d be like Mother-in-Law. A ah, like I’m doing it all. I can, I do it all I can. I’m chew. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. My heart goes out to you. I’m about to walk down there myself. I’m, I’m, I’m driving up to Senator Mike Lee’s office right now. I really, really like being married. He’s coming home and not, I mean and what for? Everything’s falling apart. Have you had a, have you had a cold bowl of soup? There’s a lot of dudes are like, man, I, it’s a lot of cereal and like talk about cereal for lunch. The kids are like, what are we having?

00:23:18:09 –> 00:24:38:15
And I don’t know, what do you want now? And then like, my wife’s a nurse and so like all that’s taken care of. The kids are like getting rashes and saying, dad, what should I do? And I’m like, I don’t know. Scratch it. Rub some oil on it. I don’t know. 10 40 here, let’s go to the emergency room. Just everything runs a lot better. Maxed out. I can’t pay the copay. Okay. This America, they don’t anai anybody. Well anyway, so kind of to wrap the story up. So we, we have the letter open. It’s open from the senator’s office and, and it also says if the airline will not let you on, we’ll organize, she can go to a land border crossing and we’ll escort her across. She has permission to travel and come back. They take the letter, the airlines and keep it. No, well I, we made several copies or I told her to. So then they get there like an hour and a half going back and forth them trying to like phone off, figure it out. Right? And they get customs, him and border patrol on the phone and they’re arguing back and forth and he’s like, I don’t care if they don’t have a card, I don’t care. So then they finally let my wife talk to him and he’s the biggest jerk.

00:24:39:19 –> 00:25:42:22
And he’s like, well I see here in the computer that she’s been approved and the card was mailed. If you don’t have it, that’s too bad for you. Wow. Like, just like, screw you. And then she’s got an accent. So he’s like, you’re not really a, a citizen. She’s like, I em a citizen and I have a passport. And he’s like, oh, he’s profiling. Oh yeah. I mean, you know. Oh yeah. A lot of Americans have accents now and I can throw one on. So it just, just crazy. And then he said, yeah, and if you try to go to a land border crossing, I’m gonna put a note in here that you’re not getting across. Wow. Even though you got a note from US Senator. I think I tried. Anyway, he’s like, I don’t care about the US Senator John, we’re gonna have to do a rescue up your operation. So Yeah, yeah. Alright. For all you listeners, if you don’t hear another podcast in that’s seven to 10 days, we’ve gone dark, got a covert up and everybody I talked to is like, just go smuggler across, you know, nobody cares if they walk across. And I’m like, yeah, I got, we’ve had podcasts about Mexican prisons before. Can can, can French people swim? John? Yeah. I don’t know. Yeah, pretty good.

00:25:42:29 –> 00:27:03:25
But I mean, I mean I’ve got, I got Shark and Festival, two tiny French women down alone in Mexico with a, with an Amer, a black American express guard. Yeah. John, your problems are just starting boss. I’m starting to feel worse about my problems. Oh boy. My life is good compared to, I, I kind of wondering what I’m eating tonight. I’m gonna have to ask Jenna. Yeah, yeah. And then yeah, she’s not there and you’re like, I don’t dunno. I’m just, yeah. It’s all fun and games for about three days. Just saying like, I get to, I get to own myself for about three days. Yeah. Then you’re like, then I’m okay. She comes, I gotta be owned again. I don’t wanna be told what to do. Just tell me then being married is really, really awesome. I Did you make your own bed? No. Oh. Then we, we come back. Both flights are delayed. They lost our luggage. And so there was a guy who drove our luggage from Vegas to here, which is almost three hours. A random guy a service, it’s called bags of Nevada bag for us. So he called and he’s like, I ran into construction, you know, in the gorge. So what? I’m not gonna be there till 2:00 AM. No. And so I’m like, he’s like, do you want your bags? I’m like, yeah, I want my bags. What do you mean anyway? What you mean? Yeah, keep coming. Alright.

00:27:03:25 –> 00:28:18:22
Yeah, keep coming. So anyway, I, I did stay at the office and, and worked until he got here at two, so he wouldn’t have to find my house. I didn’t even know there was these services out there. They they’ll ship it to your house. Yeah, but I thought that that was true. I thought that was for UPS or something. Wow. I didn’t know it was like a courier. Oh yeah, it’s like a courier. So for two, for three bags, one dude had to drive from Vegas. Do you pay for that or do No. Oh geez. I didn’t know. No, they, yeah. That’s expensive. Yeah. All right. Yeah. All right. Anyway, let’s end on that. Let’s, yeah, let’s talk about hunting. Let’s go back to hunting. Yeah. Hey, it’s, you said, let’s, you segued. Well, let’s have some fun for a minute. Let’s, it is interesting talking about somebody else’s problems, but geez, they’re starting to get to become ours every down. We’re all, we’re all partners in all things, right? Yeah. Anyway, except for this one. Most things hug your kids and wives. Yeah. Geez. Have your food storage. I mean, might have to live off it. Don’t, don’t leave the states, bro. Yeah. Don’t leave the states. I don’t know. Well, what, whatever. Okay. It is in all seriousness. Now have a happy new year. Be safe this weekend. What are they doing? Are women and children, what are they doing?

00:28:19:01 –> 00:29:36:24
Well, they’re just, they got a, they got a hotel downtown. Can’t leave it alone. I mean, like, I just like, so yeah, they’re at this all inclusive resort. No, John is actually beautiful out here. It’s beautiful. Well, one of the cheaper hotels is still like 180 a night, you know. Is it snowing there, John? Yeah. Yeah. It’s cold and bitter. Alright, we’ll we’ll keep trying to work on this that way. Snow. Bitter cold. I mean, it was 20 this morning. Whoa. That’s terrible. John, make sure you feed the dogs. Yeah. That’s another wow, by the way. Oh, you got dog problems. Oh, what I tell you. Like, and I gotta run kids like, it’s hard. Like Yeah, being lifeless really sucks. I’m feeling like we need to let you outta this podcast room so you can go get some, some stuff, get some grocery stocked up, buy some candles and batteries and supplies. Dog. Get Beck food. Maybe we’ll get Becky and Janet or in hand or something. I don’t know. All right. Mentioning the dogs. All right. So I have one dog that just loves my wife. Just she, he doesn’t care. Starts bawling all night long about anybody else she wants. So I go pick, I go pick it up. We had somebody take care of the dog while we’re gone. She’s not with us. I go pick, I go pick up the dogs. She’s freaking out. He’s, he’s super happy.

00:29:37:04 –> 00:30:53:16
He, he’s super happy. We have a female and a and a male. Anyway, he’s super happy. And we go home, he goes in the house, he goes to every room looking for checks for you, runs. And then she’s not there. He comes out, looks at me like, what did you do to her? And now he will not eat. No kidding. Unless I hand feed it to him. Come on. And he’s just like throwing a fit. USOB. You did something to her. Where is she buried? Yeah, I’ll dig her up. I would like put food in the corner and be like, don’t eat. I don’t care. Don’t eat. Well I mean this dog, I’m in trouble if the dog dies before she could talk. I was gonna say the way, this is how, the reality is, Jen FaceTimes John in the morning said, Hey, FaceTime me and FaceTime me watching you feed the dog. I wanna see him eat from your hand. Now is he getting nourishment? Show me George. Show me proof of life, right? Pretty much. Yeah. John, I, I’m sorry but wow. I, I like talking about other, I start, I like talking about other people’s issues just because No, it’s making me uncomfortable though because we’re, we’re one border control agent away from, from having the same problem. They always say, you be glad that you got your own problem. So that right now, John, I’m just aboutt places with me.

00:30:54:03 –> 00:31:57:16
Don’t I just want to go home and watch football and drink pop and eat pistachios trying the feed. Yeah. So there’s lots of going on here at the office. Whoa. Where are you going? I, I don’t know, I just making me nervous. I’m just thinking about all the calls we get and some of the, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about Wyoming, elk, little bit on Arizona, mostly, you know, Wyoming, Arkansas, hot topic and people are looking to book hunts. Of course, you know, some of these states bro. And you can tell, you can tell, we call it forcing the draw. And you can tell when you can get drawn, you know, for example, preference points in Colorado. You can look at ’em, say if I have five deer points, here’s my options. Right. You kind of plan a hunt and we’ve got that going on with Montana as well. You get the, you know, the new system, you get an outfitter point and a regular point when you go into apply maximum of three. But really the drawing hunts are pretty darn good and dang near a hundred percent with two. And so guys are booking hunts based off of that. Yeah. Especially last year when they added that outfitter point in Montana, it, it basically meant you can, it was 97%, wasn’t it? In the Yeah. 97 big game combo elk or big game.

00:31:58:02 –> 00:32:56:00
So like yeah, even going into the draw this year was zero. You can, if you two points, if you didn’t, if yeah, you can get a couple of points and draw and you, and it’s very unique in the fact that you get points as you apply and they’re good for this current draw. Montana gets you two where normally you go in with zero, you come out with one or two. Yeah. Or two, you know, that would make sense. But what it’s doing is making people book up way sooner. Even though the Montana deadline’s not until April one. Geez they, they’ve got outfitters of general, they’re booked. That’s right. And so there’s a lot of ’cause of predictability. So, and so the booking season, let’s call it a booking season is generally December through February is really heavy when people are trying to book hunts and get something at least something planned. And so there’s an option also. You can look at the points you have in Wyoming for elk and maybe it’s a general, we got a lot of outfitters that are working on the general, if you have four points or five points, that might be an option for you if you have 10 to 15 points plus why there’s a whole new set of options. Right. And we’re helping guys Yeah. On the daily. Yeah.

00:32:56:00 –> 00:33:59:19
And we’re getting the calls too, like we’ve probably talked about here with is, is Wyoming gonna be going to the 90 10 split for deer, oak and Antelope plate? They did down the once in a lifetime species. Well, we don’t know yet. It’s very possible the task force and others, you know, resident groups in Wyoming are pushing for that. I, I don’t have the answer for that. But the fact that it could change, yeah. If you’re on the brink of drawing something, you know, if you read our January magazine, we say that pretty much over and over, try to use ’em if you can within reason. You can’t burn every single point in Wyoming the same year plus anything else you wanna do in other states. But overall, yeah, so it’s elevated Wyoming even higher. It’s always the busy one. ’cause it’s the first thing to start talking about and applying for January one when it opens up. But it’s even more so they’re also talking about potentially changing the point system from preference to like a weighted point system. For example, you know, like Nevada system squared, square, square, your points get X amount of names in the hat and the, and then you select randomly drawn after just random drawn, no preference, no 75, 20 5% split.

00:33:59:25 –> 00:35:01:25
Now if that, if that passes as it’s kind of been thrown around now, would take effect right away take effect for like four years after was to get people that were under the current system a chance to play by the current rules a little bit longer, blah, blah blah. But there’s, there’s a lot brewing and who knows, maybe not done with that talking about that in Colorado or other places down the road. But that’s, that’s, those are some of the things that we’re not gonna, we’re gonna hash out, you know, both in the magazine but also in individual case by case basis. We’re trying to, trying to get people drawn, you know, it’s not just put in for the draws and see what happens. Try to go on hunts. That’s right. Anyway, there’s guys too looking at their points in Arizona and if you’ve got 10 plus elk points or whatever, you’ve got some options. And now we’re not saying you got options at some of the best units and the best seasons, but you do have options. You’re starting to get options and we have guys saying, well what are my options? And maybe what is my long-term plan? What states would you hold for just the, the holy grail, something super special, all the while I still want to go hunting once or twice a year. And so we’re looking at that.

00:35:01:27 –> 00:36:06:00
Those are, you know, you could potentially force a draw in Arizona or even Nevada with a modest 10 plus deer points or something. You could potentially force a draw. The odds are in your favor when they, you know, like some of these archery units that are not the best in the state. Yeah. Or early season rifle deer in some places. That’s right. You float it with a hundred extra names in the hat so to speak with 10 points squared. You can’t ever say you’re guaranteed, but if you look at the law of probability and the way it shakes out, everybody over nine or 10 always draws with that number points, you know? That’s right. Yeah. So it doesn’t mean it will happen, but you can kind of anticipate other, the hard, hard to draw deer, elk, not so much. You can have 20 plus and still, you know, you know, not even not gonna get drawn and guy with five draws. So that’s just a locker and luck of the draw. But we deal with these scenarios every day. You know, it’s what we deal with as, as consultants here at Epic Outdoors. We’ve got a bunch of us here to, you know, take calls and try to help you get the most out of our service and your points in the states. So anyway, if you’re not a member, consider finally joining. It’s that time, you know, you won’t miss a state issue.

00:36:06:16 –> 00:37:04:23
Get beginning with the January one through June. We’ll cover all the states monthly. We’ll cover two to three states each month. But we’ll, we’ll cover ’em in the order that the regulations become final and then we can cover them and get that stuff in the magazine. We don’t cover ’em too far ahead of time, just ’cause it’s convenient and have old data. We don’t have last year’s stuff and regurgitate, we’re gonna have this year’s information, current stuff, anything that’s changed, current year’s, dates, all of that in there. We also have our membership drive going on right now. So if you’re not a member, you get an entry in for one of the hunts of your choice. Or if you are a member and wanna refer somebody that’s not, or that always bugs you, you know, for information and you think it’s time for them to get their own, you can refer them and have them join or buy a gift subscription for them. Get another name in the hat for that too. I like it. Yeah. And part of the members, there’s a lot of guys that say we give out too much information on the podcast and I don’t, I don’t agree with ’em. No, they, if they think this is, is a lot, we don’t even, we don’t even go there compared to what’s that? They, they think this is a lot. Well, you call us on the phone, you’re gonna get a lot.

00:37:04:23 –> 00:38:20:09
Yeah. And, and I feel like there’s, there’s quite a difference between the podcast versus, you know, members that call in and really go over their short-term, midterm long-term strategies. And so also, yeah, data is data, you know. Yeah. Drawing odds are drawing odds and yeah, you can get drawing odds in lots of places, but we put our spin on and, and our projections and our comments on these units and, and we’re out there doing it nonstop, I don’t know, dozens of hunts each year for compounded over 20 to 30 years I think makes a difference. Yeah. And I think if you’re not familiar with, you know, what we do, just relate it to like a financial advisor for hunting. And so you can call in, we’ll go over your specific case and, and opportunities you’re missing and what you should do with your points and, and what you should do on, like Jason said, short term, mid midterm, long-term, kind of your plan. I think we should get paid like financial advisors, but then some of ’em jump outta windows and I don’t really wanna do that either. So anyway, I don’t know. That’s about where we’re at. Bronson, can you think of any, why tell No, I’m, I’m texting my financial planner, Don, to remind me. I didn’t, I gotta make a contribution. Hey, seriously. Hey, I saw him lunch yesterday and I didn’t do it. So you just remind me to text.

00:38:20:14 –> 00:39:25:28
You can make contributions in March and April. I know, but I just wanted off my to do list. Alright, well also there’s whitetails, we got whitetail guys that are killing some big deer and I, I don’t know, maybe it’s the, the state of the mule deer that makes me think we should change over in star hunts. Big whitey. I, I don’t know, but Bronson, I’m gonna book you a white tail hunt in Kansas. Well, you can do anything if you want, anything you want if you’re paying for it. I think you were on board with that this morning. I said you go first. I think it was my exact words, don’t try it out. Hey, I have a hard for the same reason what you’ve killed about what reason two white tills in your life. And I think I’ve killed two that I can recall and I’m, I’m sure I’m right, a big one and I don’t, I don’t, it’s hard to break free from hunting mule deer in early November. It’s really hard to, to say I’m not gonna do go hunt a mule deer or two. Part of that is just the investment we have personally in our mule deer hunts versus a white tail. Are you gonna go out and run the cameras for the white tail? Are you gonna No, not, we don’t have the time. Watch him grow and become a man. Right. And here, here we get to do that.

00:39:25:29 –> 00:40:28:22
Yeah. Yeah. It’s partly that and partially the time. If you wanna hunt the rutt, you’re gonna hunt, you know, late October for the first couple weeks of November, then you get, you know, when that’s over, you start getting into Thanksgiving. I, I mean I’ve done it, I’ve done it in early December before, a couple different times and it’s doable. It’s just something’s gotta give to go do that. Something else is not happening back here. And, and I haven’t made it a big priority, but we always just drill at big white tails just like any other thing. Big. But you want, you want a few of them on your wall, you really do. Like with 12 inch eye guards, it’s split. Yeah. You have basal points everywhere. You they don’t get that. No. Got 12 inch eye guards is split. They don’t do that. No. No they don’t. So anyway. All right, well that’s about it. Do we need to go over this giveaway? We got it down, Logan. We can go over it one more time if you want. Just to get it down in your mind. Yeah, yeah. It was pretty, it was pretty chaotic there for a second. What did, what did, what did we settle on? Remind us all. So you got a post, a picture from your trail cam this last season in your feed. Tag us epic optics, epic hunts, both, whatever.

00:40:29:01 –> 00:41:43:09
And then use the hashtag epic cam contest to make sure you get entered. We will post it on our stories one winner with the most likes off of our story. We’ll get three trail cameras and then we’ll randomly select two other trail camera winners. How long do they have ’em to enter? How, where, where do we set the deadline do you think? What’s next? Friday, January 6th. Yeah, January 6th. So from now until then. And so we wait until everything’s been posted on their walls and then you’ll go through and then post, post them on our story. Yeah. And then the likes on our story, you’re gonna have to record on the 23rd hour to figure So everybody has a fair shake. Yes, that’s right. Okay. Okay. Yeah, that’s a lot of work on your end. You gotta come up job with an easier weight job security. Geez. Hey, you got job security boss. Hey, that’s what I have to hear. Anybody that’s employed at Epic January through June pretty well has job security. Okay. They see blood, sweat, and tears be, you know, shed, I mean, seriously, it’s the truth. You’re in trenches. It’s the truth. Yep. All right. Well, Bronson, do we have anything else we wanna throw out? No, I think that’s it. So yeah, that’s it. Send in your phone. Well have, have a good new year. Yeah. Better than I’m gonna have John. I, I already know what’s gonna happen.

00:41:43:27 –> 00:43:00:21
Oh, I, well, should I say it on the air? I, I don’t know. No, I don’t know. I don’t know. John’s gonna make a fake card and drive and fly it down there. John. John, if anybody could do it, I, I did think about going and escorting them across the, you know, the border, but they’re not on the American border. If they came illegally, huh? Now everything would be fine. If what? Say that again. Like, if they came me illegally, it came illegally. Like there’s no, you know, there’s no easy way to do it legally. Now just pick a, pick an area that the Trump wall wasn’t finished. Yeah. And that’s, anyway, the containers. That’s stupid. The containers. Containers, yeah. But I don’t know that the containers have all fully been set. Yeah. I mean there’s places we can Google earth that and figure out where the gaps are. Yeah. It’s just ridiculous though. If, anyway, which I’m not gonna do for the record on the podcast. I’m not gonna do that. But on, it’ll give ons being used for the gaps in the wall. Yeah. I mean, it’ll probably give us problems later. But anyway, that’s Well, to, to do it all legally. What? It’s, it’s a big what It’s all over with. You can joke. Yeah. You know, if it’s after New Year’s, you can joke you kept your wife in Mexico for two years. Let’s Hey, see you next year, everybody. All right.