This is not your typical Epic Outdoors Podcast. In this episode we call up our Friends Tyler Gilson and Dusty White to get the inside scoop on their 2022 Utah Mule Deer and the experiences they had do not dissapoint. We also give a shout out to long time Epic friend Chris Lacey, an artist and avid hunter who can paint literally anything he puts his mind to. We also mention the new Utah DWR Guidelines for Shed Hunting/Antler Gathering in 2023. The full press release can be viewed here.

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Anything to do with Western big Games. Welcome to the Epic Outdoors Podcast, powered by Under Armour. Hey everybody. Jason Carter. Adam Bronson. Josh Pollock coming at you from Southern Utah. Snowy Southern Utah. Tu freaking got water ripping down the streets, oozing out of the snow as it melts. Bronson, how exciting is that? Just keeps getting better. I know that. We’re excited about it. We’re fired up about it. Although it’s kind of bummed Josh out. Josh, they’ve implemented a shed season today. I, I was just gonna say, I thought in southern Utah we didn’t have snow on Dear Winter range. Apparently we do nowhere. You haven’t lived long enough. Josh, you are kind of young. How old are you? I’ll be 42 here in a couple. Okay. Well we had snow Priority when you were born. Okay. That’s the one thing we’ve been talking about is people as we age and whatnot. You know, the older generation remembers what deer, elk, whatever populations were, could be whatever, mostly deer. But as the new biologists come up and through the ranks, sometimes I wonder if they’re not, they don’t remember that we had deer. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like real numbers of deer. Yeah. You’ve talked about that.

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I, I mean, we’ve talked about it before, but that’s, I remember when I was a kid, it was like in the early nineties and it was pretty bad, so I felt like it was pretty good a few years ago and thought you were doing something. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And the old timers, I mean, they, they if you only knew, if you only knew. Yeah. Can’t even get ’em excited about doing it right now. No. Even we’re excited. New Year brings excitement, but read, read a little bit about that for the people that maybe don’t know what we’re talking about, Carter. Yeah. So let’s see. Everybody’s kind of talking about it. It seems like, of course it’s all over social media and if it’s on social media, it’s true. And it happened. So here it is. DWR implemented implements, emergency statewide restriction for shut out hunting to help protect Winter and Game in Utah. So it’s happening right now, Utah Division. Yet today, Utah Division Wildlife Resources announced statewide emergency closures. Shed hunting Tuesday today in an effort to help wintering big game, particularly deer populations. And our gathering restrictions are effective. February seven through April 30th, 2023 across Utah, including both private and public. How about that? It’s a good thing you pick one up, A buck, a buck across the road in front of me this morning. It’s a good thing you didn’t drop one on the road or what would you have done?

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We would’ve had the rigra here at the door knocking this morning. You’d have been fine until you saw this and then you would be driving home with in your truck. And there’s probably something along the lines of intent. Did you intend to break the law? Well, is there, I don’t know. Did you intend to go 90 miles an hour or did it just happen? Sometimes it just happens. Let’s face it. Nobody’s gonna suspect you think they let you off because you said I didn’t mean to go that fast. Also, I think they let me off because I have a concealed weapon permit and I’m one of them. Really? I would protect them. Oh wow. Dude. I don’t know why. Hey, I’ve been let off a lot. Double in city limits at 2:00 AM with a trailer. I was worried, so I just took your truck and the trailer got it cleaned up and I took it up. What are we doing? You’re gonna announce the fact that we got a ding New Year two. No, I just borrowed your keys. I didn’t tell you what it was for, but I decided to go spray the trailer off and I actually thought of that. I was coming back, you know, right there by the hospital. There’s that speed trap didn’t temp to get Yeah. By the, oh yeah, by that skate park or whatever.

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And I was kind of coming a little hot just ’cause I was trying to get back here so we could deal to the berm and, and then I was like, oh geez, I gotta slow down right here. And there was a cop on the other end. Oh yeah. And saw going truck. I was going like 35. But then I was thinking about it, I was like, I’m done. You would not get pulled over. And I was thinking, I’m gonna run like a test right here. Either I gonna pulled over, you either going outta jail or you’re not, not even getting pulled over. I’m got a get outta jail free card because I’m in this power wagon. Smiled and waved. I, that’s all I did. Any, any go, any exemptions to that Jason? No. Since they’ve been monitoring the condition of the deer as well as snow depths and winter temperatures crossed Utah since early December, these monitoring efforts include body condition health assessments conducted. And they find that deer are gonna be amazingly big this year. Sorry, I added that. Okay. During the beginning captures and take the take take place. Each December, biologists measure and record overall deer condition, body fat levels and fond weights and the animals going into the winter. Biologists also place GPS collars on deer to monitor animal migrations and to find their sheds. Okay.

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I’m just teasing that data from these monitoring efforts and GPS tracking show that extreme cold increased snow pack across the state are starting to impact mild deer fond survival rates and may negatively impact the ability of the adult deer to survive the winter. I don’t know. Well, I think what’s, I think Northern Utah’s got a problem and we don’t want all the shed hunters down here, so they just did it statewide. That’s, that’s what I feel like. Pretty, so that’s just it. I remember they didn’t say that, but that’s, that’s what I’m reading the interpretation. I remember last time there was a shed closure. I may or may not have known the biologist that was covering the gon at the time. Okay. Yeah. And I remember, I think I remember him too. And I remember driving down the road and last name Pollock and he, he met and as a biologist working for the agency, I didn’t even know it was gonna happen. Like I saw, I saw it on social media and I was like, you gotta be kidding me. And I’m driving to Canna at that time. And that time you were, you were gonna wildlife, you were headed down there to wildlife? No, I was go pick up a collar of a dead deer on one of these dead winter kill deer that we just read about. Okay. And, and there was, there was a lot of snow down there.

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There was easy afoot across the sands and all that stuff. You were yourself, man, we gotta keep people off this. Shed about start to hitting the ground and then you go home. Yeah. And you gotta, well that was bad way you guys, I found out that’s back with you and your cronies would drive cross country. So I had it all to myself anyway, so I went, I went down there and as I was going down there, I saw it was somebody called me an Instagram post, similar to just how this was. I was like, you gotta be kidding me. So I made a couple phone calls. I’m like, we’re gonna have everybody and their dog down here now. Yeah. And the deer aren’t in that much. I mean it’s canna, it’s warmer and that kind of thing, but there was a lot of snow. And so you just, it’s almost like you have to do a statewide So they made it statewide then? Yeah. So after that, it wasn’t because of me by any means, but it was a collective decision. Just like it’s, it’s everybody’s gonna go to the gon and the stuff like that and just hammer everything south by. Well this is gonna impact local economies. I mean, you’re gonna buy a lot less fuel. Let’s put it this way, May 1st, Snickers Kit Kats, you know, monsters May 1st is gonna be like an Easter egg hunt on steroids.

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Oh, I remember last time it was a nightmare. And those that wanna just go do it are gonna be by themselves. Can you imagine somebody, people that are out Turkey hunting that day? Just, I’m hunting turkeys, I’m hunting turkeys. You get crushed down here in the sand. Yes sir. I’ve seen a Turkey here. What’s that? Outta your, in your backpack. It’s a stick. Rattling it in a big tom. Yeah. I’m rattling in. Turkeys brought this from home. There’s gonna be, oh man, a lot of Turkey hunters out there. They’re spending a lot of extra trying, trying to pattern pattern turkeys find for their friends, tracking. They wouldn’t even have a tag, but for their friends that might have attack. Yeah. A lot of help guiding Turkey hunts and self. Oh, whatever they can think of, it’ll happen. That’s right. Lot of people in these type of conditions. Lot of people, yeah. It goes on in these type of conditions. Big game animals are weakened and highly vulnerable to repeated human cause disturbances. You know what? Quite frankly I used to not think that was a thing, but it’s a thing. You know what I mean? I mean, guys just won’t leave anything alone. We just got done with the Western, her conservation expo this weekend. A lot of people in northern Utah and southern Wyoming talking about that. The people just won’t leave ’em alone. Whether they’re just trying to get video pictures, whatever.

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It’s just relentless. And I don’t know, it’s, it’s probably needed. We’ve gotta try to think about it from that standpoint and not that big buck in Wyoming and just, you got people out and about, even out of their vehicles and go get the most trying to get perfect mug. Shaw world class, all natural, whatever. So sun, sun in his eyes, wind in his face, picture on the skyline running away from you. Looking away. Both away, looking away from me if his air’s pinned back. So just friends on both sides and in the front, all, everybody flanking him. I mean, geez, it’s unbelievable what people go to. So there it is. Be careful in Utah at here. Or beware. How about that? Temporary restrictions also apply to looking for horns and antlers still attached to the skull plate of deceased animal. I mean, they’ve gotta spell it out because as a Utah guy, you’re gonna find every little nook and cranny in hole into this thing. Right? If you’re out hunting turkeys, you better have a tag. It’s gonna kind of be like hunting bears in places that you can’t even be there with a dog unless you have a kill permit. Yeah. I don’t know. I wonder what the, I wonder speaking, let’s say, I mean, wonder what they do to somebody if they got caught. I wonder what they do. Okay. Somebody else find, be nice. They take all, oh, what are you looking for?

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Deer. You got a deer shed in your pack. Kay. Your deer points go to zero. Awesome. Yeah. Good. Good idea. That’d be kind of cool, huh? Never know. Hey, speaking of game and fish loss, we need to make a retraction. Oh yeah. Oh no, we don’t need to. We want to. Okay. Hey, we own this thing. We don’t have to do any of that. A week or two ago, I think we talked about, we jokingly talked about you or me, New Mexico. You, you said this. It did, it did. It came out loud and fast. Said that New Mexico kind of is one step above all Mexico. And it Well, and a lot of things go down there. And that that’s, and that’s, and we, we joked and said that that isn’t always true because they took away scopes on muzzle loaders and that was so isn’t always true. And they do, we also talked about trail camera laws. We talked about being one of the last great states and there’s not a lot of regulation great and everything anyway. It’s not true. So we said, yeah, you can run cameras, cellular, whatever’s legal, da da. Right? No. Nope. Cellulars are not legal. So, so anyway, during the hunting system, I was kind of shocked. But I’m, for one, I’m grateful that I’ve never run a cellular camera down there. And again, maybe that’s, it goes back to the intent. I did not intend to break the law.

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But anyway, it says here, use of any cellular wifi or satellite camera for the purpose of hunting or scouting remotely for any big game animal is illegal. So doesn’t have a season either. It just sells for the purpose. Purpose. Oh, don’t be running any cellulars unless you are a cattleman or something like that. Okay. So we apologize to new anybody New Mexico that we don’t hunt there regularly. I’ve never run cameras there. So obviously we just assumed because it was one of the, and sometimes we’re just talking, this is the last great, sometimes we’re just talking fast. I’m shocked for one, I for one was shocked. Yeah. That there’s a law about that. I don’t know why. I didn’t even know other than we don’t run cameras. Really? Yeah, we don’t. I’ve run a few regular cameras down there, like in unit 23 for elk. Years ago ago. Yeah. Years and years ago. That was probably before Sailers even a thing. Film cameras back then. Well, yeah. Remember those 35 millimeters anyway, 36 exposure. Yeah. 36 exposure. One hour Walmart and if, and then you could go to Walmart and say, I don’t think they turned out like I like And they don’t make you pay for ’em. I mean it was so dumb. Geez. Grass blowing for 36. Yeah. Exposures. Yeah. I don’t see an Tweety bird. Nope. These didn’t work out right? Yeah.

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So your development labs something wrong with it anyway, I’m just saying back in the day, whatever. Glad, glad. Technology came a little ways, but we have never really run a retraction before Bronson. But we also wanna say out loud, we are not the rules and regulations. Be sure you know the rules before you go. If you read our magazine, we say that very clearly on the bottom of the start of every state, disclaimer, do not use, we are not responsible for when you were in jail. Right. This represents the, the opinions of Epic outdoors that should not be used to construed, to replacement of the regulations or hey, geez, anything like that. Who needs, who needs legalese when we got Bronson to spell it out for us. One more thing that we need to make a attraction for. I mean, come on. That’s what you had a doctor call you out on the Z-Pak and that being an antibiotic. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Well, what I mean, okay, so I thought Z-Pak were just glorified vitamins supposedly. I guess it’s really an antibiotic. Having said that, they make you feel good and they pump you up. So whatever. I I So you were corrected that? It was funny. He just started laughing and he’s like, I’m just, ah, you know, I laugh. I’m a doctor, they’re not vitamins. And I heard you talk about Z pex and quite frankly that’s an antibiotic.

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So you need to, you know, that you need prescription and get the, you know, don’t just stick. He’s just told me to stay in my lane. That’s right. He’s a good guy. I was appreciative. Make it was, it made me, made me laugh for a little while. So. So you threw away your prescription pad? Well kind of. You know, you know everybody’s got a doctor on speed dial. So anyway, interesting. Good stuff. Been exciting. Couple weeks. I don’t know when we were on here last, but it has, yeah, before the expo. It’s a great show. Saw was good lot, a lot of people. It was amazing. Unbelievable. It getting bigger and bigger and bigger. What I can’t believe is how many people I saw that you didn’t, you saw that. I didn’t. And Wyatt saw that. Neither of us saw, I don’t know where they go. And Josh people, it was crazy. So the one we’re locked in and talking to somebody, there’s a lot of else going on and it’s a lot of people, a lot of money raised for wildlife. And here in a day or two gonna be 200 happy people. Yeah, I’m excited about that. The draw results. Yeah, we’ll see For the two load a hundred tags, I think the odds are actually pretty good. What do you think, did you get your name in for a few of those? Logan too. I got a name in a few of ’em.

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Good for sure. Turkey antelope. Hey, I love, love it. Hey Turkey. Conservation permits this year in Utah. Probably gonna be off the chart. It gives you a legal reason to be out there in April in the field. Come on Bronson. Why are you giving people, I’m not buying one. I’m just saying no a legal reason. But the, the intent is to shed hunt. They are in the wrong, if they do that, you, you’re right. But you’re packing a gun. You have a right to be in the field. And I think they made a law in one of these states. I don’t dare to say which ones have to do another retraction, but something about Rhode Island, you can’t shoot ’em out of the, out of the roost. Oh, well that’s a, that’s a general law everywhere. But somebody had to do that. Well I think a lot of it is they’re shooting hours and then you’ve, if they’ve roost and you can, it’s just unethical to shoot one where they’d want sleep. I mean, for the night. And it does like the old, the 20 yard fall and bounces off the ground. I mean, come on. There’s like 30 of ’em there doesn’t feel weird. There’s 30 sometimes. But I guess they had to make a lawn. I I actually should Google that ’cause it was actually, you’ve teed this next one out. Perfect for be guarded. This is occasionally I write something down.

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It’s one of the funniest things I heard all week and I, this was one of those things. Speaking of Turkeys Carter this week. I wrote it down, I don’t remember. It was five, six days ago. I’m gonna start writing stuff down. Well, alright. He says it was right up against the, the beloved elk deadline in, in Wyoming that we’re grateful is over with by the way. But I think wasn’t the Turkey deadline the same day Turkey deadline? Same day Turkey deadline for For Wyoming. For Wyoming. It was the same time. And Carter’s quote was, I’m half thinking we should do it. No, you said I wrote it down verbatim. I did because I had to apply Guy. Okay. And he’s like, Hey, I wanna do turkeys. I’m like, really? We don’t do that Black Hills or something like that somewhere. They’re not big game in my mind. So it was the Black Hills and Jason said, leans over, I’m half thinking we should do it. And I did a quick search for the Black Hills. It was 830 miles from Cedar City. You did that search? Yeah. 830 I wrote down. And so that’s how Unit one, unit one, there’s general, I mean there was, there was a number of options there. Unit two, type three. You did need an oil change before he came home driving home. I hadn’t even looked up Turkey and Wyoming. Like who would do it? Who would do it? Okay.

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Had a guy say J you know, and they’re good clients so you’re like, okay. And he’s like, Jason, you can take care of Turkey and Wyoming mean Well, he was, I’ll do all my other turkeys deal. Wasn’t this guy, wasn’t a Turkey from every state. Yeah. And he’s down to like five. Yeah, down to five. Left of 48. I guess there’s a couple states don’t have, I don’t know what be last probably. How could one live up there? Maybe? I don’t know. I don’t know. Hawaii. I, I mean, yeah, a lot of there probably is with a bunch of hybridization in Hawaii. Oh, Hawaii’s got chickens live flocking everywhere. Rooster guaranteed. There’s turkeys, there’s poultry of all shapes and sizes. Do you, you you got Safari on that phone? I I do have Safari on my phone. Okay, why don’t you just Google that. Figure out where the turkeys aren’t in the continental United States. Alaska’s gotta be one of them. It’s gotta be, I would think. And where, where else else would not have a Turkey? Just real quick off the top of my head. If you say one, you know you’re gonna have to make the retraction if, if you’re raw. Exactly. What? Okay boss, here you go. We’re Washington all around. Got you. A population map. Maine. They talk 10 Turkey hunting states. Washington, Texas, Kansas, maybe South Dakota. I don’t know.

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You gotta really know your states here ’cause they’re not labeled two states What don’t have naturally occurring populations of Turkey. Who? Alaska, Hawaii. Really? No kidding. Okay. Hawaii put him there. They had to shoot a hybrid. They crossbred with a bunch of other fouls of the, of the air chickens because there’s stuff everywhere over there running everywhere. Roosters. So there you go, right there. So yeah, he’s, he was after the 48 and I think he’s got gotten through 43 or something like that. So anyway, I applied him, Hey, you know North American 48, right? I’m, I’m an expert and yeah that, but part of that, part of that half thinking you should do it. Part of that is just because we’re in the mode of making apply it, apply and apply, apply, apply, apply, apply. Getting a kill. You know, the, the excitement of hunting is just getting tags 830 miles one way. Hey, you need an oil change before you can dive on. There’s probably an artist listen to this, but I mean, could you just paint up a picture of Adam and I with just tags falling out of our front pockets? Hey, that’s part of the excitement brought, don’t tell somebody like Chris Lacey. I’m he’ll, he’ll do it, dude. He, okay, so why I can’t believe you just brought him up. He’s traveling home. Chris, this is for you boss.

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He’s such a good guy and been a friend of Epic for a long time. He’s traveling home from the expo and what do you think he sees a moose 90 yards off the highway. Moose. What do you think he sees No wolf? Nope. They had two with coyotes. Huh? Coyotes and what season off by 80. What? Yeah. What season is it for Coyotes? What? What season is it? Breeding season. He has two dogs freaking stuck to each other off the off the frame. Did he get doing 90? And so he drew a picture of it. He drew a picture, took a mental note. No, he is such a good artist and he is wildlife artist. Oh. And so he’s like, you know, hey it’s a long trip home. And he’s like, you know, is he driving it? Such a good guy. Hey everybody out there, Logan? Is that showing up somewhere? I’ll, I’ll put it on. Hey, he’s good at it. But anyway, what do you sucks? I said, geez, that’s a rare sighting. He should have smoked them both. He goes, yeah, they sure surely shouldn’t have run away. Anyway, it’s kind of interesting. How did you bring him up? He’s good guy, great artist does actually does tr custom trophy rooms. Little shout out painting on big walls in trophy rooms that are absolutely amazing. They’re amazing.

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If anybody listening to this podcast wants a custom painting in their trophy room house or whatever, remember that one time he did a hit up? Chris Lacey put free before us when we had John Alderson on podcast grizzly charging and he did a little pencil magazine. He’s unbelievable. You remember that? Oh yeah, totally remember that. Impromptu. But he spent, he spent a lot of time in Texas in their trophy rooms and weeks painting them. Unbelievable. Yeah. And if you wanted something quick and fast, he’d do it. Like anything. He’s unbelievable. So there you have it right there. I mean he’s like, dude, check this out. And I’m like, wow. Okay. Anyway, he’s, he’s awesome and good at it. But there you go. I’ve never seen coyotes breeding in the wild and he did off the freeway. Okay, where else are we at? What does that bring us to? Let’s, you know what we’ve had Bronson, Josh, we’ve had a lot of guys tell us what their favorite parts of the podcast are. Generally has to do with hunting stories. Right. Can’t get enough hunting stories. Me neither. I freaking love it. It’s unbelievable. Stories are incredible. So anyway, we do wanna give a call out to our cover shot. Let’s tee that up for us, Bronson, while I dial him up. It’s, it’s our cover, it’s our cover bucket.

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It’s about by Tyler Gilson killed a 230 some odd inch, I wanna say nine giant seventh whatever. Giant monster muled there with a bow over here in southeast Utah in 2022 season. So pretty incredible, awesome feat. Giant deer. It’s kind of, it’s one a few people knew about but he actually kind of had into himself there right off the bat that opening weekend and, and made it happen. So anyway, we’re so impressive. Of course deer impressive in, in general. But then to kill a deer, this magnitude with a bow on a draw tag. 14 layers of of awesomeness because you know, it’s all, you know, self-guided and local and it’s this home home. Bit of pretty awesome off year for some of the extreme Southern Utah units too. Bon Gone. Yeah, San Juan Henry’s. They weren’t incredible. Yeah, so kill it in a off year. Not an off the charts here. Just kinda a little bit of an off year antler growth wise. Pretty awesome. Well let’s give him a holler. Let’s just maybe, maybe he’s got a little bit of timing. Just tell us the quick story about it and, and maybe we’ll learn something from this. You learn something from everybody you know that kills deer especially. How about that? Now you learn something from everybody. But let’s just see what he has to say about it. This is Tyler. Tyler, it’s Jason Carter. Adam Bronson, Josh here. How are you? I am good.

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How are you gentlemen? We’re great. We’re so good. We’re doing good. We just wanted to kind of get with you a quick second if you got a moment. I can’t tell. Sounds like you got a lion chase man off. You’re not chasing a lion right now, are you? I’m not, nope. I’m not just kids, it’s just kids. Yeah. That’s awesome. Hey, so you were, you know, just had the good fortune of killing a monster buck there in southern Utah and we just wanted to kind of hear the story on it. Awesome. Yeah. Where do you want me to start? Well, wherever, I mean you drew the tag. It was a draw tag. Southeast Utah Archery only. And I don’t know, maybe just a little bit about the scouting when you turn the buck up, you know, we’ve read your story obviously, so, but there’s maybe others that haven’t got the magazine yet and you know, maybe just tell us, tell us how you found him and then how it came together. Cool. Alright. So obviously Utah’s system, most of us are, you guys are all aware of how that works. I did not have max points. Just a lucky random, just a lucky random draw. Yeah. I think this last year a hundred percent was 19 points and I had 16. So getting close. But man, it seemed like it was just kept creeping outta my reach every year.

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But a few things happened this last year that I probably wouldn’t even apply. Probably just bought points. We, my wife and I were looking at a business last minute. It kind of fell through and we backed out and went back to my old job and, and I kind of just went all in last year with applying everywhere. ’cause I knew I had a lot more time. So got the tag put in, decided, you know, archery was the one I wanted, man. I was, I was pretty shocked when I drew out. But nonetheless, man, I’m going hunting. There you go. So this spring, pretty pretty minimal moisture. We did have a, a pretty good storm that hit the unit right around the time that applications were due. It was pretty positive, but still, like after finding, finding out I had the tag, you know, it’s like, all right, well is it gonna be a dry year? You can’t turn it back. I got you. You got lucky. So you still, you got randomly lucky. Yeah, man, you go hunting. And so I’ve watched, I’ve watched some people turn their tags back and then turns out it got harder to draw every year after that. So never catch it. They’re still, they’re still waiting. So that was a few years back. So I put, I put the work in you guys, you guys probably know Adam Black. Yeah, yeah. He was, he was super helpful.

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I know he used to make a living out there, running that unit. And he was super helpful. Threw my back out in the middle of the summer. And so I was, I was visiting him at least once or twice a week to get a, to get adjusted. And he helped me out big time. Gave me a few spots and I hung cameras up and beat those dusty roads to death. That’s the most amazing mountain in the world though. It’s one of our favorite places. Just, it’s endless. It’s huge. And, and it’s just beautiful. You know, there’s just deer everywhere and elk everywhere. It’s just bears everywhere. Saw six in one day. I’m sure you did the same at times. Just crazy. Yeah. Years prior out there we’d see, I’d see more bears. This year I, I really didn’t see a lot of bears. At least Glasson saw ’em on trail cam. Just some, not much for size. A lot of little kind of ugly bears, but it is amazing country. Those roads were, were beat to death and there was almost no moisture. We had a couple storms here and there, if I remember on a couple cameras that hit and kind of the deer were showing up during those periods. And so they were pretty, they were pretty focused on the water all, almost all summer long. And about the time our monsoons hit, they, they just disappeared.

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And so you couldn’t, I wasn’t tracking ’em on camera anymore. It was just, you know, drive around. Look the few spotting places you can actually see much of the country hitting that. But, but really hitting those early mornings, evening times and even middle of the day, you know, you guys know those, those zero get up and move and you just catch ’em middle of the day. So I kind of had a list of bucks that I’d come up with over the summer just from scouting. Really? Hadn’t looked at my cameras yet. I kind of just let ’em sew. Several of them, a few of them I’d checked, but most of ’em, I just, I kind of let ’em soak until I ended up pulling them that last weekend in July, maybe a day before they, they had to be pulled, but found a, a few really good bucks, a couple of which got killed this last year. And I’ll be really honest, but I underestimated those guys. Yeah. Meaning size wise you just think like you looked at ’em and you didn’t give ’em the Yes. What Yeah. The respect they deserved. I mean, what an, what an absolute, because they deserve a lot. They Oh yeah. They deserve a ton of respect. Yeah.

00:27:55:19 –> 00:29:19:14
At this point I hadn’t, I hadn’t seen the Buckeye killed and I know there were some good ones and I know everybody well, at least from what I heard, you know, there were a lot of people lined up to, to chase those, those bucks. One of which had been chased the year prior. And then two others that just, man, they, they must have packed it on at the end. ’cause I seen them late summer, but kind of after, after I found the other, my other buck, I, I stopped. Look, I stopped looking at ’em and stopped chasing them. I remember listening to your guys’ podcast talking about antler growth and the timing of it all. ’cause I, I was kind of worried with the, the amount of moisture that we had, you know, it was just beat to death, you know, nothing at this point, I didn’t feel like any moisture in the middle of the summer was really gonna make that much of a difference. By the time August rolled, mid August rolled around for to hunt, I don’t know. I don’t know what, I don’t know what we said on the podcast, but at times we’re not. Right. There are some times we are not. Right. We’ve been making retractions before we got on with you today. We, we did a list of retractions in other states, but I guess I just have some blind faith then anyways.

00:29:20:09 –> 00:30:33:06
We may have indicated it’d be an okay year that that’s Well no, and it, and it had nothing to do with that. It was about timing kind of when those, those bucks finish. Yeah. And there were some bucks that were like, you know, the grow early growers and I’m, I’m judging the rest of the deer off of those. And the, and what I figured out is, and what I learned is the rest of the deer don’t follow the same right. Timeframe. Right. And so there, there were a couple that I was like, oh, well, well, well these deer over here aren’t, aren’t grown out as much. Near what? Yeah. This one’s like got front forks and back forks and these ones are just getting to their forks. Yeah. You know, have great masks. They got eye guards look like they could be something, but, but are they behind? And I listened to your guys’ podcast and and you were talking about a deer. You were watching that just at the end. It just, it just blew up. Right? Well, I remember the deer, I remember the comment and it did happen. It was August 1st. He wasn’t even on the hit list. Oh wow. You remember that August, August 1st. He basically wasn’t on the hit list. And this was, this was back when you could run cameras after August in Nevada. Right. And then 10, like August 10th is opening day of the archery.

00:30:33:21 –> 00:31:53:07
And we got a picture of him and it’s like, he put on, I want, I mean, how do you know what he put on? But it felt like it was 40 inches in one in 10 days. And it was, he went from not on the hit list to number one on the hit list. And, and and, and just, and it was just crazy. And then that we also killed a deer here in Utah General over here on the other side of where you, the state. And he’s, and we killed him in mid, like August 24th ish, mid, you know, twenties, right in there, August 24th, 25th, something like that. And he was still really soft on the end, still growing. And so, you know, dear, different, you know what I mean? Some finished early, some finished late, you know. Yeah. And that’s, I think what you’re getting at that, that is what I’m getting at. And I really didn’t really didn’t know that, but I, I gained a little bit of knowledge from your podcast. Yeah. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch this deer grow up all summer long. And I don’t know if anybody did. Yeah. I don’t, I don’t There was rumor that people had seen him, someone had a picture of him. I’ve never seen it. Yeah. It almost feels like the rumor though is he moved, like they were thinking he’s summered in a little bit different place. Right, right, right.

00:31:53:12 –> 00:33:07:13
And then, and then he moved, but not, but not far from where I killed him right now. Right, right. But moved a little bit and then you ended up having him to yourself kind of thing. Yeah. And but the, the rumored individual or or outfit that I heard that saw him, they killed a different buck on the unit. Right. And so they would’ve been out all after him if they knew where he was at. For sure. That’s, that’s kind of how, that’s kind of how I feel. But anyways, who knows. So, so I have this list of bucks. I pull all my cameras, I’m digging through, I’m like, all right, I’m gonna be down with the masses chasing these, these few bucks. ’cause they’re, all of them are fairly visible off the roads and all that. Oh yeah. Yeah. All of them. All of them are. And so, and they’re not far, far from each other. No. Two of ’em are in the same running together at times. Right. Yeah. Right. So here we go. You know, I’m, I’m running through pictures. I I’m looking at some, some bucks. And then Adam sent me a couple pictures of these same bucks on camera and I’m like, man, your picture of him looks a lot better than my trail cam picks of him. He looks like a great buck, but I don’t, I don’t know if he’s gonna push over that 200 inch mark.

00:33:07:13 –> 00:34:25:10
And that’s kind of what I was shooting for. But I’ll be honest, I’d have been happy with a great 190 inch deer. Never killed one before. I can’t say I’ve killed, I haven’t even killed 180 inch deer. Yeah. And so 200 was like, yeah, let’s go, let’s go for it. But there was an awesome four point killed up there, a hundred and mid, one nineties, just a beautiful buck. And I would’ve been, I would’ve been just tickled with a buck like that. So look at ’em all start making plans. And one Sunday at church, like first or second Sunday at, in August at church, after I pull all my cameras, a gentleman comes and says, Hey, I heard you got a deer tag out there. He is like, I, I’ve got an elk tag. He’s like, do you know, do you have any pictures of this elk? And I said, yes, I do. And I’m happy to share whatever you want. I, I have no problem sharing. Like I’m, I’m not hunting elk. I don’t have points for elk. And I may never even get a hot elk out out there just based on the points unless I get really lucky. So, sure. I was happy to share. He showed me a picture he took out of his truck window with this, with his phone of, of this buck.

00:34:25:10 –> 00:35:42:12
And it had like the front end, you know, you can see the front end on that deer cheaters coming off the G four. And you can tell it’s, it’s phenomenal. Yeah. I couldn’t really, I, his picture wasn’t clear and I couldn’t see the back end. He’s like, yeah, I think it’s like an eight by nine or, or something. I was like, okay, plus or minus five, plus or minus five on each side. He’s like, I think it’ll go, I think it’s a 200 inch here. I was like, sweet. I’ll go, I’ll go check that thing out and here’s all the elk pictures I have and I send them elk pictures from wherever. It, it didn’t really bother me. So two nights, two days later, I, me and my youngest son, my 2-year-old roll out there and go through the early afternoon, nothing, pretty quiet. And then right about dusk, we, we came back down there after looking at some other bucks and holy crap, there’s probably 1520 deer there, another good four point. And this buck is just standing, standing there. By now you’re only like a week or so, maybe from opening day. How close were you? So, so that was the eighth. That was the 8th of August. It was the 22nd. So about two weeks Wow. Ish came on. Yeah. And I, I sent pictures to Adam. Yeah.

00:35:42:14 –> 00:36:53:09
Which you didn’t need to do, but yeah, he, he confirmed what you had thought and that was, this is a number one buck. Probably gonna hunt this one. Right? I just, well, yeah. The guy loves mule deer. And, and you guys, you probably already know that because every time I’d send him a picture of a deer, I’d be like, Hey Adam, check this one out. He was like, he’s like, oh yeah, I knew of that one, but I wasn’t gonna tell you about that one was be over here. I watched, I watched a picture of it. I watched the fa give birth to that buck. Right. I got his two point sheds sent me, picked up on it last year. He is like, oh, is it still over here? I’m just like, is there a deer on that mountain that hasn’t passed through the lens of Adam Black? Yeah. He’s like, probably not. So I sent him this buck and he’s just like, we’ve been looking for that thing Good find. That’s o that’s old Freddie Lump. Lump. Yep. I don’t, I don’t even know if he saw it on the hook before I killed it. I know they tried to get pictures of it. Yeah. So it’s in a super visible place. It couldn’t have been there all summer long. It couldn’t have it couldn’t have. ’cause nobody, nobody’s taking pictures out their window except for this guy. Right.

00:36:53:10 –> 00:38:13:03
Like it, I mean there’s just, it’s just no. Right. Everybody’s talking about him. He’s a rumor. Nobody can really be on him. Nobody is on him. You hunt him by yourself that the day you kill him. I mean, it’s kind of crazy. You know, sometimes it feels like fate. Yeah. That’s what you get for going to church and swap. That’s that’s right. There you go. I, yes, I know. I I I, I’d call it a blessing. Let’s just, let’s just say it. What It’s putting that in, in the article. Oh, let’s just say it. But heck no. I, we, so here’s this buck and I see him the 8th of August got rumors that Tyler had pictures of him. May have got a picture of it. A really terrible picture. But nonetheless it was like, yeah, that’s him. And he, he’s huge. I I still don’t know what he is Exactly. ’cause I haven’t bothered to even like mole over the pictures. I just, he is big enough. He’s huge. Right, right. Well how do you explain it? He’s got like three or four cheaters on each G two, G 3G four Big n lies, masks. Tall, big frame max. He’s got eye guards, masks. I don’t know what I mean. Body’s big. Yeah. Cam’s. I think we explained him. But you look at him and I’m like, I’m like, Adam, why does his ears look so small? Well, I I figured it out.

00:38:13:22 –> 00:39:31:23
’cause his horns are so big. Not because his ears are small. No, they’re not small at all. Right. So, so now you gotta somehow get through the next two weeks to open a day somehow keep him to yourself. You gotta kind of keep your composure, shoot your bow like my mouth crazy. Keep mouth shot. And the downside is, I mean the local, the locals talk and there’s local legends, right. Is, I mean, there are, I mean that’s what you were in that initially, that’s what you’re talking about is, is they’re visible. It’s, it’s a huntable unit. They’re visible. There are lots of roads. People know about everything. It feels like got, you’ve got Adam and this elk hunter that now you’ve got, it’s a little anti climactic. ’cause it’s like, all right, I’m gonna go put in the time and grind this out and stock on some deer. And it’s, it’s not like that out there. Right. You can, you can do that. But most of them are, yeah. Shot close to roads. Right. The biggest thing is pancake. But make pancakes and camp they, you offer to people. Shoot ’em outta camp like that. I don’t wanna ruin the end, but you should shut your door next time. For real. Alright, keep going. Alright. So I make a couple trips, more trips out there before opener, you know, nothing, you know, heard rumors that Kyler had pictures. Got one.

00:39:33:18 –> 00:40:57:10
I’m pulling outta town Wednesday before the Saturday opener. I’m like, I, I can’t take this crap anymore. I just, I worked a couple hours at work and I’m, I, I bounced. Yeah. It was, it was time to get on the mountain. Shoot my bow just kind like I’m on edge. Just, just nervous who’s gonna be there? Who knows about this deer? You know, it’s been a few weeks now since words got out and I, and we found him Wednesday, late Wednesday evening. And I was like, he’s still here. And it was just drove by. I saw him and I was like, sweet, he’s still here. And we left. Yeah. I, I didn’t have time to pattern this deer. I didn’t see him enough. I didn’t know enough about him. I, I didn’t, I knew the area, but I didn’t know what deer did in that area. Very well. I didn’t have much time to watch ’em. So Saturday morning comes around, well Friday morning we go down there just to, to look again and just make a pass through. And I run into How much do you guys edit on these? None. None. Not much. Don’t swear you just got out of church. I won’t. I so I rolled down, I rolled down through there and there’s the devil and I made a deal with the devil there in the mountain. No, keep going, keep going. Sorry. Morning. We’re just, it’s exciting. Keep going.

00:40:57:20 –> 00:42:24:19
And on the way out of there, I run into one of the other outfitters driving down through there and I’m just like, oh, it’s not good. You know what, yeah, you’re gonna want lots of stand, lots of outfitter logos all over your photos. You can already see it. He, he rolls down there and we, we just kind of waved and I was like, you know that sick feeling in your stomach? You’re like, crap. But I, I don’t know what I was expecting to have the place to myself. Like, doesn’t happen there. How would would that, how would that ever happen? Right. So I’m worried sick. So Saturday morning we’re up early, we just want to time it right just to hit there when we can shoot. ’cause there’s really no reason to be there any earlier. ’cause you bump ’em out of there, you’re done. So we’re trying to time it. We get down there and there is not a sole, there’s no deer, there’s no cows. No cows. There’s, there’s been some elk in there. Hadn’t seen there. It was just silent. There was nothing. No side, no side byside, no four-wheelers. No trucks, no side by not for the most part, trailers. That place is loaded with all of those things. 90% of the, well, I did forget to mention that Wednesday night a camp rolled into the middle of that place. Okay. I knew it, I knew it was possible. It’s public land.

00:42:24:19 –> 00:43:41:23
That’s, it’s how it is hoped it didn’t happen. But it, but it happened. And I was like, ah, crap, maybe this is gonna really bugger everything up or bugger his, his pattern or, or whatever he does. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a camp there now. Turns out, I think they were hunting archery, the big bowl. Someone had a big bull tag. But anyways, so there’s a camp in there now, but whatcha gonna do? You just, you just keep hunting it. So Saturday, man, I don’t even know if I saw a buck, geez. Kind of worked area, you know, glass a little just, and nothing. And so that night I was like, well maybe I’ll go back into church and I’ll come out, I’ll come out after church. You know, no big deal. It worked before last time you met church, they, you learned about this buck, qualify for your blessings and get back out. Tell the biggest buck, the biggest buck I’ve ever seen. And I’m gonna walk away from him and I’m gonna go to town, go to church. Yeah. I’ll be back. I’ll be back tomorrow. Yeah. Which I’ll be honest, I I don’t want much on Sunday. Yeah. But anyways, so it wasn’t abnormal for me to do that. So some people, I’m sure they think I was pretty crazy for turning my back on that, on that beast. And nonetheless, I went to church.

00:43:43:01 –> 00:45:08:12
I got back out there Sunday afternoon and I grabbed my stuff and I headed for the highest place I could find that I could see something and see if I could figure out what this deer was doing, where he was living. Just get a glimpse of him to, to make a, a plan for Monday morning to, to chase him. Nothing. Saw some, a few deer, no bucks really to speak of. And so back to camp at dark. And I’ve got my brother’s there, my dad’s there and Brother-in-Law. And so we just, we just make a plan and we split up Brother-in-Law. And my dad went over on one road just to glass some country that just to see if he had moved over there. My brother and I jumped in my Tacoma and, and we went for a drive where I’d seen him every single time. So we head down in and just nothing. There were a few dos down in there in the meadow. And, and, and that’s about it. So we go down to the end and turn around and, and we’re coming back out. I mean we’re 200 yards past the camp that’s in there. And then there’s another camp, probably two or 300 yards in front of us. And this buck is coming right in between them. And I looked to my right and I’m like, there he is. It, there’s no like looking through your binoculars to, to identify him.

00:45:08:14 –> 00:46:28:24
He’s, he’s pretty unique. And I’m like, there he is. And my window’s down and I hit him with my rangefinder on my vortex furies. And he’s 71 yards out the truck window. Out the truck window. Keep in mind. And, and this is area, I mean, if you’ve been there, it’s like in places, thick oak. Think Ponderosa is not like a lot of great glassing places. And it’s like, no, that’s on two tracks and all that’s, that’s how everybody does it. It’s normal what you gotta do. That’s right. And if you walk around out, there’re usually you’re gonna blow blowing everything out. So anyway, they’re used to vehicles all summer long. So I range him, I go into just auto mode. You know, I’m, I wasn’t expecting to see him ’cause we, we’d already drove down through there, but there he is and let’s, let’s make something happen. And I’m fumbling to grab my stuff and I fell out of the truck kind of into some brush right next to the road. And then my brother drives off and there that there’s a little buck with him or a smaller four point. It wasn’t that small, but nothing I was interested in after seeing the other buck. And he’s just passed that buck maybe 30 or 40 yards. My, the big one I was looking at or wanting to kill. And that little one’s just kind of got me pegged there.

00:46:28:24 –> 00:47:51:12
And I’m just waiting and I’m, that the big buck starts to move where I can see him. I reach for my B nose man. I left those, I left them in the truck, jeez. In, in my face to, to bail out and get up, make sure I had everything. I left my bottoms in the truck, which has your range. And here I am, like yeah, yeah. Which has my rangefinder and I’m, I’m kneeling there and I’m looking and he is about to clear this ponderosa bow that’s hanging low. And I’m like, what do I do? Like he’s kind of close to where he was, but he’s moved enough that a bad shot could, you know, really mess things up. You know, you make a bad shot and, and they disappear and, and maybe you don’t, don’t ever turn ’em up again. And so here I am and he never gave me the opportunity to, to make a bad decision. ’cause the little buck decided he was done with me. And he, he took, he bounded and, and the big buck kind of followed and they weren’t super scared but nervous, you know, and they kind of just trotted off there. It wasn’t bounding, but like your typical mule deer bound. But it, they trotted off. And I was like, ah, there, there goes my buck and probably my only chance of, you know, getting a shot at him or maybe even getting that close to him.

00:47:53:09 –> 00:49:12:23
So I’m just second guessing everything, like kind of cussing myself. We’re we’re, we drive up the road back up to camp and my brother’s gonna go up on the hill and glass and I was trying to decide what I should do or where I should go to kinda look, you know, a little heartbroken. But it’s, it’s kind of that, that mental game of, you know, just hanging in there and, and grinding through it. But we’re only on day three and this is only day two. The morning of day two of, of hunting for me. Really? So we get back up there and I’m like, you know what, I’m just gonna drive back down through there. I don’t know why. Well, it worked, but it worked once we’re gonna, yeah, that’s how you hunt it. What else am I gonna do? That’s right. So I, I drive past the place where I just saw him and it was probably 30 or 40 minutes prior kind of winding down the road and I hit the clearing and a few hundred yards ahead, there’s a deer up there moving across the road, the opposite direction of where I saw the, the deer coming from, kind of going. So I was like, well who knows, let’s go take a look at this thing. I threw my bi nose up, I knew it was a buck. So I hustled down there.

00:49:14:05 –> 00:50:39:05
I got to about where that deer crossed the road and I turned to my right and I looked and that buck, my buck is standing there looking at me. And I, I could have just fallen over if you pushed me over with a feather. Just, there he is. There is no way. This buck just made this 500 yard giant circle in the last 30 or 40 minutes. And he’s standing next to the road. Geez. That, that I’m on 30 or 40 minutes later. Crazy. And all I knew was he’s not gonna get away again. Your rangefinders on or your vinyls are on your chest. My, my vinyls are in my pack on my chest drives in truck. I grab my truck trucks in park. Yeah, I did, I did get it in park just before I left the seat. Yep. Fox News on satellite radio? No. Probably Yeah. The highway. I don’t, yeah, my truck’s too old to have XM in it, but I don’t even remember what I was, was probably the local country station, right? Seven 90 am that long time. I’m Is that what it is? Yeah, it is. Yeah. Seven 90 am Bronson, Bronson listens. The AM channels. I, I don’t know, I just grew up over there, so I remember Oh, all right. I dunno if it’s even still on the air. But anyway, keep going. So I’m knocking in air.

00:50:39:06 –> 00:52:03:01
Was I, I’m stepping outta my truck and I’m walking around the back end of the truck. It’s, it’s just running in the middle of the road door open. And I come around the back and I could see he’s, he’s far enough, like this is too far. I gotta get a little bit closer. And I, I kind of just went at him and he was feeding slow away from me, not looking, not paying it much attention. You know, those deer, they do get used to vehicles driving by. They do get used to passerbys Right. Taking pictures of them. But I don’t know how many of us one had seen. But I, I went at him and that’s usually not how I am. I’m a little more hesitant and not so forward in, in making that kind of an aggressive move. And I just went at him and I probably got into the trees 40 yards and he turned broadside and looked at me and I thought it’s now, it’s now or never. We’re doing this. Grabbed my vinyls, they’re in my pack this time. I have my bow in my left hand, ’cause I’m right-handed vinyls in my right. And that redle will not stand, still will not sit still on that deer. I cannot get a range. And I put, stuck my bow underneath my vinyls and range that beast. He was 83 yards. Geez.

00:52:03:24 –> 00:53:31:19
And I thought, I, I do, I did feel comfortable shooting that far, much further. I don’t know. But that one was one yardage that I practiced quite a bit. But I knew I could, I didn’t have time to dial. This guy’s got me pegged. I’d already moved, I’d arranged him, I was shooting and I, I had my 70 yard pin was my, my furthest pin with my set pins without dialing. And I just aimed high. I knew I was gonna set it on, on the top of his shoulders. Wow. And that, those, like, those things just, I was in automatic mode. My arrows already knocked. I grabbed, hooked on with my release and I drew back. And I, as soon as that, as soon as the pin hit the mark, man, I, there was no clean release. I’m sure I punched that thing. Nobody blames you and ki and kind of my normal, you know, torque. I, I, I can shoot a little bit left. So he’s facing to the right. And I, anyways, I put it where I thought would be, like, would just smoke him and I hit the, hit the button on my release and it sounded great. And I didn’t see a thing. I don’t know. Wow. I, I don’t know what happened there. I didn’t, I didn’t see it hit. All I did was hear it. And so maybe my follow through was good.

00:53:31:29 –> 00:54:46:15
Maybe he was quartering to me a little more than I, I had thought. And, and I’m, I was positive I hit him. Just the sound, the way he took off running. But, you know, we’ve all missed deer and they’ve, they’ve bounded away. And so he ran over by the other deer and just, and I hit, I put my binos up trying to see, I’m like, I know I hit this guy and I can’t see, I can’t see anything on his offside. I’m just like, oh crap. Like I gotta get another one. I gotta get an alin him or get another one in him. And he’s at 220 yards at this point. And I’m like, I, I can’t shoot that far. So I’m trying to ease up there. But his buddy there, he didn’t like me very much. He, he just was not having it. But I’m looking at my buck and he’s, he kind of humped up and he, he’s not, he’s looking sick to me. I’m like, ah, may, maybe I did hit him. Like, but where, where’s my arrow? And I, I can’t see a hole in this thing. And that other buck just kind of got me pegged. ’cause I don’t wanna blow him out of there. Yeah. And my and my buck just kind of walks slowly away, away until he kind of disappears into the brush and in the trees. And I’m just like, what happened? Wow.

00:54:46:16 –> 00:56:04:11
Did, did I miss, did I hit him? I, I, I swear I hit him, but I can’t, I can’t see anything. So I, I couldn’t be really sure. So kind of just glassing where he went. I, there was one point I, I kind of got a glimpse of antlers moving. And so I, I made a, a mark in the, in the terrain in the bushes or a tree up there. And, and that’s kind of where I just headed for after that other little bucket kind of followed his up there in his direction. And I’m, I’m kind of, she’s like, well, I feel like I just need to crawl up there and see if I can get another shot. ’cause if I shot him back or shot him in the guts, I need to get another one in him. But on the other hand, you blow him outta there and you, you may never find him again. Yeah. It’s a fine, you know, there, there’s no, it’s a fine balance. There’s no, you’re, there’s no blood he was facing. Right. You torque it and you know, your tendency is to drift left. I to I torque left. But you’re over his shoulders with the 70 at 83 and you don’t see the arrow, but you, anyway, I can tell there’s probably some stress, you know that feeling? Yep. Yep. So, so I’m kind of crawling up there and I hear a buck, like a deer snort.

00:56:04:21 –> 00:57:28:24
Like they’re, you know, they’re, Hey everybody, there’s a, there’s danger here. Let’s, let’s get outta here. And I’m like, crap, here they go. But nothing ran off. And that deer snorted several more times. And I’m like, what, what on earth is hap what is going up on it there? Yeah. And then the thought came that maybe, maybe I did get that deer. And he’s laying there and not wanting to go anywhere and that little buck’s trying to get him to go or he’s watching him die or, or whatever. And so I just, I just keep crawling and I, I’m heading that direction. It’s at, it’s at least a hundred yards, maybe more that I, I crawled and we had get, got enough enough rain that the needles and kind of the quiet, the duff and everything were, it was quiet. Yeah. And I was silent, kind of crawled past where the trail that he had ran on after I shot the first time, man, I, I couldn’t find a thing, but I just kept going. About the time I got to the tree, there was a tree with a bend in it that I’d made my landmark. And I got there and I’m just, I’m just scanning, waiting to see this, these antlers and these eyes staring at me wondering what on earth I’m doing there. And I’m panning to the right and I see horns on their side in the grass. Geez. That’s perfect.

00:57:29:00 –> 00:58:58:21
And I’m like, you’ve gotta be kidding me. I did it. There is no way. And so I’m still not so sure, ’cause man, if I, ’cause if I’d have made a, you know, a longer heart shot, I would’ve known right off the bat, this thing would’ve made kind of the death run. And I would’ve known for sure. And so I still snuck up on him ready to, to shoot if, if I needed to. But I got there and he’s just, he’s dead. And he’d been dead for a little bit, kind of saw my shot, my exit wound. ’cause he was laying on his right side, come right out in front of that rear height quarter. And I’m like, how did I shoot that far back? But I, I just missed the lungs and I hit the liver. Oh, that’ll kill him. Every time all the blood was inside liver. Liver shots are hard on things. My height was perfect. I was just left. Wow. And he was quartered quite a bit. Oh, okay. And so helped a little bit. Yeah. And so when I went and found my arrow, man, you would’ve just looked and said, oh, you’ve got shot it. There wasn’t much for blood on there. Just all the other nasty stuff from the pa. Yeah. And I’m, I’m just like, you’ve gotta be kidding me. Did it? Wow. Yeah. Well pretty their lies the beast. The church, the church buck. Yeah. Yeah.

00:58:58:28 –> 01:00:15:01
So, let’s see, the door in the truck was still open. The radio was going, truck was running. The deer is dead. I I, good thing you had a full take of gas, right? It was, I don’t, I don’t even remember how long I, I was out of the truck before I got back to it, but man, what a cool experience. What a cool feeling. Just Wow, he’s awesome. A dream buck. Like just, and just kind of try to soak it all in. ’cause life moves fast. Yeah. Life moves too fast. We’ve talked about it a lot and, and you, when you know when something like this happens, you just take time and just, just really soak it in and you wanna, you fight your whole life to, to make that happen again. You know? And so anyway, you just cherish those moments when they’re there. Pretty awesome. Yeah. So did you strip him or is he still, you still got him in velvet and he’s the velvet’s. Perfect. There’s not even a nick in it. And I don’t know if that’s how it, because of the way he died, if he just went over and laid down and didn’t do the, the death run kind of thrash and fall and it, that velvet staying on. And did you, did you have him scored or what did he end up going? I, I did.

01:00:15:07 –> 01:01:38:17
So, so we initially greened him high two thirties, had a guy score him come back gross at 2 28, right on the dot. So is that 2 28 net net gross? Gross. Gross. That would’ve been gross. Okay. Okay. There’s ob obviously there’s a lot of interesting horn and growth on him, Paul Nation and Yeah. I’m, yeah. That the Paul Nation. And so we’ll see. I haven’t sent anything in, but nonetheless, he’s a beast. Oh yeah. Oh, I mean score score is super cool. It already validates what you already know about him though. He’s, it does mean something, but my goodness, I think part of it is just the biggest stock I’ve seen. Yeah. I think part of it is just so people, when you say the number, people have it in their mind, like, how big is this deer? Is he a hundred and, you know, 80 inch gross? And so he is got lots of little points in a small frame. When you say he’s 2 28 and we’re talk, we’re kind of explaining him. Adam and I are teasing a little bit and explaining him from the photos. You get a real feel even though you haven’t seen him. Maybe you’re just listening to the podcast about him. You have a feel of how big this thing is. Right. You know, so not necessarily the book, just, it’s nice to be able to reference that in talking. Right. You know? Right.

01:01:39:00 –> 01:03:00:04
And he, he’s not super wide outside. Some of those pics make him look like phenomenal. Like he’s under 29 outside. Josh takes a lot of those kind of photos. Josh Fish High Friday. Yeah. Well, he photographs well, whatever he is for Witt, he photographs family. Well, I mean, he looked phenomenal boxy. And it was, Adam came out and took pictures for me and just, he did a phenomenal job. He was, yeah. But you see the, like, the live pictures, you can tell how big he is. I mean, he’s big. Yeah. Yeah. Those live pictures for for sure. I mean, you look at his ears and his face and those things. Just, those horns just kind of drowned his head. Yeah, they do. Yeah. You find one like that, you push your chips to the middle of the table, go to church Yep. And go to work. And that’s the one you’re after. That’s right. Pretty much. It’s all in and Yep. And, and sometimes it, it really works out. And usually the more effort you put in and time, like luck plays a big role in it. But you can make luck can play a really big role if you know you’ve got the time and the effort. Yep. Well, we appreciate you sharing not only the story with us today on the podcast, but the story with us in our magazine, the February, 2023 issue. You’re welcome. Of the magazine. You’re welcome.

01:03:00:04 –> 01:04:12:07
We appreciate you taking the time to put that together, you know, showcase a little bit about the buck and your success and can tell how much it meant to you. It it’s August. Yeah. It should mean something to you. It’s a, it’s a heck of a dear. And like we talked about a little bit earlier ago, it wasn’t a phenomenal antler growth year in the extreme southern end of the state. It wasn’t so it wasn’t so, you know, but even at, if it had been, it’s a phenomenal deer in a, in a off the charts antler growth year too. So congratulations and thanks for spending the time and his, his sheds were found, I think. And yeah, basically he did, it does appear that he grew a little bit put on, put on growth. Yeah. He didn’t regress necessarily sometimes. Yeah. Maybe overanalyze the, the water and whatnot at times. You know, I did see some pictures of him on the hoof from the year prior Yeah. In the velvet and Yeah, man, he he stacked it on. Yeah, it was, it was his year. Yeah, it was his year. There you go. Well, well as being on the cover of Epic Outdoors, we sure appreciate you sharing that with us and all of our subscribers at Epic. And just wanted wondering, I was kind of wondering, have you’ve already decided what you’re gonna do with the $1,500 in credit toward the optics? I have enough.

01:04:12:21 –> 01:05:28:00
I’ve been thinking a little bit, but, well, good. Well, when you’re ready. We’ll it over a little more, we could, we’ll think it over. We could send out a bunch of trail cameras or you used them or another pair of, pair of Furies. So you leave one in the truck and one on your chest. There you go. One at every turn, one on your belt. We could even do a regular range finding one for your belt loop. Who knows. So anyway, you get to choose and it could be truck cameras too. I’m being serious about that, so I know. Well, I appreciate it. Big country down there. All right. It is. Well thank you’ll let you go. Thanks for taking a few minutes. Okay, thanks Tyler. Yep. Appreciate it. Congratulations again. Good luck this year. The draws drawing an elk tag with zero points. Good luck. Thank you guys. Alright, keep going to church a one. Alright. Will do. Will do. You betcha. Alright, bye. That’s awesome. I’m gonna go to church. That’s the second, that’s the second buck in our magazine that talks about a guy that goes to church. Really? Yeah, there’s that The other or the other Utah buck that Chandler Whipple. Oh, I wanna call him, but I wanna save him for another podcast. Yeah, he’s a I do though. Do you think that’s what I know? Well I actually got him lined up. Let’s, let’s call him real quick.

01:05:28:06 –> 01:06:43:16
Let’s get his story too. I’m freaking lacking this. People want stories. Word and I agree. Let’s just do one more, one more. Are you guys up for it? Oh yeah, I mean I’ve been Oh, this one. Alright, well whatever. Let’s do him too. Well, so anyway, let’s do this one and then we got two hours. Are we having dinner here tonight or what? No. Okay. No, no. I’ll be in trouble for that. You guys signed my paycheck. I’m just here Josh. The one thing, alright, just a real quick interjection. So a guy comes up, the A guy, okay. Yeah. So I down this thing and so a guy comes up the expo and I think it’s Mike Spritzer. But anyway, which is funny, talking about a drink in his last name. Spritzer. Sitz. I know. Well, I, I you, I just, anyway, he was in the booth. Maybe it was Mike with the spritzer. No, no, I wrote it down real quick. But anyway, this is like a little true lime packet, you know, and as a kid you’re always told not to take candy from strangers. So I didn’t know how I felt about it, but he says, add this to your white monster and it’s crystallized lime. One packet equals taste of one wedge. Okay. So I’m assuming a wedge of lime or whatever ingredients crystallized lime, citric acid, lime oil, lime juice and non GMO lot of no artificial preserved gluten-free.

01:06:43:22 –> 01:07:57:03
I mean, you know, can’t hive out or anything. No. What for gluten does to people and gluten’s a thing nowadays. No caffeine though. What did people do that were, that had an aversion to gluten back in when we were young. There’s lots of wet wipes I guess. Did they just die anyway, you put that in. I don’t know if you can see this, whoever, but anyway, yeah, dude, I put it in. I can’t get enough of it. It’s mainly flavor, right? There’s no like, it’s not like a goodies headache powder. It feels like a salty line flavor. It’s amazing. But, but Josh did it. Okay. It’s not like what a margaritas supposed to. And Josh went and tossed the whole monster. Sorry. Yeah, but pritz well I was told this is like putting a salad in your, in your white monster and it made me feel a little bit better about drinking it. That’s why I sometimes supplement with the what? The V eight for the v zip fis. The zip fists. Yeah, that too. But plant-based energy. I’m pretty, I’m pretty happy with this stuff. I, I want to know where to get more. I’m gonna Google it and get some Amazon boxes coming. Match the flats that come from Amazon at the white monster as well. Have ’em on the same delivery schedule.

01:07:57:13 –> 01:09:03:27
If you came to, if you came to the Epic outdoors booth at the expo, we hopefully you were able to take on maybe multiplications, monsters of monsters left and right. Free stacks of, there was so many of ’em at one point. They were em all over the floor with the ice. But what was funny is I’d go talk to somebody and they’d be like, where’s your monster? Nice to visit. Where’s your monster? And they were late a couple of days. They were a little bit late, like, and we’re talking four o’clock in the afternoon. They were sometimes gone by four o’clock. Yeah. And people, that was frustrating to a lot of people. Sorry. So the next day we brought twice as many. Yeah. Many of you couldn’t go back. Pretty awesome days. But anyway, pretty fun. Anyway, do you wanna add anything, Josh? Did you get, did it do anything bad to you? No. No. Just didn’t like it didn’t do it for it didn’t taste like a white monster anymore. Oh, okay. That’s why I drink it because it tastes like a white monster. That’s a good point. That’s a good point. Let’s talk to Dusty. Here is another Utah deer hard horn. Freaking giant with a archery right toward the end of our archery. They’ll, they’ll strip the velvet right toward the end of our archery. Kind of one of them old giant body, giant headed sick pigs. Anyway, pretty awesome story.

01:09:04:29 –> 01:10:23:15
I don’t want take too much time. And Dusty’s, you know, he’ll, he’ll make it short. He is not a man of too many words. I’m gonna probably have to, we’ll have to pull it out of him a little bit. He is very humble and quiet. But let’s, let’s give him a holler. Hello. What are you doing? Oh, just call from work and trying to fix up a truck that’s broke down. Oh. Oh yeah. I forgot. Tell us about them. Jason. Tell, tell. Come on. Hey, tell us about them. Awesome. Toyotas. Yeah. I I don’t know about ’em really. Ball joints? No, he, he, you’ve had ball joint problems, but, but you fix ’em usually before they, before they break off, right? Well, I try to, but man, it seems like this one I can’t keep on four wheels. Hmm. Well Dusty, that sounds like when you were in high school and we were running together way back. Yeah, I remember a Toyota Toyota that I used to have at Toyota Tacoma and it was great and I I ran, ran it. Yeah, green, a little green one. I ran a rag and I went to trade it in and, and the dealer’s like, man, I think this truck has more air time on it than it does dirt time. And he was right. Dusty was hard on stuff. I’ve never, dusty was hard. You guys think I’m hard on stuff? Nothing. I don’t know.

01:10:24:07 –> 01:11:34:17
Yeah, I don’t know about that, but yeah. Yeah. Dusty jumped trucks on purpose. Dusty, tell me, you jumped, you jumped trucks on purpose. We all done dumb things when I was young, didn’t we? If you can’t tell, you’re on the Epic outdoor podcast, by the way. Oh wow. I guess the value of this truck just went down. Yeah. Yeah. Well you gonna sell it Dusty? Dude, I’m getting rid of it. I can’t, his intent was just can’t keep it going. Yeah. Fix that thing. And on Tuesday third, next week, Monday it’s for sale. But I thought was leave the state to sell it. Yeah. Watch. I thought this was a clean one. Owner fore runner, wasn’t it? It, yeah, it was was a clean one owner. But dude, I was broke down so much this year. I mean, I had the right front wheel fell off of it. The ball joint went out and that’s normal. Had a, had a client coming in like that night. So I had to go get my other truck. And anyways, got it replaced like a week later and it wasn’t another week that it happened again. Threw another ball joint and there it’s normal. I see more photo. Have you ever seen a Ford Dodge or any other Chevy with a shirt off? Yeah, with the tire flat than truck sitting there. Seriously? No, the tire just tilt tilted over on its side from Ger.

01:11:34:27 –> 01:12:34:07
Probably haven’t seen a lot of Dodgers or anything like that on dirt roads either though. Oh. Oh, good comeback. Dusty. Good comeback. Shots fired. Shots fired. Hey, my, you’ve seen you’ve been in mine. It’s run, it’s been run hard. All right. Yep. For sure. So how did you blow the engine out? Yeah, out bucking snow here a couple weeks ago. Well, it’s either that or walked 25 miles home. Right, exactly. You’re gonna keep it hammered down. Give it all it got. That was it. I mean there was no, no foam service or anything. And I was out of antifreeze, so I was stuffing snow down in the radiator to get enough water to get back to the, to the road. And I ran it a little too hot, I think. Okay. So there you go. Now I’m fine. So, okay. That explains a lot. I I thought you just, I thought it the engine gave out, threw rod and it had nothing to do with you other than horsing it, but really? Yeah, ran it outta water. You ran it outta antifreeze? Yeah, I ran it outta antifreeze and then dump. Did it have a hole in the antifreeze or No, the dump me in the radiator dump bottle bottle.

01:12:34:13 –> 01:13:43:19
No, I dumped a bunch of bottled water in there and got back to the, to the way road and, and it started puttering out on me and I had to call, call the old man to come and hook a chain on me and pull me home. And now I’m just trying to pressure test the radiator and stuff. I think I’ve got like a blown cylinder head or something like that, so. Geez. Hey, well, well you were asking, let’s see, well are you just going to jump into a ZR two or what are you gonna do? That’s, that’s a little above my pay grade. Oh, come on Dusty. All I’ve heard is that these Toyotas have high, high resale value. They do. I’ve never, it’s the one vehicle I’ve never lost money on. Is any Toyota you ever buy? Well you per dust steel make money on this truck. You wait. Yeah. Yeah. I probably make money and it won’t even run. Oh, all right. Well let’s see. You’ve killed a number of big deer in your life. Nevada, Utah, namely, I mean, you know, few other places, of course you’ve hunted them really hard. Killed this old archaic freaking, you know, donkey headed giant and just kind of wanted to get the story on him, right?

01:13:43:26 –> 01:14:54:25
Yeah, no, we, as you guys all know, we had a lot of rain and moisture this, this early spring and in the summer and stuff and just had some hunts planned. So I didn’t think I was gonna have much time to hunt. But we could run trail cameras until that July 31st or whatever. And I, I got some pictures of the buck and never had him before. I’ve had cameras on these springs before and never had the, won’t see him again. And obviously pulled down the trail cameras and just kind of started hunting elk with clients and had a break in between hunts and went back to, to the water holes where it was kind of not a natural water hole, but like a rain filled, just kind of a little mud puddle. Pretty much a big mud puddle. Geez. And seeing, seeing the deer tracks coming in there and I’d brush ’em out and come back and check ’em a little later. And sure enough the tracks were there and it was consistent. So it’s interesting that you did that knowing we have, we can’t run cameras anymore, but you were brushing tracks out daily to get a feel for when he was, and even a couple times in the day to make sure he was coming in in the daylight hours. I thought that was interesting.

01:14:55:06 –> 01:15:52:13
There was a couple times, like I, I would go up in the glass in an area about 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning. I thought, you know what, I’m just gonna brush him out then I’ll stall back by on the way back outta here about dark and see what’s up. And sure enough they’d be tracks there and I’m like, dude, he had to hit like during the daytime or right before dark. ’cause I was only 15 minutes after dark. And so I’d done that for like two, two days and it was consistent coming in there every day and I’m like, man, it’s gotta be him. It’s a big track. So I just thought I’m gonna throw blind up here. Usually most guys will throw blind up in, in advance and having get used to it and all this crap and threw a blind up and yeah. And like this scene in the, in the story sat in there the first night not expecting him to come in and pretty, pretty hot and drowsy and he come in, I wasn’t ready and he surprised me or something. Yeah, yeah. He just heard me or seen me or got a glimpse of me and got outta there and usually big deal like that. Don’t give you much of a second, second chance again.

01:15:52:16 –> 01:17:09:17
But I got back in there, what was it, two days later or the next, next night and like within like three minutes of when he come in the, the day before he come right up over there and come over top of the little, little berm into the water hole. And he was there and I was ready for him. So, so awesome. Yeah. While you were, while you were not sitting in the blind, Josh is wondering if you had a blind buddy in there. Did you, did you Josh, Josh has got some questions maybe that helped him get used to the presence of a being in the blind and therefore when you got back in it was like, nah, that thing doesn’t hurt me. Yeah, nothing. It looked like Dusty’s blind buddy. Or did you ever have the urge to urinate and couldn’t and need some help there? That’s kind of what we’ve moved on to. Geez, grief. So anyway, no blind buddy. I guess what you call an impromptu hunting tactic, dusty, I mean find a sub tracks during a hunt. Yeah, no, no choke camera, no proof positive of what is making a must been donkey track. Yeah. A mature, blocky track. And obviously knew a buck was in the area from a month prior or whatever, but yeah. Right, right. Pretty cool. I mean, it can happen.

01:17:09:26 –> 01:18:07:09
So he comes in, take us through the shot and then how he died and where he died and I mean he was, I was pretty much ready as soon as he come over top of that bank and I could see his horns before he even come over top of the bank. So I was kind of in position ready to draw back and come over top of the bank and walked down to this puddle. But the, I mean it was probably like 30 yards across this, it’s like a dry pond that was filled with water. And so he comes down and he’s facing me like head on and I’m like, okay, when he puts his head down, I’m gonna draw back and then he’s gotta turn broadside to get outta here and drew back. And I mean, as quick as I drew back, he threw his head up and his ears were perked up and I mean it was 30 yards. I’m like, I’m laying right in the middle of his chest and just freaking thumping. So I, yeah, he raised his head and I, I was already drawn back and thumped him right in the chest and I mean, right then he come running like right towards me, across across the pond. I’m like, dude, he’s gonna come right in here with me. And I had like seconds.

01:18:09:10 –> 01:19:27:16
So anyways, he comes and it’s, there’s some tall sage and stuff around around there and he comes like literally probably, I dunno, 15 yards outside my blind and I can hear him like gargling and I could see blood shooting out of his chest when he come across the pawn at me. And yeah, I mean it wasn’t less than five minutes he was, I could hear him outside kicking, I mean I could almost hear the dirt like hit hitting my blind. I mean he was right there. Geez. Crazy. Didn’t have to track him. No. Didn’t have to track him. Walked out of the blind and backed the truck up to the pond and was gone. Wow. So wow. Pretty awesome. Yeah. Geez. Usually don’t happen that easy. No, but this is toward the end of the season. He’d already stripped the velvet. And that’s the one thing is, you know, Utah archery season’s good. 28 days. Yeah. It’s a long old season. Yeah. And so, you know, as the season goes along, was it toward the end? I can’t remember exactly when it was. Yeah, it was like September 8th or something like that. So yeah. So then towards the end of the season there’s just not a lot of people out there either. People are wore out and spent, spent a lot of time and they’re home fixing ball joints and stuff like that. Right. Anyway. Exactly. Alright. Pretty, pretty awesome. Utah general, that’s the thing.

01:19:27:17 –> 01:20:35:29
I mean, you can get points, you know, for, for the general as well as a limited entry hunt as well as dedicated hunters. So you could get, you know, three different points and d different categories of tags. And this was just the regular old general. Yeah. Yep. For sure. So, so pretty awesome. Never know. Awesome. Dusty, congrats as always. Yep. Gotta be at the right place at the right time, I guess. Spend a lot of time out there, so, and you gotta sometimes take a weird, not even a gamble, just try a weird tactic every once in a while and it pays off. We’ve all done them and they haven’t pay paid off, but this one does, so. Right. It seems like after you spend so many days out there, you’re bound to be the right place at the right time. One day out of the 150, so don’t say 150. Does your wife listen to this podcast? No, I, I had to walk outside away from her for a minute ago because your math came up to about 60 and her maths at 140 and now you said one 50. Right. Your wife and my wife all talk and that’s not good either. All she knows that’s not good. She’s closer to her math than your math. That’s all, that’s all I know now. Appreciate your time and we’re all licking our chops for better moisture this year even, so hopefully we can Yeah.

01:20:35:29 –> 01:21:36:28
Looking good, good tags. So anyway, sounds good guys. Thanks a lot. Thanks Dusty. Okay, we’ll see ya. All right. Bye. Good stuff. Geez. I think that’s part of hunting is just being able to adapt and, you know, a lot of guys just don’t, I mean, it takes a little bit of everything. You never know the, he’s used to looking at tracks. He’s used to glassing. He’s got eyes like I’ve never seen. I mean, he’ll, he’ll, the one thing I’ve learned about Dusty when we hunt together is like, he’ll get up on a knob or whatever and he looks with his bare eyes, so he’ll look around with his bare eyes. I never, I, I was never was in the habit of just looking. I was always like, well, if you don’t glass it up in buy noses, you’re not gonna see it. You know what I mean? Yeah. So it’ll take some time and just look and he’s just got great eyes and anyway, he’s a hard, hard hunter, so it’s pretty awesome. Pretty great story. So, all right, Bronson, what else we got? Not much. I just did want to give a little shout out to the folks of San Juan County, though that KUTA seven ninety’s been off the air for 20 years, but I do remember that. Did you Google that? Well, I knew, I just making sure it wasn’t seven 10.

01:21:37:02 –> 01:22:47:07
My mind was a little bit losing its sharpness as I approached the big, is that what you used to listen to in the Jeep? Well, rush, rush Limbaugh was on seven 90, you know what I mean? That was KUTA, the open, open air Jeep with the, with seven 90 on, you probably couldn’t hear it rowing down the highway with the open air Jeep because those radios just sucked in those jeeps. So you had to have the windows up and tight, tight air and going about 30 or less before you could really hear it. Oh. But yeah, voice of the Canyonlands, that was, oh, I mean that, that San Juan deer story. So he talked about bears, lots of small ugly bears. I was on there this year and the funniest thing, I’m driving down the road and this bear squirts out of the brush, and I mean, he’s hauling, he hauls across the road and this, there’s this like four strand barbed wire fence hauling, he’s going full bore. And I’m like, okay, you know, this will be interesting. He hits that bottom strand and piles up. It stops him cold, he doesn’t even get through it or nothing. It, it stops him cold. And then pretty soon he amberson gets underneath of it and off he goes. But I’m like, holy cow, he left some DNA on on there. I know it was, I you stopping belly blood, you belly laugh.

01:22:47:11 –> 01:23:57:06
I mean, I felt back. So, you know, he is feeling it, but it wasn’t, I mean, bears don’t have good eyesight anyway. But I’m thinking, you know, that fence is there. Boaz, you live here. I wonder if it’s because he was under the influence of theo bromine. What’s that? Which is act actually toxic to bears. Oh, is this chocolate? Oh, is, is that what’s chocolate? Is this chocolate? Let’s talk about that for a minute. Is that now illegal? You can’t bait bears with chocolate. Can’t have any cocoa. Can’t any have any cocoa powder, any chocolate derivatives Or what is the chemical compound called Josh? Well, it’s theo bromine. Whoa, that sounds like you don’t want to eat that. But if it’s chocolate, it’s only trace levels can be toxic to bears. Really? Wow. That’s what it says. Wow. Huh? Well, I know dogs aren’t supposed to eat it, but I know it happens when dogs eat chocolate. It doesn’t even kill ’em. But you have a lot to clean up around your house, but I just don’t know. I mean, how many bears, many pounds of chocolate have bears eaten over the years? No sink. And they’ve been just fine. A bear can eat a duffel bag of cocaine and live to tell bar. There we go. I mean, what’s this, what can chocolate, well, you seen the advertisement movie Cocaine Bear’s Seen? It’s a tv. It’s it’s a movie. It’s in theater.

01:23:57:06 –> 01:24:59:29
There is a movie. I, I guess I need to go called cocaine. Bear me and thought it was Devin. Were talking about this morning. Crap. We’re like, did you see this? It’s legit. I watched the trailer on TV and I told my kids that who the freak would come up with a, with a TV or a movie about a bear that eats cocaine. And it’s a true story. It is. Yeah. Google did Liv. Oh, kill. I think he killed some, some people. Well, price, huh? Oh, he killed people. Well, it was a, a, I think a drug. He snorted it probably just breathing. He ate it. Ate it ate. I know while you’re eating it, he’s breathing. Oh yeah. It doesn’t matter if you, you know, he’s just ingesting that. He’s into a raging. He did firing like some drug runners or something. Or dumping, throwing duffel bugs out. That’s, this is the south. I wanna say, hey, black bear. I don’t, I’m not gonna make retraction. I’m just telling you right now, I’m not making a retraction. This is a true story. I wanna say Georgia. But if, if it didn’t happen in Georgia and it was South Carolina, Mississippi, I don’t know. It was in the deep South Tennessee. Okay. Okay. Thank you. So it’s a big bear, black bear. Yeah, that big bears. Okay, keep going. Just, just let ’em read Smoke. Some people read it.

01:25:00:03 –> 01:26:08:11
The cocaine bear also known as Pablo Esco Bear. Pablo. I mean, this is already gonna get pulled for the No, it’s not, it’s, it’s in theaters right now. It was 175 pound American black bear that overdosed on cocaine bear. 1985. The cocaine had been dropped by drug smugglers in the wilderness in Tennessee. The bear was found dead in northern Georgia and was stuff and displayed in Kentucky 2023 film. Cocaine Bear. I know it was, I knew Georgia was in there. He hurt people or no, not so, not so sure. He, it looks like killed very aggressive, killed people in. Yes, he of course, copious. Of course he comes after hikers and stuff in the movie. It’s, it’s in the theaters. Okay, well go watch it. I’ll bet it’s, I’ll bet it’s up for an Oscar. I might actually, we’ll see. Anyway, so it’ll be out on free on V HFS tape. Yeah. So I mean, here we are protecting him from little coco powder spread over popcorn for at a bear bait. And they could eat a duffle about of coke, cocaine, a kill about it trace a trace portion can, can hurt ’em, bad, kill ’em, whatever. Well, come on, we can find out. Logan. It’s not true real in, in real life. The cocaine bear didn’t kill any people. It just was going crazy and died in Georgia. You can in the movie significantly different.

01:26:08:16 –> 01:27:08:11
He did od Yeah, he said he had three to four grams of cocaine in his bloodstream at the time of his death. I wonder if that’s a lots a lot. Would you know? Is that a lot? That’s a lot. I don’t, it is. Isn’t like 450 grams a pounds? That’s not very much. That’s not teeny little line of it. And get you there, Logan. Google. How many grams are in a pound? 454 In the meantime, how many gram Bronson? Let’s give away. Let’s do a Bronson bundle. Oh yeah. Or let’s do a Devon deal. He’s not here. All right, let’s do a Devon deal. We’ll write the check and he’s got a cash it. Well everybody that wants it needs called Devon. How many? 4 53. Oh 453. I was one off. Geez. Yeah. So what do we got a fair amount of maybe after the expo that we could make a good deal with somebody on Josh? I mean, we sold a lot of optics, but No, we did, but what do we got it? We got, it was pretty, pretty sick. I know. Loading the trailer, unloading the trailer was two significant things. There was a lot that went in and not as much came out. Yeah, that’s right. Well, well, so what are we gonna do? Let’s do something with Vortex. Yeah, we, we’ve got, you’ve got a lot of everything. You know how you’re gonna be stuck to roads and glassing knobs?

01:27:08:11 –> 01:28:17:06
You’re not gonna be able to go do any walking you might need spotting. Oh, as far as during the shed season. Yeah, maybe you’re gonna need to do you need a new spotting scope, don’t you? ’cause you gotta be able to, I guess it’s probably illegal to spot ’em. No, dude, you’re encouraging people to go out and glass. Well, I think during the shed closure, what did you read about glassing animals from the road? Was there anything in that news release that said that that was wrong? Just says you’re not supposed to be out doing bad about doing bad things. Okay, well we need to get the funds in here. Let’s throw the 18 by, let’s throw the 18 by 56. These temporary restrictions also apply to looking for horns or antler steel attached to the skull play of a deceased animal. You know, I mean, it’s not saying yet, you know, 53 feet of walking, you know, on your, on your health monitor on the phone constitutes a, you know, probable, you know whatever. And one destruction charge. Right? Right. So anyway, having said that, let’s do a Devon deal. Yes. Devon deal. We’re gonna give away a tripod. Really likes those vortex tripods. Okay. Those are kind of one of his favorites. All right. He also likes what we’ve got the small one, which is what? The Roots Summit. Summit Carbon two. Yep. Couple sum carbon, two small vortex tripod.

01:28:17:16 –> 01:29:25:03
We’ve got, I think we’ve got a couple of the ridge view, which is the, the bigger size. Let’s do a G 18 camera. And what else? Well we can do, let’s do a, we’ve got some, we’ve got two, we’ve got Razor hd. Yeah. 85 millimeters spotting scope, angled are straight. We’ve got some of both of those as well as 18 by 50. 18. Six binoculars Razor, UUHD, anos. Either one of those. You buy one of those. You buy the spotting scope or the anos. You get the tripod and two cameras for free. I dunno how many cameras you wanna get. Geez, dude. Well, I mean, hey, let’s make this a deal. We’re writing the check. Devin just has to cache it later. Trail camera season’s back in. So maybe, I don’t know if it’s lawful to use trail cameras for shit animals. No, in Utah it is, but yeah, better be careful. Not spook something coming, going from checking your cameras. A lot of people don’t even shed hunt anyway. So who caress? Anybody can do the Devon deal. Let’s do this. 18 by 56 or the RA razor HD 85 straighter angled. You buy that from us. Remember pricing you that we’ll get thrown in the tripod. And how many cameras? Carter, you get the final sale on the cameras. Two cameras while supplies last. Okay, let’s do two G eighteens or whatever, right? QS 18 Qs. Why do I call QG 32?

01:29:25:14 –> 01:30:46:17
Yeah, let’s do the Q Qs 18. This is literally why applies. We’re not talking dozens of these people. Well, and then when we run out of those, if if, I mean, hey, why not? Why don’t throw 20? We know 1, 1 20, we know where Logan works camera. We can get back in here and talk about it on, on another podcast about a new Devon deal. Okay. Right. Alright, do it up. Let’s finalize it. We’ll have a small shipping charge, you know, obviously, but, but let’s do it. You could have two or three different boxes there, but hey, we just got, got cameras left over. Get free tripod free and two free cameras. Come on. Yeah, let’s do, it’s all right. Good. Great. And we’re talking, those are for like 400, three, $400 tripods. Dude. Cameras. I don’t know what cameras or bonuses. I mean, anyway, all they last you guys are doing. Hey, let’s do it. You don’t wanna call over $500 free easily. Our number’s 4, 3 5 2 6 3 0 7, 7, 7. Ask for Devon. Ask for Devon. Alright. Not really. Sounds it. If he’s on the line, QS eighteens the Qs eighteens. And then, and then once we’re out of those, we’d give one, you know, QS 20. Those come with batteries and a 16 gig card and the tripods and wild supplies last. Sound good? We good? Yeah. Huh? I think it sounds good. Okay. All right. Done. Deal. Ask for Devon. Devon will have it and we’ll do it.

01:30:46:17 –> 01:32:00:12
Wild supplies. Last first Come first serve. Logan wins. This gonna go live. This podcast? Yeah, this podcast. Go live tonight. So will it February. We’re gonna need Janet to listen to this one. Maybe. Really talked about the coyotes at the front. This podcast will go live in two days. Tomorrow probably. Anyway, all right, whenever it goes live, it’s fine. Devin will be ready. Smoke, smoke a pair of day. Yeah, so it we I, I’m still disgusted he didn’t kill ’em both. But anyway, Jan, let’s see. We’ll have Jana go over it. We’ll get it out there. And then Devon will have Devon’s deal on his desk. Give us a holler at 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Of course, we’re cranking out publications like it’s our job. February issue came out, covers New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah. As well as Nevada Guy Draw. If you need help, let us know. We’re here to help you. Of course you’d need to join and you can visit with us all. You’d like. We can help you square up for the year, figure out your plans. Short-term, midterm long-term goals, and, and get things going if you need outfitters of any sort. Guaranteed tax. Of course we do that too. We apply guys, apply guys left and right, guys that are, you know, not wanting to do it themselves. Of course we have that. We have that service as well. So anything Western big game. That’s what we do here at Epic Outdoors.

01:32:01:07 –> 01:33:13:17
And we’re giving away optics deals like it’s our job. Go ahead Josh. Oh, I guess why we’re, while we’re there, we did give away that little a TC spotting scope up at the X. Oh, we said pretty cool. We said we were gonna do that on the last podcast. The first one that comes in buys one and then yeah, gage from Gage from Ogden was the lucky man to get that. We were given that away. If you bought some optics as well as that’s the hardest sign for our membership. Probably the hardest individual optics piece to get right now. Yeah, yeah. He lucked out on that one. A TC or S tc. Yeah, some. It’s extremely hard. Yeah, he lucked out there. But now’s a good time. I guess you’ve got till the end of the month to sign up our entry deadline for Epic Hunt and gear giveaway. Get signed up today. You can buy some extra tickets or sign up for new, new membership. You’ll get a free ticket. If you’re smart, you’ll refer a friend and get another one in. Get another for every friend. Unlock it. We’re giving away dang near $200,000 in, in Hunts and gear. We’ve got our optics and gear package is a rifle and a bow as well as a stack of optics. It’s unbelievable. I haven’t seen anything like it. I had a guy, you know, assume that it was a boat or a gun.

01:33:13:21 –> 01:34:22:16
No, it’s both pretty impressive. Anyway, we got stone, sheep, goat mountain, goat elk, mule deer, more elk, more mule deer, more mule deer. And so pretty awesome. Some of the, this stuff we don’t get excited unless it’s stuff we do ourselves. And so we’re not talking about just guys calling up and giving us a free hunt to advertise their hunts or something. We paid cash for these and anyway, it’s pretty impressive. No coyote hunts in the Rutt in here, that’s for sure. No Chris Lazy hunts. Although we should give away a hunt with Chris. Lazy. May include our drawing of yourself or artist rendition, whoever, whatever you want. One of your trophies in the field. He’s pretty, pretty impressive. Chris Lacey goog. Him of course, could always hit me up and I can give you his contact info. Anybody out there that’s wanting custom artwork? We appreciate him letting me. I haven’t even asked him. I, I didn’t even know we were gonna talk about him. You brought Bronson, you brought him up. Well you said, you said we should find an artist that, or somebody did that has pictures of us with tags flowing out of our pockets. We have so many tags. Well, I mean Wells, a lot of artists ran Ransom. Brett, Todd, I mean, who, good grief. Lacey can do that in four minutes on an napkin. He can, he can on the back of an Apple behalf.

01:34:22:16 –> 01:35:28:12
And he’s a good friend of ours. And so I’m glad we did it. Just didn’t even know you. Sometimes you just don’t know where these podcasts are going. We apologize for that. But we also maybe, hopefully you realize we’re just dudes sitting around a campfire. We’re just dudes. But we, we don’t have a campfire. But it’s kind of what it’s like. I like the ambiance in here though. Yeah, it feels like, like we come in here, Logan’s got it all set up. The lighting’s anyway. It acts like somebody cares about this office. I don’t always like to until after the fact. We find out that we were videoed the whole time. But well, Bronson’s over here making noises and gestures. Well, good grief. Remember you’re on video now. Well, I just, you know, if I wanna to rest my hand somewhere, I don’t know. Probably ought to be careful. I don’t wanna look up and, you know, wave. Hi mom over there. You know, I just like to, it used to be we have faces for radio and I thought that’s how we operate. It’s not the case anymore. No, I know it now. We’ve kind of disgusted. I gotta comb my hair before I come in here. You do. All right. I think you’re all right. Wax your baldhead there. I don’t know you. I dunno. I’ve never been bald.

01:35:28:12 –> 01:36:36:16
Like I guess I was, we did shave our heads when we were in high school. Swimmer. All right guys, that’s about it. Let’s call it a day’s couple. We’re gonna try to do stories more often. I like it. Yeah, I like it passes the time in the winter too. It does. You know, there’s not as much to talk. No scouting going on. No hunting going on. No shed hunting going on. Yeah. No, there’s just a lot of applying. A lot of talking about applying, a lot of planning. We’ll talk about what happened in the last year or two. So, you know what I like about the shed season? Arizona guys just love it. Why? ’cause we all go there. Boom. Good point. We all go to Arizona. We leave and we only live 40, 50 miles from it. Hey, I, I’ve seen videos and photos of nice, beautiful weather down there, especially in southern half of the state. May, maybe it’s time we go there. I don’t know. All right. Everybody call up. Talk to Devin. He’s got ’em. He’s got the Devin’s deal. Ready for you. Here we come. Arizona. Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of the Epic Outdoors Podcast. We just wanted to stop in and give one more shout out and thank you to Dusty White and Tyler Gilson, who showcased their last year’s Utah Mule Deer.

01:36:36:22 –> 01:37:17:22
In the February edition of the Epic Outdoors Magazine, dusty showcased his 206 inch monster of a mule deer, and Tyler had a 228 inch velvet monster that he took with a bow. Once again, we just wanted to say thank you to those two guys and everybody who submits stories and submissions to our magazine. If you want your story or your photo showcased in our magazine, feel free to look us up on the epic website. Hit us up on Instagram or email us at [email protected]. You’re always more than welcome to call us here at our office in Cedar City at 4 3 5 2 6 3 0 7 7 7. Thanks for listening to our podcast. We’ll catch you next week.